Ukraine’s “Seriously Degraded” Military

Ukraine’s battered and beaten military is more degraded now than when Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu explained its dismal state weeks earlier.

Over 50,000 of its forces were killed or wounded, thousands more captured.

Many others deserted their units.

Ukraine’s so-called air force and navy no longer exist.

Russian forces control Ukraine’s airspace and coastal waters.

The morale of its largely conscript military crumbled from poor training, weeks of battering and exhaustion on the frontlines.

Shoigu also warned that Russian forces will respond appropriately to US/Western weapons crossing into Ukraine.

As “legitimate targets,” they’ll be destroyed, including individuals attempting to deliver them to Ukrainian forces.

On April 26, journalist Daphne Rousseau reported the following:

“After two months under (relentless) Russian fire, (it’s) hard to sustain optimism,” adding:

Ukrainian “losses have been high” after the early stage of the battle for Donbass.

“When asked about casualties, one (Ukrainian) soldier…br(oke) down in tears.”

“His unit (was) very badly hit,” said Rousseau.

On Sunday, she said the following:

“Exhausted Ukrainian soldiers return(ed) from the eastern front.”

Soldiers in Ukraine’s 81st brigade “walked 12 kilometers” for lack of armored vehicles or enough trucks to transport them.

The casual count is unrevealed.

Many Ukrainian survivors of Russia’s offensive are “injured…have somatic problems…and worsened…illnesses.”

Many have “trench foot (from) prolonged exposure to moisture, unsanitary conditions or the cold.”

“For a month, they (were) not able to dry their shoes…so there are many feet-related injuries, mainly fungi and infections,” according to a Ukrainian doctor.

Many are greatly affected by “physical and psychological injuries.”

On May, 2 Rousseau quoted a Ukrainian soldier, saying:

Russian forces “shell so much…(B)ombs land everywhere.”

“A railway bridge that spans the Donets river on the way to Sloviansk was destroyed last week by a Russian rocket.”

Two train cars of goods plunged into the gray waters of the Donets river due to the attack.”

“A road bridge running parallel was partially destroyed Monday evening.”

Up against vastly superior Russian forces with state-of the-art weapons, Ukraine’s military continues to be greatly degraded.

Demilitarizing it and deNazifying Ukraine is just a matter of time.

While US/Western regimes, their MSM press agents and puppet Zelensky maintain the illusion of being able to effectively counter Russian forces with increased supplies of weapons, munitions and equipment, reality on the frontlines tells a far different story.

Ukraine’s largely conscript military is significantly degraded and beaten.

The outcome of Russia’s SMO was clear before begun.

A collective US/Western brave face is increasingly hard-pressed to conceal reality on the ground.

The longer Russia’s SMO continues, the more battered and demoralized Ukraine’s military becomes.

Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov, Sergey Shoigu and other Russian officials are right.

Moscow will achieve its publicly stated goals to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine, along with liberating Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation and 8 years of aggression by Kiev.

When the above aims are accomplished, Russia’s security will be more greatly enhanced by ending US/NATO’s proxy war along its borders.

At the same time, the menace posed by the collective West remains.

Longstanding US plans call for regime change in Russia and other sovereign independent countries.

Where hegemon USA goes, Western vassal states follow.

With or without use of Ukraine as a platform for perpetual US proxy war on Russia, both right wings of its war party pose an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Russia, China, Iran and other nations free from US control know its rage for dominance could be unleashed full force at any time for invented reasons.

It’s why the threat of global war 3.0 is not only real, it may have already begun.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Breaking News..

    I think the Russians caught the Canadian General

    He trying to escape during the Cease Fire.

    Meme said they arrested him and taking him to Moscow

    To stand trial as he ran the
    Bio Weapons Lab #102.

    To be covered by 360 Television


    My only question is why it isn’t on RT or Sputnik..?

    That seems odd.

    Don’t tell me Russia doesn’t want to embarrass their colleagues in the West..?


    I doubt that.

    He’s the Smoking Gun.

    Another Nuremberg
    With the Fourth Reich..

    Oh Fabulous..!

    But why is


  2. Mr Lendman

    Just ate dinner and surfed the Nazi News Channels.

    Nothing on the
    Canadian General..

    Not that I would expect them to publicize that..

    Nothing on Rat or Sputnik either

    But as I recall
    It wasn’t a meme..

    It was an Article.


    In the custody of
    Russian Soldiers ..


    Looked real as rain.
    So we’ll see.

    I might add..
    CNN was saying on May 9

    Putin will announce

    Russia’s Annexation of the Two Republics..into the Federation

    And Secondly

    Russia will Declare War on the Ukraine.

    Good ..
    cuz that’s exactly what it is.

    Actually a War against Ukraine
    And all of Imperialism..

    Exactly like the Bolsheviks faced in 1918..

    No difference.
    The Same Nazis as WWII

    Except name changed


    And the Jews switched sides &
    Are fighting with the Nazis now.

    In fact , like in Palestine
    They are the Nazis.

    Now to the Point:

    The Military Campaign:

    Most important item
    Critical Item

    Worth Hammering home

    Distilled by squeezing the juice

    From a 100s hours of
    Nazi Television…


    “British Intel is saying Repeatedly

    The that Russia’s..



    Literally begging the Russians to attack their Fortress Europa

    The Seigfried Line..

    And once again
    Oxford monkeys

    Tell us that Putin needs to have something to show on May 9

    Don’t have to be stupid to work
    For MI 6…

    But it sure helps..!


