Russian Forces Struggling? Ukraine Can Win? Kiev Sank Two Russian Vessels?

The above is some of the latest MSM fake news rubbish — while suppressing reality on the ground in Ukraine.

According to NYT fake news, “hardened” resistance by Kiev forces (sic) “stalled Russian (advances) in eastern Ukraine (sic).”

“(A)ssessments (by) Western (regimes indicate that) Russia’s eastern offensive was faltering (sic), hampered by logistical issues and stiff Ukrainian resistance (sic).”

According to unnamed “analysts, Russian forces (are) beset with logistical problems and disarray among its troops (sic).”

“Russian losses in (Ukraine are) staggering (sic).”

A “quarter of Russian units are combat ineffective (sic).”

“Some of Russia’s most elite units, including its Airborne Forces, suffered the highest levels of attrition (sic).” 

It’ll “take years for Russia to reconstitute these forces (sic).”

Around “15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed (sic)…twice as many…wounded (sic).”

“Many Russian units (went) back to Belarus and Russia to recover (sic).”

“Ukraine destroyed several Russian command centers in the east and south (sic).”

Admitting that it’s “not possible to verify the (above) claims,” the Times failed to call them what they are — infowar propaganda rubbish.

Yet according to the self-styled newspaper of record, the above trash is “news that’s fit to print (sic)” — no matter how worlds apart from reality on the ground.

Pretense about Ukrainian forces holding their own ignores how overwhelmingly they’ve been pummeled on the ground.

Reality awaits to hit home like a hammer.

Ukrainian conscripts, Nazified forces and likeminded mercenaries are no match against superior Russian military and tactical strength.

The Times and other MSM feature fake news over the real thing.

They’ll surely continue to reinvent reality until pretense is too entirely obliterated to hold up any more.

And this over-the-top WaPo rubbish:

“Ukraine can win (sic),” it hyperventilated, adding:

Russian forces “lost the battle of Kiev (sic)” — not waged.

Their “progress has been slow and uneven (sic).”

“Once Ukrainian forces incorporate new weapons and equipment” — destroyed by Russia before reaching them or shortly after arriving, Kiev — “should be poised to launch a counteroffensive that could regain lost territory (sic).”

And this WaPo rubbish:

“Putin…will double down…with chemical or nuclear weapons (sic).”

He “does not have a big pool of trained military manpower on call (sic).”

He’s having “difficulty equipping” Russia’s military (sic).”

Its tanks and armored vehicles in (Ukraine) are antiquated and dilapidated (sic).”

It’s “losing its best military equipment in Ukraine and will find it hard to field replacements (sic).”

It’s “running short on precision-guided munitions (sic).”

Its “troops create more targets for Ukraine’s modern weapons (sic).”

“We should not allow (Putin’s) threats (sic) to deter us from providing Ukraine with every weapon it needs to win (sic).”

Since Russia’s SMO began, I can’t recall anything by MSM to match the above trash.

WaPo didn’t just turn truth on its head. 

It trampled on indisputable facts enough to give infowar propaganda a more besmirched name than already.

And this WSJ fake news, citing the puppet Zelensky regime as its source, saying:

“Ukraine on Monday said it sank two Russian Naval vessels in the Black Sea with drone strikes (sic).”

Video footage it released was unrelated to Russia’s SMO.

Even the Journal was unsure whether Russian vessels were hit, adding:

“(I)t wasn’t clear whether they had sunk.”

Separately on May 1, AP News surprised, saying:

“An undetermined number of Americans — many with military backgrounds — are thought to be in (Ukraine) battling Russian forces…(along with so-called) volunteers  from other countries.”

Do their ranks include Pentagon and CIA elements directing them?

Is their presence in Ukraine part of US proxy war on Russia?

Russian forces captured numerous foreign fighters.

When information on interrogating them is released, will it show direct US/NATO involvement in combating Russia in Ukraine?

US/UK, and other NATO military personnel have been training and directing Ukrainian forces for years.

Notably, this has been ongoing since Russia’s SMO began.

