Dead in the Water JCPOA Talks

Since April 2021 talks began in Vienna on reviving Trump’s abandoned JCPOA, dominant Biden regime hardliners never had any intention of returning to compliance.

Since Trump’s pullout in May 2018 for invented reasons, the landmark nuclear agreement has been dead — with virtually no prospect of reviving it in compliance with Security Council Res. 2231, making it binding international and US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

After 13 months of talks, no breakthroughs were achieved, none expected ahead as long as Iran is free from US control.

That’s the key issue, not an Iranian nuclear threat — what’s invented, not real.

On Wednesday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price said the following:

Falsely claiming “significant progress” in talks, he added:

“(W)e have not been able to close an agreement, and it remains uncertain and unclear if we will be able to.”

The above is code language for unwillingness of the Biden regime to comply with its obligations under international law.

It’s been this way since talks began 13 months ago, the US participating indirectly.

For good reason, Iran refused to negotiate directly with its duplicitous officials.

Price lied claiming that Iran is in noncompliance with its JCPOA obligations.

He lied saying that “Iran (shortened its) breakout time…to acquire fissile material necessary for a nuclear weapon…to a matter of weeks (sic).”

Like countless times before, he and other US officials ignored reality.

Iran abhors nuclear weapons, wanting them eliminated everywhere before they eliminate us.

Its leadership is especially concerned about US and Israeli nuclear arsenals.

Both nations are hellbent for Iran’s destruction.

The US seeks to transform the nation back to vassal state status, wanting control regained over its vast oil and gas reserves.

Apartheid Israel wants its main regional rival eliminated in pursuit of Middle East dominance in cahoots with the US.

After multiple rounds of talks in Vienna, they’ve been on hold for the past seven weeks for lack of progress.

According to an unnamed Biden regime official:

Its “position (is) that unless Iran agrees to take certain steps to assuage (invented US) security concerns beyond the JCPOA,” no agreement will be consummated. 

According to Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian:

The Biden regime “needs to have the courage to correct the past wrong policies of the White House.”

“There is no doubt in the will of Iranian government to reach a good, strong durable agreement.”

Commenting on stalemated talks, Arms Control Association head of nonproliferation policy, Kelsey Davenport, said the following:

“If prospects to restore the JCPOA collapse, the nuclear crisis will escalate and the risk of conflict dramatically increases,” adding:

“Restoring the nuclear deal is the only good option for staving off a nuclear crisis.”

Davenport failed to explain that no matter what the Biden or other US regimes may agree to, time and again their word was never their bond.

Even after agreeing to the JCPOA in 2015, the Obama/Biden regime breached it.

If the US returns to compliance at a future time, most likely it’ll be breached again.

Despite the above reality, over 40 former senior European officials urged the Biden regime and Iran to revive the landmark agreement, saying:

The strategic implications of failure “would be grave and profound.”

According to one unnamed Western official:

Restoration of the JCPOA has been “taken hostage to bilateral questions that have nothing to do with the (agreement) or nuclear issues.”

While neither Iran or the US expressed willingness to abandon talks as an exercise in futility — or admit that talks are dead — no evidence suggests a Biden regime intent to revive the landmark agreement.

It’s been dead since abandoned by Trump four years ago.

Only its obituary — and postmortems — remain to be written.

One thought on “Dead in the Water JCPOA Talks

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  1. Mr Lendman

    The whole sordid affair nothing more than to string Iran along

    Slow play them in an attempt
    To.have the Zionist War on Iran

    Covered by the Uki Nazi war..

    So as to obfuscate the true nature of yet another immoral Zionist War of Expansion..!

    Everything is behind schedule for the Zio Serial Killers

    When they were informed their New Quantum Radar Defensive System had the same holes as the French Honeywell Bull model

    From 1968 ..!


    They say, they fixed it.
    Doubt it seriously

    Why ?
    Because if they knew how to fix it that fast..

    They would have not had those serious flaws in the original design in first place.

    It’s just science.
    No big tricks.

    Unlike the Political Laws in Nazified Europe and America

    Where there’s two laws..


    Who make Eichmann look like a Cub Scout

    And the other laws for the Forthright and the honest.

    BTW..the Zionists always lying

    Don’t know anything else.
    Pathological Liars..!

    The Apartheid Jewish State

    Has the chutzpah to tell the World and the Russians.

    They’re neutral in the War between Russia and Nazis

    While the Jewish State sent the Golani Brigade #35

    To the Ukraine to kill Russians.

    The Golani #35
    Is the assassination team,
    Demolition and Terror experts.

    The Jewish Nazis


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