MSM Feature Fiction Over Facts on All Things Russia and Ukraine

According to NYT fake news, Russia’s “military (in Ukraine) is struggling (sic).”

It faces “stiff Ukrainian resistance (from) heavy weapons supplied by the West (sic).” 

“Russian military incompetence (sic) denied Mr. Putin the swift victory he originally appeared to have anticipated (sic).” 

His “initial goal (to) decapitat(e) the Kiev” regime failed (sic).

Ignoring facts on the ground, the above Times rubbish is fiction — worlds apart from indisputable reality.

See below for more of the same — in stark contrast to what journalist Daphne Rousseau has been reporting on the ground in Ukraine.

On May 4, she said the following:

“Throughout Ukraine…air raid sirens warn of imminent strikes” by Russian forces.

War-weary Ukrainians “listen to stay alive.”

Separately, Rousseau tweeted:

“Russia is now intensifying operations in the eastern Donbass region.”

Battered Ukrainian troops are outgunned, outmaneuvered and outwitted by superior Russian forces.

In stark contrast, the Times once again falsely accused Russia of killing 20,000 civilians in liberated Mariupol (sic).

It lied claiming that residents in the city “struggle to survive without adequate food, heat and water.”

Like other MSM, the Times ignored thousands of tons of humanitarian aid supplied to city residents by Russia.

Much the same was supplied to liberated parts of Ukraine.

Separately, Times fiction pretends that more US/Western weapons “had a decisive effect on the battlefield (sic).”

Ignored is Russia’s ability to destroy them when crossing into Ukraine from Poland or shortly after arriving.

Virtually everything reported by the Times and other MSM about Russia’s SMO has been fiction, reality on the ground systematically suppressed.

According to WaPo-style fiction, Russia’s “military (is) suffer(ing) setbacks…in Ukraine (sic).”

“(M)any of (its) tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft were taken out by Ukrainian troops armed with portable missiles such as Stingers and Javelins (sic).”

Over “1,800 Russian vehicles and 96 Russian aircraft have been destroyed so far (sic).”

All of the above is fiction, worlds apart from reality on the ground.

The same applies to falsely claiming that Russian forces display “incredible ineptitude” so they’re “fail(ing) in Ukraine.” 

And this from WaPo editors:

“Europe is finally ready to cut off Russian oil (sic). It’s about time (sic).”

WaPo ignored soaring energy prices and inability of many EU states, notably Germany, to find alternative supplies if Russian imports are banned.

And this WSJ rubbish:

Russia is “confront(ing) the toll of” its SMO (sic).

“Putin…hasn’t provided evidence” to show that Ukraine is infested in and “run by Nazis (sic).”

“Russia’s…offensive…failed, thwarted by fierce resistance (sic).”

“Russia (is) bomb(ing) residential areas (and) killing (thousands of) civilians (sic).”

All of the above doesn’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

Separately according to Journal editors:

“Europeans are getting serious at long last about…proposing an embargo on Russian oil imports. Good for them (sic).”

The Journal ignored the devastating toll on European economies if abandon imports of Russian energy.

Ignored as well is what harms them hugely benefits US energy companies.

On Wednesday, crude oil prices rose 5% to $110 a barrel.

If European nations embargo imports of Russian oil entirely, perhaps the price will approach $200 a barrel by yearend.

And with it, deep recession on the continent and public rage for enormous harm to most people.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, US Strategic Command head, Admiral Charles Richard, hyperventilated about a Sino/Russian threat in testimony before the Senate Armed Forces Committee, saying:

“The war in Ukraine and China’s nuclear trajectory — their strategic breakout — demonstrates that we have a deterrence and assurance gap based on the threat of limited nuclear employment (sic).”

“The nation and our allies have not faced a crisis like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in over 30 years (sic).”

China is “watching…Ukraine closely and will likely use nuclear coercion to their advantage in the future (sic).”

Its “intent is to achieve the military capability to reunify Taiwan by 2027 if not sooner (sic).”

When US military officials testify before congressional committees, it’s usually with seeking more bloated funding for the nation’s war machine than already.

No nations threaten US security, not Russia, China or any others.

Claims otherwise are invented, not real.

Separately on Tuesday, Biden regime war secretary Austin and joint chiefs chairman Milley lobbied the Senate Appropriations subcommittee to approve $33 billion for more weapons and munitions for Russia to destroy before reaching Ukrainian forces or shortly after arrival.

Arming Ukrainian forces is all about waging perpetual US/NATO proxy war on Russia by use of its foot soldiers.

At the same time, dominant US hardliners continue pushing things recklessly toward possible East/West confrontation.

If happens, will nuclear war follow?

If one or more Russian cities are nuked, US/Western cities will likely be retaliated against in similar fashion.

Today is by far the most perilous time in world history because dominant lunatics infest the Washington asylum.

Their rage for global dominance may kill us all.

One thought on “MSM Feature Fiction Over Facts on All Things Russia and Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    First off..

    By watching the Nazi News

    The Western Losers said the word Nuclear 14 times in 3:hrs

    Counting the liar Poroshenko
    it’s 15 times..!

    Russia hasn’t said it once.


    the Freaks
    The Criminally Deranged Freaks

    Are using that specific terminology and motif

    To murder who knows how many people

    With a False Flag Tactical Nuke
    Just to Blame Russia.

    The Rule Keepers
    more insane and sick

    Than anything previously on Earth.

    BTW.. Every single decision
    Made by the US Government

    Is made by the Drug Czar
    Dick Cheney.


    What..You thought the Moron,
    Dirty Joe..made decisions..?


    Right Now..

    Joey’s trying to figure out
    If he wants a Hamburger
    or a Cheeseburger..!

    ” Want an Onion on it,
    Mr President..?

    Joey, ” Not sure..!”

    EASTER BUNNY shaking her head, “No”

    That’s the Land of Lies for you.
    The Insane Asylum that

    the European dick suckers are throwing themselves and their countries right over the cliff for

    Hey..where did Ms Piggy go?
    Haven’t seen Nuland lying on any television lately.

    What does that tell you?

    Also Jens..
    That Nazi…

    He’s disappeared.

    I feel certain..
    Prime Minister Store..of Norway

    told Jens to tone down his rabid lying and blatant Nazi rhetoric

    As to not get poor Norway blown up..!

    BTW..PM Store is a decent and honorable man.

    How do I know this..?

    Because the CIA I already planting stories from the jackels

    Negative, of course

    And backstage twisting arms to get rid of him.

    He must be doing something right..

    Or the Human Trash
    would not be trying to ice him.

    When Dirty Mike McCail (R-Tex)
    Speaks as the Ranking Member
    Of the House Armed Services Committee

    He’s the errand boy for Dick.
    The Family has a real deep lock on the Armed Services Comm

    As you can only imagine.


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