Badly Battered and Beaten Ukrainian Forces “On the Offensive?”

In retreat, not advancing is more accurate than what MSM falsely claim.

Since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24, Ukrainian forces have been overwhelmingly degraded, heavily demilitarized and greatly demoralized by vastly superior Russian military strength.

The longer Kiev throws more manpower against Russian artillery, aerial and naval firepower, the sooner demilitarization of Ukraine will be accomplished — along with a generation of lost young men.

MSM pretend otherwise.

Ignoring reality on the ground once again, NYT fake news hyperventilated about a nonexistent Ukrainian “offensive against Russian forces (sic).”

Claiming what’s pretense, not real, intends to “drive (Russia’s military) back from” areas they control ignored how increasingly Ukrainian troops are unable to contain steady Russian advances.

Remaining in harm’s way when ordered to maintain positions assures their mass annihilation. 

Yet according to Times fiction, Ukrainian forces shifted from “defensive operations to offens(e) (sic).”

And this Times rubbish:

Russia uses the UN Security Council “as a platform for its information war about Ukraine (sic).” 

“Russia…deflect(s) attention from documented atrocities committed by its forces in Ukraine (sic).”

Whenever phony claims like the above are made, corroborating evidence is never presented because none exists.

At the same time, throughout Russia’s SMO and earlier, the Times and other MSM systematically suppressed documented evidence of crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities committed by Nazified Ukrainian forces.

Russian media reports on what’s going on in Ukraine explain what’s documented and suppressed in the West.

Not according to Times fake news, falsely saying:

Russian media operate “as a mouthpiece for the government (sic).”

Truth-telling about conflict in Ukraine “has been criminalized (sic).”

“Russian news media repeatedly dismiss or downplay Ukrainian civilian casualties (sic).”

In stark contrast to contempt for civilian lives and well-being by US/NATO forces when waging preemptive wars on invented enemies, Russian operations in Ukraine have been polar opposite — wanting civilians protected, not massacred like US/Western regimes operate.

The Times resurrected fake news about the made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented Bucha and Kramatorsk false flags — once again blaming Russia for what it had nothing to do with. 

The same goes for fake news about a Russian maternity hospital attack.

Ignored was its takeover by Ukrainian forces as a stronghold to commit war crimes.

And this Times fake news about Nazified Azov thugs, saying:

“(E)xperts (sic) say the group quelled its extremist side under pressure from authorities (sic),” adding:

“The neo-Nazi movement is not a significant force in Ukraine (sic), according to experts (sic) who track the far right, who point to Ukraine’s election of Zelensky, who is Jewish, as evidence (sic).”

The above perversion of reality trash is what the Times calls “news that’s fit to print (sic).”

The rest of its hit piece on Russian media was as fabricated as the above fake news.

Ukraine is a Nazi-infested fascist police state, a US colony masquerading as a nation state, a menace to its people and world peace.

Instead of reality reporting on events in Ukraine that pose a major threat to everyone everywhere — including possible nuclear war — the Times supports what demands all-out condemnation to its disgrace.

Like other MSM, virtually everything reported about Russia in the run-up to and following the launch of its SMO in Ukraine has been fake news — based on state-approved talking points.

It’s further proof positive that the self-styled newspaper of record lies and mass deceives readers instead of informing them by journalism as it should be.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    First Off,

    In Russia it’s a National Holiday
    The First of May 9 Celebration..!

    Bravo Russia..!
    And Hurry for the HEROIC DEED

    of the Brave and Courageous Soviet People..!

    Comrade Marshall Zhukov
    the CCCP and The Red Army

    I salute you..
    The World does..!

    A Tremendous Victory..
    Over the Darkest Night

    Until the Fourth Reich
    Reconstituted itself

    ACT 1…Dallas…1963
    ACT 2…NYC……2001
    ACT 3…WWIII….2022

    Another Mad Man
    The Drug Czar

    Oberfuhrer of the Family
    Hence, Pres of the USA

    He’s ready to die..
    Expects you too be okay with it.

    “What …it hurts Russia also..”
    Says Dr Strangelove

    On the friggin Hillary Dope
    ” The Unlimited” drug..

    Dick has been insane on it for a long long time..

    On top of the Fact
    He’s like Sulla, Crassius or Marius

    The Mad Men / Gangsters
    That were the Leaders of Rome
    in 100 BC to 80 BC

    Exactly 2000 yrs ago
    Odd that, the timeline

    The squared up

    As if History was selling
    Banner Ads..

    Was presenting a Rate Card .!

    Need Pictures of Lilly?
    Madame Bovary in Nice..?

    Well Here’s Dick..

    Roll artist Rendering
    of Cheney shooting his Lawyer with his Dove Hunting Shotgun..

    Cheney telling Sen Leahy
    To ” Go Fux Himself..!”

    Telling the 911 Commission
    ” No gottdamn way me or

    Charlie McCarthy gonna be sworn in..


    And it’s taking place over here in the White House

    Not the Senate Sub Committee Room..

    That’s the deal…
    Take it or leave it..!”

    Fux no..!

    Has to be us together..

    The President is not going
    If it’s not with me..

    Got that..?”

    The Point:

    I was bedazzled by Fernando

    Like the Cowboys blind sided
    by San Francisco …

    Upon further Review
    And discussion with the
    Maestro Fernando..

    ( Double Mint Gum )

    Yes, that is where Isyan is..
    But the emphasis

    Is on Bombing these Nazis back to Hell..

    While In a static position..!
    They’re getting restless.


    Let them come to you..
    And then Mow em down


    Change the Color of the Paper

    Change the Copy


    ” XYZ..”…?

    NO .. YOU’RE NOT..


    We destroyed 90 % of
    Everything that came
    in last week…!”

    Our Satellites see Everything!


    Words resonate much better when you’re getting bombed..!

    Oh..what’s really happening
    On the Battle Field..?

    After all the Smoke the Gangsters blow up your ass

    And their own..

    Remember they’re planning on Pocketing about half of it..

    So they have a vested interest in
    Convincing the Public

    Hoodwinking them to believe it not only worthwhile

    But the Uki Cannon Fodder
    Will even win …!

    If the Congress can approve it

    immediately so we can help this heroic Einsatzgruppen Nazis .!

    That’s who we are.
    The USA are Nazi Collaborators!

    Last Breath..
    ( Thank God)

    On the Front …
    What’s happening..?

    Russian Army is .

    “Rolling, Rolling, Rolling..
    keep them doagies..


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