OHCHR Imperial Tool Michelle Bachelet

As orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA, Ukraine is abusing and killing its people, mainly its young men and anyone sympathetic toward Russia.

US/Western regimes, their MSM press agents and UN co-conspirators falsely blame Russia for Kiev’s high crimes.

Former Chilean president/UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Bachelet, sold her soul and credibility to the US-dominated West for who knows what special benefits received.

None make up for what’s lost and can never be regained.

In similar fashion to how she lied about Russia’s SMO in Ukraine days after its Feb. 24 launch, her May 5 remarks during a Security Council compounded her earlier mass deception — in service to her higher power in Washington.

Instead of condemning Nazi-infested Ukraine and years of aggression against Donbass civilians, massacring many thousands, her remarks showed support — while bashing Russia’s liberating campaign.

She lied accusing Russia of “violations (in Ukraine) that may amount to war crimes (sic).”

She lied claiming her “concerns remain valid (sic).”

She falsely accused Russia of attacking a hospital and drama theater in Mariupol (sic).”

She lied blaming Russian forces for the made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented Kramatorsk false flag.

She lied claiming Russia attacked “residential areas in Odessa (sic).”

She lied saying that there’s “no end in sight to daily reports of civilian deaths and injuries” from attacks by Russian forces (sic).

She lied claiming that Russian forces struck Kiev with two missiles while co-UN imperial tool, Antonio Guterres, held a photo-op meeting with puppet Zelensky in the city.

Russia struck a military target outside the city.

Throughout its SMO, its forces exclusively attacked military targets, no civilian ones.

Yet Bachelet falsely accused its troops of killing a journalist and four other civilians in Kiev (sic).

She lied accusing Russian forces of killing thousands of “Ukrainian civilians in populated areas (sic).”

She lied saying that Russia “targeted male civilians who (looked) suspicious (sic).”

She lied accusing Russian forces of “detain(ing), beat(ing) and summarily execut(ing) (civilian) men (sic).”

She lied claiming that “(f)amilies were shot at as they tried to escape in convoys” from advancing Russian troops (sic).

She lied saying that in “areas controlled by Russian, Donetsk and Lugansk armed forces, “we continue to document arbitrary detention and possible enforced disappearances of representatives of local authorities, journalists, civil society activists, retired servicemen, and other civilians (sic).”

She lied claiming that her staff discovered “cases of women having been raped by Russian armed forces (sic).”

She lied accusing Russia of “torture, ill-treatment and summary executions of” Ukrainian POWs (sic).

Saying “gross violations of international human rights law and serious violations of international humanitarian law continue to grow each day” failed to lay blame on Kiev’s Nazified and other forces where it belongs — not on Russia irresponsibly.

She was silent about Ukrainian Nazified thugs and likeminded mercenaries inside Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant — holding hundreds of civilians hostage as human shields.

Nor a word about 8 years of Kiev’s aggression on Donbass.

Nothing about Nazi-infested tyrannical rule in Kiev.

Nothing about how puppet Zelensky serves his US master in defiance of international law.

Bachelet disgraces the office she’s held since September 2018.

Instead of laying blame for human rights abuses where it belongs, she consistently accuses nations free from US control for grievous abuses committed by its ruling regimes, Western vassals and allied states.

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