Apartheid Israel Supports Nazi-Infested Ukraine

The Israeli Bennett regime is supplying Ukrainian Nazis and conscript forces with weapons for use against Russia and Donbass civilians.

In response last month, Vladimir Putin stressed the following:

“It’s the choice of Israeli leadership.” 

“They are entitled to do what they deem expedient.”

“I think it’s counterproductive if the talk is about lethal weapons, because it will only lead to additional confrontation, an increase in human victims and the result will be just the same.”

According to Ukraine’s embassy in Israel, the Bennett regime has been medically “treat(ing) Ukrainian servicemen who were wounded” during Russia’s SMO.

On May 3, Interfax reported the following:

Israel established a “Kohav Meir field hospital in the Lvov region” of Ukraine with intent to treat “more than 6,000 (wounded) Ukrainian patients.”

According to the Times of Israel on April 29:

“An Israeli medical team sent to western Ukraine to run a field hospital…returned home Friday as Israel shuttered the clinic after six weeks of operation.”

An Israeli team of 80 doctors and 20 nurses “treated more than 6,000 (Ukrainian) patients.”

Israel’s so-called health minister, Nitzan Hororwitz, thanked the team for its “holy work (sic).”

At the same time, Israel’s imitation foreign minister, Yair Lapid, falsely accused Russia of war crimes (sic).

Israeli war minister, Benny Gantz, virtually admitted that the Bennett regime supplied Kiev with weapons — dubiously calling them “defensive equipment (sic).”

Days earlier, Sergey Lavrov slammed puppet Zelensky as follows, saying:

“He says that he cannot be a Nazi because he is of Jewish origin.” 

“But he pronounces these words on the days when Ukraine is demonstratively withdrawing from the agreement on the protection of monuments to the (Russian) heroes of” WW II. 

“It is difficult for me to take Ukraine’s policy seriously when he personally patronizes the tendencies I have spoken about” — Nazism that infests Ukraine. 

It’s evident from “(m)arches of neo-Nazi battalions with the insignia of Hitler divisions, SS divisions, torchlit processions involving the presidential regiments.”

“Training of militants at camps under the supervision of instructors from the US and other Western (regimes) takes place with the connivance of civilized Europe and, of course, with the support from their authorities.”

After the Bennett regime slammed Lavrov for his straight talk truth-telling, Russia’s Foreign Ministry responded as follows, saying:

“We took note of the anti-historical statements of Israeli foreign minister Lapid, which largely explain the (Bennett regime’s support for) neo-Nazi(-infested) Kiev.”

To their shame, “Western media (and their regimes falsely claim that) there are neo-Nazis in Ukraine.” 

“One of (their dubious) arguments is (Zelensky’s) Jewish origin.”

“This argument is not only untenable, but also false.” 

“History (reveals) examples of cooperation between Jews and Nazis.” 

“In Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe, the Germans appointed Jewish industrialists as heads of ghettos and Jewish councils (‘Judenrats’).”

“Some of these are remembered for absolutely monstrous deeds.” 

“In Warsaw, (ghetto administrator) Jakub Lejkin surveilled the Jews and reported everything to the German occupation administration.”

He “doom(ed) compatriots to certain, sometimes painful death.”

Lodz ghetto administrator “Chaim Rumkowski suggested that the Jews of Lodz give their children to the Nazis to save the lives of the adult residents of the ghetto.”

To his disgrace, puppet Zelensky “hides behind his origins and uses them to cover up genuine neo-Nazis – the spiritual and blood heirs to the executioners of his people.”

The Bennett regime is well aware of the above reality.

Yet in cahoots with hegemon USA-dominated NATO, it “cynically ignore(s) the epidemic of destruction and desecration of monuments to (heroic) Red Army (troops). 

They discovered and liberated Nazi death camps during WW II, saving the lives of surviving European Jews. 

“How many times has the Israeli foreign ministry summoned the ambassadors of Poland, Bulgaria, the Baltic countries, or Ukraine itself to express sharp protest over” crimes of war, against humanity and other atrocities committed by Nazified Kiev thugs.

Instead of condemning criminality too grievous to ignore, Bennett, Lapid and other Israeli regime officials support it by supplying weapons to Kiev and treating its wounded.

During WW II, the Nazis killed around 1.5 million Ukrainian Jews.

