Mad Dog Pelosi Urges “Strongest Military Response” Against Russia

Along with supporting Nazi-infested tyranny in Ukraine, Pelosi, the vast majority in Congress, the fake Biden and dominant regime hardliners are pushing things for crossing the line from US proxy war on Russia to direct confrontation.

Last March, former Ukrainian Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov warned about it, saying:

“NATO — meaning hegemon USA— planned to launch a third world war with use of nuclear weapons against Russia,” adding: 

“(T)he main role in this was given to the American-dominated ruling elite in Ukraine,” including its Nazified extremists.

“Since December 2021, Russia received information about NATO’s plans to deploy 4 military brigades on the territory of Ukraine and an air brigade capable of carrying nuclear warheads.” 

“NATO wanted to approve this deployment of troops in the summer of 2022 at a meeting of the UN Security Council.”

“Most likely by the end of this year, (they’ll) have provoked a conflict and launched large-scale military operations against Russia using nuclear weapons.”

Vladimir Putin’s authorized SMO in Ukraine was launched to counter the diabolical plot before unleashed, said Azarov.

Like dominant Biden regime hardliners and their congressional counterparts, Pelosi is part of the lunatic fringe in charge of running things in Washington.

On May 1, her office issued the following statement:

She and accompanying  undemocratic Dem Russophobes came to Nazi-infested Ukraine and similarly-infested Poland to say that hegemon USA “stands firmly with our NATO allies in our support” of the US-installed puppet regime in Kiev, adding:

“In Warsaw, we look forward to meeting with President Andrzej Duda and engaging with high-level government officials.”  

“Our meetings will be focused on further strengthening our partnership” in waging sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia.

Will crossing the line to direct US/NATO confrontation against Moscow follow?

Has the die already been cast?

Did WW III begin — currently using expendable Ukrainian proxy forces?

Do plans call for US/NATO nuclear war on Russia as Azarov warned about last March?

Are Russian officials fully apprised of the threat and prepared to counter it more than already?

After meeting with Poland’s fascist president Duda on Monday, Pelosi’s call for the “strongest possible military response” sounded ominously like a declaration of war.

Put nothing past the lunatic fringe in Washington.

Their agenda is all about dominating the world community of nations by brute force if lesser tactics fail to achieve their diabolical aims.

It’s about Nazifying nations worldwide in similar fashion to how they transformed Ukraine from democratic to tyrannical rule.

It’s about making the world community of nations unsafe and unfit to live in across the board — along with culling their populations, eliminating billions of unwanted people worldwide.

Russia’s only option is employing the only language that US/Western regimes understand — toughness. 

A bellyful is needed to drive home its message in unmistakable fashion.

That its leadership is mad as hell and unwilling to put up with US/Western rage any longer — what aims to undermine Russia, divide the country for easier control, loot its resources and exploit its people.

The time for Mr. Nice Guy is long ago over. 

Confronting toughness in similar fashion is the only way forward.

It’s the only way to get lunatics infesting the Washington asylum to back off.

Nothing less can work.

Surely Russia knows it by now.

Showing it is crucial so dominant crazies in Washington understand that they’re up against a nation able to hit back hard with punishing force if threatened.

3 thoughts on “Mad Dog Pelosi Urges “Strongest Military Response” Against Russia

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  1. Mr Lendman

    What an Important Document.
    Short Sweet Simple..

    Punches You in the nose
    With veracity and truth.

    Commendable in every sense.

    I appreciate most,
    You calling the Question, sir..

    I can Actually hear
    Walter Cronkite saying,

    ” And that’s the Way it is,
    May 3, 2022..”

    I see his face on B&W

    The grainy footage on a
    1950s screen w fewer pixels.

    You provided the missing link
    For me..

    The actual documentation
    That the Russians have
    Outlining the Gangsters planned attack.

    I knew it existed
    But uncertain of the Doc.

    We’re on a Course for WWIII

    All.the Gangsters fault
    Russia completely innocent

    Russia faultless
    And their legitimate concerns ignored..
    What did you expect..

    Nothing less than a Planned
    Completely Unnecessary War.

    US Imperialism wearing a
    Death Mask..

    And the vassals jump in the Death Mobile.

    Just in time to get their countries destroyed

    And 89% of the population killed.


    Some people might call me a lunatic…a Mad Man …

    For suggesting that Russia should bomb England..

    Then I read last night

    RT or Sputnik perhaps..
    Not exactly sure..but

    The No #1 Talk Show in Russia
    Hosted by Dmitry Kiselyov

    Is saying the Exact same thing!

    (That’s one smart Motherfuxer)

    Only one thing the Bully
    No need to even mention it
    in this rodeo.

    My take
    Is a New Broadway Show

    Rip van Winkle drinks some
    Herbal tea..

    Probably Mushrooms
    goes to sleep in 1969

    Wakes up in 2022.

    And the USA is all NAZIS.

    Religious Hoaxsters

    The whole Shittenkaboodle

    Like the Twilight Zone episode
    like, “It Could Happen Here..!”

    You know what Act II is.

    The Legends show up,

    Johnny Appleseed
    Paul Bunyan and Babe
    Pecos Bill
    John Henry
    Mother Jones
    Cameos by

    Big Bill Haywood
    WEB Dubois
    Daniel DeLeon
    Eugene Debs
    Lucretia Mott
    Joe Hill
    The Molly Maguires

    Act III
    The Good Guys win

    Make it a Musical like ” HAIR ”

    At the End
    We sing..
    ” This Land is Your Land.
    This Land is My Land…!”

    ©® 2022, Brad Kahn
    All Rights Reserved

    Perfect for our Times..
    Unite the Patriots
    Right and Left..

    Like Will Rogers did at the Met in the 1930s

    That’s why the Gangsters killed him.

    My bag i

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m 20 hours late in opening this…uber-overwhelmed. Pelosi is, for sure, a (an avowed Zionist) bi*ch.

    Great (searing, portentous, fraught) commentary, Mr. Lendman…glad I mentally bookmarked it for retrieval.

    “Russia’s only option is employing the only language that US/Western regimes understand — toughness.” Hear, hear! Amen.


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