Biden Regime Plotting Global War on Two Fronts?

While US-dominated NATO pushes things toward unthinkable direct confrontation with Russia, do dominant Biden regime hardliners intend something similar against China?

On Thursday, interventionist Blinken will deliver an address on the Biden regime’s China strategy.

Citing unnamed sources, Politico said it’ll be modeled after Sino/US relations during the Trump years, adding:

Along with mainly focusing on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, Blinken’s address will be followed by a US/ASEAN summit in Washington, then visits by the fake Biden to South Korea, Japan, India and Australia.

According to analyst Bonnie Glaser:

It’s unlikely that Blinken will say anything greatly different from US policy toward China since Trump’s tenure.

What’s said and what’s planned may be world’s apart, she failed to add.

In 2020, Blinken called hegemon USA’s China policy “the most important that we have in the world.”

In March last year, he said:

“Our relationship with China will be competitive when it should be, collaborative when it can be, and adversarial when it must be.”

In remarks to Congress months earlier, he said:

“We’re in competition with China and other countries to win the 21st Century” — by any means, fair or foul, he left unstated.

China’s growing political, economic, industrial, technological, and military prominence on the world stage made it Washington’s public enemy No. one.

Yet throughout the post-WW II period, the only foreign threats to the US/West were invented as pretexts for perpetual war on humanity by hot and/or other means.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s Asia pivot a near-decade ago, made-in-the-USA war in the Pacific became a real possibility.

The same reality applies to Russia.

Both nations alone can effectively challenge US hegemonic aims, especially united.

Twice post-WW II, the US waged two failed Asia wars.

One against nonbelligerent North Korea ended with an uneasy armistice, the other in humiliating defeat against North Vietnam. 

Neither nation was anything remotely as militarily powerful as China and Russia today.

US war against one or both would be suicidal, a doomsday scenario if launched, especially if nukes are preemptively used by dominant lunatics in the Washington asylum.

Russia vowed never to use these WMDs unless the security and survival of the state is greatly jeopardized.

As things head closer to direct US confrontation with Russia, will what’s unthinkable become reality?

Is much the same possible in the Asia/Pacific because of US rage to control the region?

Both right wings of its war party are hellbent to transform nations free from their control into vassal states — by any means possible.

No matter what Blinken says on Thursday, longstanding US policy is implacably hostile toward Russia, China, Iran and other sovereign independent countries.

No matter that no nation threatens US security. Claims otherwise are propaganda rubbish.

According to an unnamed, Beijing-based analyst, the Biden regime aims to use China’s refusal to condemn Russia’s SMO in Ukraine to gain greater control over relations between EU states and Beijing.

At this time, proposed congressional legislation hostile to China’s interests remains to be voted on up or down.

Former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe compared Russia’s actions against Ukraine to China’s policy toward Taiwan.

He called for the US to publicly declare its intention to defend the island in response to any hostile actions by China.

In similar fashion to how dominant US hardliners demeaned Russia for years, much the same has been ongoing against China.

Months earlier, its US envoy, Qin Gang, said the following:

“The extreme China policy of the previous US (regime) caused serious damage to our relations, and such a situation has not changed” under the current one. 

“There is a long way to go to improve” Sino/US relations.

Instead of taking steps in the right direction, much the opposite is happening.

Separately on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, China’s official People’s Daily said the following days earlier:

US-dominated NATO “has been spreading disinformation about China’s stance on the Ukraine situation, and making groundless accusations to attack and smear China” unjustifiably. 

During China’s February Winter Olympics, a joint statement with Russia called for peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation among the world community of nations.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA-dominated NATO prioritizes perpetual war on humanity at home and worldwide.

Is global war 3.0 inevitable?

Has it already begun?

Instead of supporting conflict resolution in Ukraine, dominant Biden regime hardliners reject peace for endless conflict.

Will their Asia/Pacific policy be much the same, using Taiwan against China in similar fashion to how they’re using Ukraine against Russia?

On Wednesday, distinguished University of Illinois Law Professor Francis Boyle said the following:

“I believe we are seeing a US/NATO War Plan unfolding that has already been War-Gamed step by step leading to direct military hostilities between US/NATO and Russia and then escalating from there,” adding:

Things “ha(ve) been set into motion for sure.”

“I don’t know how much time we have.” 

“They have already war-gamed this out in advance so they must have some idea of when direct hostilities will commence between US/NATO and Russia — and then when they will employ battlefield nukes.”

Boyle and I both hope that things aren’t heading inevitably in this direction.

I agree with his view and tremble at the prospect of what may lie ahead — against Russia and perhaps China as well by US-dominated NATO.

And consider what’s indisputable.

Weapons used during WW II were toys compared to today’s super-ones.

If used in enough numbers, armageddon will surely follow.

2 thoughts on “Biden Regime Plotting Global War on Two Fronts?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    War on Three Fronts.
    Russia, China, Zio War on Iran

    The Three Prongs of Satan’s Pitchfork.

    The Zio War on Iran
    Was always planned to take place simultaneously with.

    The Nazi Collaborators war on Russia.

    The mere fact the Gangsters include China…

    Displays why the are not only delusional in their desperation.

    They quite Mad.
    Criminally Insane.

    BTW..China doesn’t play that game, Homey..

    China is Straight 8 Ball.
    No tricks
    No gimmicks

    Just Hard Ball.

    They do what they say..
    they’re gonna do.

    They bring Heaven and Earth

    Move the
    Mountain to Mohammed..


    And everything at the
    Speed of Light.

    Like a Bruce Lee Punch in the Solar Plexus.


    So some pundit was saying

    you can easily shoot down spy Satellites

    with Pulse Plasma Lasers..

    True that.

    Next day in Sputnik..

    There’s an article on China isconcentrating on building

    the necessary equipment to shoot down Asteroids…!


    If you can shoot down ASTEROIDS

    You can shoot down Satellites.

    Like I say..
    “Homey don’t play that game..”

    China is on it, baby..!

    Gotta be completely fuxing insane to want to fight China

    Alone much less in conjunction with Russia.

    Lastly…why not bring
    North Korea under the Umbrella

    What’s the DPRK’s crime..?

    Why .. nothing at all.

    Same thing the Gangsters are doing to Russia now

    The Human Trash have done to the Honorable People of DPRK.

    They’re only crime.

    They wouldn’t kowtow

    They wouldn’t get on their knees and kiss Crack Head Sam’s ass.

    They have never attacked anyone.

    And have consistently tried to negotiate a Peaceful end to the Korean War of 1951-53

    Yet the Gangsters always find a way to sabotage it.

    The Gangsters broke every promise they made…as usual.

    First thing I’d do is drop every sanction on DPRK



    Moreover knowing the Gangsters need to go thru
    North Korea

    To come into my back door

    I’d make sure I had my friends
    As strong and vigorous as possible.

    In Spades.

    it would be Prudent


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