Apparently in Israel today, all is forgiven in support of US/NATO sanctions war on Russia and proxy hot war — what ominously risks East/West confrontation, possibly with nukes.

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  1. An excellent, spell-binding report. Thank you, sir!

    (Boy, these Zionists of ‘Israel’ like to send ‘medical teams’ to areas where they apparently think they can “gain credence-cum-support-of-their-apartheid reality.” I well recall that such a “medical team” was dispatched in 2011 immediately subsequent to the Fukushima, Japan, tsunami/nuke power plant crisis…my reaction was “WTF? Why don’t the Ziobasta*rds instead administer aid to the medical and myriad other human needs of the illegally occupied/oppressed/tormented/persecuted Palestinian population in the “holy” land??!” HYPOCRITES! — as Jesus would/did say….)


  2. Mr Lendman,

    So despicable.

    Zionist collaboration.with
    The Nazis.

    The Red Army who saved

    3 Million Jews
    A million alone in the Ukraine

    And lost millions of soldiers doing it…

    I hear the oldest Rabbi extant on Earth…he whispers

    ” …and this is how you repay ?”

    Yet it comes out a
    Roaring Scream



    You’re not of the Living..
    You’re goners.

    Going …going…Gone..

    You’ve lost your Soul.
    You’ve lost your

    I look into your eyes
    Bovine ..

    Like unthinking Cattle.

    I cannot see how you will be able to bear the Shame in the coming years.

    A people with no historical memory

    Has no future.

    You’re at a Dead End.

    Led there by Zionists
    The Jewish Nazis.


    like the 1930s German Nazi
    Aryan Racial Laws …

    The 2018 Israeli Nation State Laws..

    Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing
    On Palestinians.

    Oh…Why Surprised, Moshe..?

    The Jewish Nazis have been sending arms and training the Uki Nazis for years..

    Like spitting in the Eye
    Of their own Grandfather.

    Mind you..

    There’s a Silver Lining to it all, however.

    Russia got it’s eyes opened.

    A Split was coming inevitably
    The Divorce..

    Some things will change

    The Golan Hts are going back to Syria in only a matter of time

    Israeli Terror in the Sky over Syria..

    The perpetual Run and Gun
    Gonna end .

    And the Friends
    The Honorable Friends of Russia


    They’ll get some Pogo Sticks,
    Big Time.

    Watch em jump higher and Farther.

    I hoped the Zionists fuxed themselves

    Fuxed themselves good
    With their backstabbing.

    Fux em.
    They’re Nazis.

    What did you expect, Comrades?

    This is a Crime so egregious
    So Vile..

    And this is how the

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr Lendman,

    Mr Lavrov tried to take a

    Got nabbed doing 80 in a
    65 Mile Zone.

    Here’s what he should have said

    Yes they’re Nazis.
    Put in place by coup.

    From the Fascist PNAC Nazis
    And the Jewish Nazi Nuland

    Of Course ,

    Why overlook,

    Borrell and Jens & van der Lies
    Were all born as Nazi Babies..!


    They consider Bandera a
    National Hero

    A hero
    Worship of a Nazi

    The Hold National Holidays in his name.

    They put his picture on their Stamps.

    They build statues to honor him

    And those are only the blatant manifestations.

    Let’s examine the State

    No Freedom of the Press

    Or other basic political Rights.
    For Opposition Parties.


    A Rogue Pariah Fake Cardboard State from day one.

    Fabricated and financed by the CIA

    Inundated with 20 yrs
    Of Heroin Pushing money.

    Moreover the Army
    Is infested with Azov Nazis
    Down to every Battalion level.

    And who’s agenda do they serve?

    Supplies them with Weapons
    The exact same people.who

    supported Pinochet, Marcos, Noriega, Somoza..etc

    The CIA who support 99% of all the Nazis in the World.

    If it walks like a Duck
    And it quacks like a Duck

    Maybe it is a Duck..!

    Now that you punched out the Center of the Construct

    Then come back and paint the Corners.


    Some historians
    Predominantly I’m the West

    Even feel Hitler had Jewish Blood

    But don’t believe me..
    Google it up

    There’s a plethora of articles and research on the subject by leading historians.


    Gee I’d write copy for Mr Lavrov
    For Free.

    The whole thing a
    Diversion really..!

    Keep your eyes on the Prize.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

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