MSM Fake News Update on Day 70 of Russia’s SMO

The NYT notably never misses an opportunity to bash US invented enemies — especially Russia in support of diabolical Biden regime aims.

On Wednesday, the Times once again pretended that Russia’s SMO momentum stalled (sic).

It quoted bozo BoJo’s perversion of reality, telling puppet Zelensky and other Kiev regime officials the following by video address:

“You exploded the myth of (Russia’s) invincibility (sic), and wr(ote) one of the most glorious chapters in military history and in the life of your country (sic),” adding:

“This is Ukraine’s finest hour (sic).”

The above rubbish is one among countless examples of how the West and its MSM press agents turn reality on its head.

The same goes for Pentagon fake news.

Falsely calling Russia’s SMO “anemic (and) plodding” ignored how its forces are rolling over and smashing Ukrainian troops.

The Times barely mentioned more precision strikes by Russian forces on Lvov in western Ukraine.

In the last 24 hours, they destroyed more US/Western weapons, power substations and related infrastructure to keep regime trains inoperable.

Out of service, they cannot resupply Ukrainian forces with weapons, munitions or anything else.

Nor does the regime have enough other transport means to resupply its battered, beaten and demoralized troops.

Yet according to Times fake news, “Russia ha(s) not targeted Ukrainian railways and other infrastructure to stop Western weapons from reaching the front (sic).”

And it also defied reality by falsely claiming that its forces are experiencing “setbacks (sic)” and are “significantly weaker” than when its SMO began (sic).

And this from notorious prostitute of the press Tom Friedman:

The Biden regime’s “goal” is all about help(ing) (Nazi-infested) Ukrain(e) fight” Russia…so…we can reaffirm the principle that no country can devour” another (sic).

Friedman’s historical amnesia ignored hegemon USA’s imperial rampaging throughout its history from inception.

Along with expanding the nation from sea to shining sea by land theft, US ruling regimes did the same thing abroad by raping and destroying one nation after another in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

In stark contrast, Vladimir Putin publicly stated the aims of Russia’s SMO.

They’re worlds apart what Friedman called “devour(ing)” another nation.

“Devour(ing)” nations is longstanding US policy — far removed from how Russia operates.

And this Friedman rubbish:

“Ukraine (has been) making progress toward democratic reforms before” Russia’s SMO began (sic).

Friedman, other prostitutes of the press and their MSM go out of their way to pretend that Nazis don’t infest Ukraine — that Azov and other Nazified thugs are just “far-right soldiers (sic).”

Separately, the Times called them “defenders” of Mariupol (sic), ignoring their history of war crimes and heinous atrocities.

As for Friedman, the more he says, the more greatly he disgraces himself.

Separately according to WaPo fake news:

Ukraine’s claim about “f(inding) evidence of Russian war crimes in the Kiev suburb of Irpin, including murder, torture and rape,” is infowar propaganda rubbish.

The same goes for falsely claiming that Kiev supports humanitarian corridors for civilians to reach safety out of harm’s way.

Earlier its forces attacked corridors established by Russia to harm civilians while pretending concern for their safety.

WaPo quoted puppet Zelensky on Tuesday, once again reciting what his US handlers told him to say, as follows:

Foreign companies and other entities that remain in Russia support “the terrorist Russian Federation war machine (sic),” adding:

“Leaving the Russian market, that is a must (sic).”

And this from the BoJo regime’s armed forces head Antony Radakin:

Vladimir Putin’s “decision making rarely improves (sic). (It’s) get(ting) worse (sic),” adding:

Russia’s SMO is marked by a “shocking intelligence failure (sic) and “incredible arrogance (sic).” 

And this WaPo rubbish:

“Russian troops (are) repeatedly bombarding convoys of food and medicine trying to reach…Mariupol (sic).”

Russia alone supplied thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to city residents, as well as to Ukrainians in areas liberated from Nazified occupation.

And this from Biden regime war secretary Austin:

Ignoring how Russian forces are systematically destroying US/Western supplied weapons, munitions and equipment, Austin dubiously claimed that they’re being put “to very good use (sic).”

In stark contrast to the above, Russia’s Investigative Committee head Alexander Bastrykin said the following:

Growing numbers of Ukrainian servicemen — including 5 brigade commanders — continue to surrender.

“They understand the futility of resistance” against vastly superior Russian military strength.

Pretense otherwise — by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents — increasingly fool fewer others about reality on the ground than themselves. 

2 thoughts on “MSM Fake News Update on Day 70 of Russia’s SMO

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    The Uki Nazis losing so badly now..just getting the shit knocked out of em..

    That’s why the Gangsters are concocting an Horrendous

    False Flag

    Using Tactical Nukes

    This is even light years past Hitler..