And it shows by how poorly Ukrainian forces are performing against overwhelmingly superior Russian military and tactical strength. 

3 thoughts on “Russian Forces Struggling? Ukraine Can Win? Kiev Sank Two Russian Vessels?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    First, on a Personal Note

    I just got another 30 Day Ban from Facebook.

    This tour in the Sunlight
    I was out of Jail for 4 days!


    The Previous one..
    Last week..

    The Nazi Collaborators had me in for 60 days…

    And as you know,
    I only came out on Saturday

    As I mentioned, I was only out
    4 Days..!


    Gee..what is it they don’t seem to like about my memes?



    The Russians are completely dominating the entire board.


    They give the Ukis very few opportunities to attack them and penetrate their lines.

    If you can hit your opponent but he can’t hit you..

    Well that’s a winning formula.

    I must say..
    Once again from left field

    With no real concrete evidence

    My gut tells me the Nazis have a Hail Mary…..”Do or Die ”
    Counter attack coming.

    Why do I say this..

    Simply empirically,
    All of Western Imperialism

    With the Enormous resources available

    And the almost a decade of Preparation..

    They will have Enough in the Tank for a Battle of the Bulge.

    Not certain, obviously
    But I’d say at least 50-50.


    As excellent a job that Aero is doing

    wiping the NaziFuxs off the board…

    The Nazis are still getting weapons into the theater.

    Probably a whole fux of alot less but certainly quite a few.

    I am sorry to harp on this but the following is important.

    (And after saying it
    I’ll drop it completely)

    As you know
    I watch Nazi News religiously.

    I know all the anchors and their personas.

    Some are Poker Faced liars..
    Some are thermometers.

    About 3 or 4 Professional Liars

    On three or four Networks are my guinea pigs..

    After Putin put out the Warning
    They were all shit faced.

    Totally thourghly dejected.
    Mixed with confusion.

    Then..within 32 hours..

    Fuxing Lavrov totally and
    Completely fuxed it up.


    That day the Gangsters went from dejection to glee

    Not even overnight

    Did you see the rejuvenation on the Sunday War Mongering
    Speciality Shows..?

    It was palpable.

    Lavrov was worth a million soldiers to the Nazis.

    It grieves me to say this,
    As I always respected him
    So you know.

    He’s a Top Gun

    And the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business..!”

    I remember feeling like I was gonna cry when Sergie popped the Champagne on Astana I

    Only to see the Gangsters shit on his head…as per usual.

    He bent over backwards to make that deal.

    Did somersaults and back flips

    As I pen these words, sir.
    I love Mr Lavrov..!

    EIN so..

    Hear all the Big Story now

    The last two days
    from the Odd Fellows in the UK

    And the other Freaks in Washington..

    Everything ratcheted up..

    The Fuxing Gangsters are simply frolicking..

    They’re completely off the Hook
    No skin in game.

    A Tragedy.

    Russia emphatically needs to send them all a Get Well Card.

    Non Nuclear Sarmat of course.

    “Nothing says nothing like something in the oven from Sara Lee..!”

    No way to avoid or equivacate that puppy.

    That’s why Pres Putin said it in the First Fuxing Place.

    Irrespective of what Lavrov said
    Russia needs to employ that.

    Maybe it’ll work even better
    As they weren’t expecting it.

    Like Mr Lavrov
    Double Dipped them …LOL



    Just a few points of interest for Aero.

    1)..that big Cloverleaf outside of Demydivka

    Crossroads of E95 & E584

    Looks sweet.
    Pop that Motherfuxer.
    Big time.

    Important roads of M13 & M 14

    3)..Tylihul River Bridge is a Sweet Petunia..
    Anything on E 95.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!



  2. Mr Lendman..

    Something important.

    Without waxing rhetoric..

    The concept of Army is a big word…

    But it comes down to the individual soldiers

    who must do the actual fighting.

    Russia has a 54% total vaccination rate..

    Ukraine has a 34% total vaccination.

    Intangibles count.

    Jus saying..

    Not good.

    Moreover…you taught me.
    I don’t want to jack up the importance of that demographic

    But… intangibles matter.


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