    The Nazis are getting tired of being bombed

    Want to get the Party going.

    British Intel now directing
    Russian Army Advances..


    Herein is the beauty of what the Russians are doing..

    Better said, not doing
    Attacking a hornets nest

    Why attack
    An 8 yrs of CIA construction

    A Labyrinth to rival Daedylus

    Let the Nazis come to you
    Come out in the open and get bombed.

    Do that for a month
    Two months..
    Three months..

    “Here, there and everywhere”

    2)… AEROSPACE is Poppin all my sites.

    “Justa Lightin up baby
    Like a jitterbug in Biloxi..!”

    3)…Not giving the Nazi
    Long Line Formations to hit

    4)..Russia has gone to battalion groups fighting in Composite

    Less Rigid
    More flexible
    Better Command and Control.

    5)… However Communications hamper the Russians

    Still a problem..

    Be certain
    US Intel Satellites Fuxin em

    The problem will never be resolved until Russia goes to Quantum Long Range Radio

    I call it “Chinese Radio”
    They have it.
    You need it.


    What’s new for tomorrow
    Is in China today.

    Last stroke..

    Russia is like a Brick Wall
    That’s all you need to know.
    Long View..

    The Nazis plan to extend this
    Harassment of Russia

    For a Decade..or more.
    It’s the Nazi Plan

    They are planning to drop a Tactical Nuke on Russia

    As a Retailation for the
    False Flag the Human Trash

    Are planning to execute to blame Russia.

    There is no Crime ever invented by mortal man

    Anywhere on Earth
    At any time in History

    That can rival the Filth of the New Nazis that stink up the World from the Fourth Reich.

    See where Van der Lies
    And the FM of Slovakia

    Gave the Hitler Heart Signal?

    These are real Nazis..
    Born Nazi babies

    Like the Boys from Brazil
    The Nazi Bitches from Bavaria.



    Like they did

    But waiting for the Nazi

    Russia is doing everything correctly.

    “We gotta whole lotta shaking going on, baby..!”


  3. Mr Lendman
    May 5 here.

    Have you noticed that all the Women “Hostages ” coming out of Azovstol Steel Mill..

    Are young ..
    In their 30s
    And extremely attractive..

    Isn’t that odd..

    They seem extremely healthy
    And well nourished.

    No sense of Confusion nor Stress..

    No apparent Trauma.

    Particularly among the children
    Who wouldn’t be able to navigate thru trauma so easily.


    The Nazis sure knew what they were doing when they took these select “Hostages!”

    Yo Comrade Tovarish

    You better check again..
    These are the Nazi Collaborators..

    Probably wives and girlfriends.


  4. Mr Lendman,
    May 5..

    Very briefly..
    Gotta leave to do a 100 kicks in 20 minutes.

    I guess it really doesn’t matter if they are Girlfriends and Family

    They’re innocent really..
    In the eyes of God..

    And legally.
    Just get em out

    Mindful of every Russian soldier
    Life so important not to be lost of this Nuland aberration.

    Pure Filth.
    Take your time..
    Fux em up with Science

    As soon as Russia can close out the Mariupol Account.

    Russia can reposition troops.
    Slow and STEADY.

    PERFECT…twer it Chess..

    Playing with the Knights out front

    And the Bishops on the

    Rook castled..
    Russia controls the
    Center ranks and files

    Classical French Defense

    Pure Power.
    Very few points left for the Opposiion to attack.

    A+ Job Russia is doing
    Russia has intensified the Aerial Attacks..

    Broader and Deeper

    Poppin next to the
    Polish Border..


    And Lightin up all sides of Odessa..!


    Just what the Doctor ordered..!

    Nazis may get their shit
    Over the border from

    But going East from Odessa
    Is a Bridge To Far..


    Gotta go.

    But RUSSIA

    Comrade General, sir

    If you’re going north from Mariupol

    Don’t know.

    Jus saying.

    Please take the Right Hand lane going North..

    The Interior Lines..

    Expect one or two ambushes
    As the Ukis are getting restless in the Static position

    Waiting for you

    As British Intel was telling you..
    You’re Offensive was to begin.


    Please avoid them.


    BTW .
    Some troops going to Odessa probably.

    That should be last..maybe..
    Just cut it off ..

    As previously

    Take Kharkov..
    Slow and STEADY

    Bomb west of Kharkov
    Between Kharkov and Kiev.

    Good Luck Men..



  5. Mr Lendman

    Actually it’s Wednesday
    I think it’s the 4th.

    Here’s why I write..

    Speaking with
    General Vasilevsky

    That Brilliant General

    I’m not so sure you shouldn’t take Odesa first.

    I’m in Left Field.
    Without tipping my hand..

    And some other considerations the General brought up .

    No I’m completely indifferent yo which you pop next..

    No idea.
    Completely 50 50..

    Only you know.
    Good good.

    The General did say
    Something completely

    Uniquely learned. .
    And based on battle tested experience…

    The playbook for the Werhmact

    Was to immediately Counter attack the City..they just lost..

    Is there any Intel suggesting a

    massing of troops that appear to be blocking Path to Kharkov

    But are ready to strike behind
    The advancing Russian Army

    As they move North.

    General Vasilevsky said that was the classic hook and ladder play. case they do..
    You’ll know Right Away

    Got some Startegic Reserve
    Back there to block
    the Landbridge

    off from any marauders..
    Heading South to Sebastopol.

    But these are desperate men
    In a Desperate Situation.


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