The NYT and Other MSM Support Nazi-Infested Tyranny in Ukraine

The Times and other MSM are a collective lying machine for the manufacture of fake news mass deception.

A national disgrace explains how they operate.

Banning journalism as it should be, they feature Big Lies and mass deception on major issues mattering most.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times falsely blamed liberating Russian forces for atrocities committed by US/NATO-supported Nazified thugs — war criminals who terrorized Mariupol residents for years until routed and largely eliminated.

And this Times rubbish:

As the campaign by Russian forces to liberate Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation ramps up incrementally as opposed to a blitzkrieg offensive, the Times ignored reality by claiming that “minimal gains” were made (sic).

In typical Times fashion, it ignored how Russian forces are systematically rolling over Ukrainian troops — battering, beating and demoralizing them.

What it called “the last remaining Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol” are Nazified thugs holed up in the bowels of the city’s Azovstal steel plant.

Their fighting days are over.

They’ll either surrender or die, the Times failed to explain.

And this Times fake news:

Citing an unnamed Pentagon official, the broadsheet falsely claimed that “Russia is struggling to capture and hold territory (sic).”

Ukrainian officials were cited, falsely accusing Russian forces of killing “more than 20,000 civilians” in Mariupol — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Massacring civilians is a longtime US/NATO speciality.

The same goes for Nazified Ukrainian thugs.

Russia operates by higher standards.

Throughout its SMO, its forces have gone all-out to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure — as explained before.

And this WaPo fake news:

Citing Russia-bashing US intelligence (sic), WaPo claimed the following:

“Moscow is preparing to annex vast new swaths of Ukrainian territory in coming days (sic).” 

It’s “moving to cement control of much of the country’s east even as Russian forces struggle to capture key areas on the battlefield (sic).”

A “senior” Biden regime official cited dubious intelligence — falsely called “highly credible (sic),” adding:

“Russia will probably stage fraudulent referendums (sic) in mid-May in which citizens of Donetsk, Lugansk or Kherson appear to express support for leaving Ukraine and becoming part of Russia (sic).”

“After that, Russia would probably install leaders loyal to Moscow in those areas (sic).”

No Russian annexation of Ukrainian territory occurred earlier.

Not a shred of credible evidence suggests otherwise ahead.

Vladimir Putin recognized the sovereignty of Donetsk and Lugansk.

If both republics wish to join Russia, it’s unknown at this time whether the Kremlin will permit it.

Moscow’s focus in on demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine, along with liberating Donbass entirely.

Claims about its intensions ahead by US/Western officials and their MSM echo chamber should be taken with a grain of salt.

Virtually everything they claimed about Russia’s SMO has been fake news rubbish.

Separately during a Monday interview on state-controlled Ukrainian TV, the Zelensky regime’s so-called national security and war council head, Alexey Danilov, said the following:

So-called peace talks since Feb. 28 are dead.

“With Russia we can only sign an act of its capitulation (sic).” 

“The sooner they do it, the better it will be for their country (sic).”

On the same day, so-called Zelensky regime advisor, Alexey Arestovich, said the following:

“There will be no peace treaty with Russia (sic).” 

“There will only be the capitulation of the Russian Federation (sic).”

On orders from dominant Biden regime hardliners, Kiev forces will likely keep fighting until entirely smashed by overwhelming Russian military power.

Moscow foolishly wasted time and effort by engaging in peace talks with powerless Ukraine.

The Zelensky regime has no say over all things Russia related.

US dark forces are orchestrating and directing Ukrainian forces against Russian ones.

It shows by how relentlessly they’re being rolled over, degraded and demoralized.

It’s just a matter of time before the battle of Ukraine ends — what Russian forces already won.

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