    The scope of the
    US Army’s Crimes

    The Pentagon

    Dishonorable Men
    Jackels, really.


    Gen Washington would
    Courts Martial them before he ate lunch.

    Try em convict em..
    Shoot em..

    All of em.

    Before he did, however

    The General would take off his gloves …

    And slap the War Criminals
    Across the face…

    One, twice and thrice..

    And rip off their epilets
    Boom you’re on your way to Hell, boys..!

    Yep that’s the Gangsters Plans.

    Where the Rules Keepers
    Kill People with Nukes

    To blame the Russians..

    And these Freak see nothing wrong with that..

    Mentally ill..
    Seriously Criminally Deranged

    Our Leaders
    The Easter Bunny people.

    Wait…think about it

    Why would Russia want drop a nuke on the Eastern Ukraine

    The Very people they’re trying to save..?

    Preposterous Lies from the Monkey Boyz.

    The Clowns
    The Deadly Murderous Freaks

    The same Moronic argument they Apes used on Syria..

    Notice Assad is probably the most beloved leader in the World.


    Russia has the Winning formula now..

    And not able to do anything.
    Only piddly shit stuff.

    Russia keeps making short swift moves..

    Keep the ball.

    Completely control the Board and the Momentum. not moving has its advantages also.

    One recalls Napoleon.

    His Greatest Battles In Bookends or a Suite..

    Austerlitz and Leipzig and Jena

    Stopped before Jena

    Dead stop

    Davout attacked Auerdtadt
    Won it..

    Blindly not knowing where Napoleon was.

    Davout has chosen wisely.

    Napoleon just bet his life that Davout would

    Then Napolean fought a Split Force..

    Of only 10,000 and won Jena…

    And before him the
    Crowning Piece of all Europe..

    He simply Marched into Berlin
    In 1806..

    And took Prussia..!

    My Thoughts..
    Why attack

    What’s the reason you need to
    Close the Pincer heads right now

    Why not leave em out

    On the Desert on a Horse
    With No Name..

    Getting Bombed unmercifully
    Night and Day.

    That’s a Big Well Dug In army

    Let em there.
    Getting destroyed from the Heavens..!

    Like old cheese
    Growing fetid in the Sun.

    Jus let sit there and blow em. you know just shows their frustration.

    The Increased Rocket Attacks on the Donbass was sheer Terror and Cruelty..

    Nothing more
    But of no strategic intent.

    Shows the

    Unless they’re planning on

    Springing some attack thru the Donbass..

    They’re Big Hail Mary.
    Doomed to failure.

    Bottom Line..

    We’re at the
    End of the Beginning.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


  2. Mr Lendman

    May 5 …really.

    Not that it matters terribly

    But when the typo
    is more than stylistic

    And makes a paragraph confusing..

    That’s when the heralded
    Dept of Original Kahncepts

    Must take action.

    The sentence
    “Can only do piddly shit now..!”.

    Refers to the Uki Nazj Fuxs
    Not the Russians..

    I obviously got too excited and hit the wrong button.

    And deleted the previous sentence

    describing the Bombed out Ukis..static…waiting …


    Also .. another Typo
    Only stylistic

    Napoleon’s big victory at Jena

    Was set up by the
    superior judgement of Davout

    At Auerstadt..a simple typo

    BTW..I should say Davout and Marshall Ney…

    2 of the top 5 Marshalls of Napoleons 26

    Ney and Davout were like a perfect combination

    Few like it in History

    Maybe Earl Longstreet and Stonewall Jackson

    Ike and Omar Bradley had the bond …

    Berthier the Great Genius and Napoleons #1 Marshall.

    Head of Staff and Defense Minister..

    I might add,
    Longstreet and Jackson

    Too short lived..
    Jackson got killed wayto soon.

    These Battles in 1806
    We’re the Big Bonus Babies

    This was for all the Marbles
    World Hegemony..

    These were actually
    World Wars.

    Shaping the coming centuries

    Neither England with their Naval prowess..

    Or the French Grand Armee
    Land Strength.

    Could defeat the other
    A stand off for almost a Decade

    In some ways mirroring the Peloponnesian Wars..

    Land vs Sea Power..

    These Armies are Veterans
    Been at War almost ten yrs

    And everything was bigger and better..

    The Professionalism of killing
    The Officer Corp better…

    And the Generals
    Not only the Top Guns

    But undefeated Generals

    Duke of Brunswick

    Prince Frederick of Hohenenglefingen

    So when Napoleon marched into Berlin in 1806 after the Victory at Jena..

    This is the Full Blown
    Head On Wars..

    Like the World had never seen.

    Mr Lendman,

    On second thought,

    I think maybe I have too much time on my hands..!




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