Russian Straight Talk During a May 5 Security Council Meeting on Ukraine

Like at all times, Russian UN mission envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, minced no words in discussing reality on the ground in Ukraine, saying the following:

SC discussions for over two months featured “lies, fakes, hatred, and insults” by US/Western regimes and vassal states — ones pressured, bribed and/or threatened to stick solely to the fabricated official narrative about Russia’s SMO.

Since Ukraine became independent from Soviet Russia in 1991, hegemon USA-dominated NATO went all-out to transform the country into a pro-Western vassal state.

In February 2014, they succeeded in creating a Nazi-infested monster. bordering Russia.

Listening to remarks by Kiev officials “without translation, we (know) about their slyness and deceits, including (against) their own population,” Nebenzia explained, adding:

“Ukraine’s delirious history schoolbooks raised a generation of Ukrainians hating Russia.”

“Russophobia became Ukraine’s main national product and export commodity.” 

“You will never see anything of the sort in Russian society with regard to Ukraine and Ukrainians.” 

“You simply do not hear their mottos.”

“You do not notice their torch processions.”

“You do not see their nationalists and outspoken Nazis.” 

What’s going on today is a US/NATO proxy war on Russia, along with all-out economic war.

US/Western regimes “reviv(ed) Wild West robbery…total outrage and pillaging,” Nebenzia stressed.

“So masks are off today.” 

“At the same time, it is very trendy to blame Russia for the food and energy crisis” — what US/Western regimes bear full responsibility for.

Ignored was how Russia stressed how Donbass residents have been suffering for over 8 years — victims of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression.

“For 8 years, we have been telling you that this must be stopped,” said Nebenzia. 

“It would not have taken much to do this.” 

“Ukrainian authorities should have implemented the Minsk Agreements, which they publicly defied instead, making use of your connivance and support and cherishing the illusion of total impunity.”

US-dominated Western regimes “joyfully rubbed their hands when watching Ukraine turn anti-Russia.” 

“What is happening now did not start at the end of February.” 

“It did not start 8 years ago either. It started much earlier.” 

“It started with support and encouragement from the US and its Western” vassals.

“We repeatedly raised our security concerns.”

“The West dismissed them, never took them seriously, assured themselves of NATO’s defensive nature, while simultaneously shifting its boundaries close to our borders.” 

“Today you speak of NATO’s global role, including in Asia.” 

“We made our proposals regarding global and indivisible security architecture.” 

“You waived them off arrogantly.” 

“So do not seek to convince us that you never planned to drag Ukraine into NATO. You did.” 

“Tomorrow, if not today. We had no illusions about that.”

US/Western regimes only value Ukraine for use as a platform for perpetual proxy war on Russia.

Uncaring about their people, they’re exploited and weaponized to hate and attack Russians.

What’s ongoing against Russia was planned by US/NATO regimes long ago.

Rolled out incrementally over months and years, ignored is the growing risk of all-out East/West confrontation.

At the same time, US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents pretend that Ukrainian fascist tyranny is democratic.

That no Nazis infest the country, that it’s peace-loving.

Ignored is how its puppet regime brutalizes Ukrainians who are sympathetic toward Russia and wages forever war on Donbass.

On Friday, Russia is hosting a “meeting on violations of the international humanitarian law by Ukraine,” Nebenzia explained. 

Eye witnesses of Ukrainian atrocities will explain what they saw. 

So will truth-telling journalists.

Rest assured. No US/Western officials will show up, no Ukrainian ones, no MSM.

Fake news Russia bashing is their stock and trade.

Virtually everything resembling truth and full disclosure is banned.

What’s possible ahead should terrify everyone — the growing risk of global war with nukes.

What’s unthinkable is very possible because dominant lunatics infest the US and other Western states.

Their rage to dominate represents an unparalleled threat at a time when weapons they possess can end life on earth if used in enough numbers.

That’s today’s terrifying reality.

A Final Comment

On Friday, Law Professor Francis Boyle highlighted the urgency of stopping the race to “WW III and nuclear armageddon.”

He stressed that if one profile in courage House member “file(d) a Bill of Impeachment against (the fake) Biden, that would put a shot across his bow and give people something to mobilize behind to prevent” the unthinkable.

According to the US Constitution’s Article I, Section 2, Clause 5:

“The House of Representatives…shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

Under Clause 6:

“The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.”

Boyle stressed that an “Article of Impeachment in this Bill of Impeachment” would highlight the following:

“That (the fake Biden representing cognitively impaired JB) committed a series of non-neutral and belligerent acts against the Russian Federation without the express authorization of the United States Congress in violation of the War Powers Clause of the US  Constitution, Congress’s own 1973 War Powers Resolution, and the 1907 Hague Convention on Neutrality during Land Warfare to which the United States is a contracting power and is thus ‘the Supreme Law of the Land’ under Article VI of the United States Constitution.” 

“The Russian Federation and Ukraine are also contracting parties to this 1907 Hague Convention.”

If hegemon USA was governed by real democracy, according to the rule of law, instead of a lawless fantasy version, what Boyle urges would have a real chance to become reality.

Because dark forces run things in Washington with diabolical aims in mind, Boyle’s important proposal is a long shot at best.

At the same time, like an honest man sought by Diogenes, an all-out effort should be made to find one House member courageous enough to do the right thing — ideally a Dem on the right side of history.

The stakes are too high not to pursue what’s crucial to find.

2 thoughts on “Russian Straight Talk During a May 5 Security Council Meeting on Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    Fabulous Idea..Impeachment..!

    But can we get even one Member of the House..

    Just one,
    Of the 435 AIPAC Approved

    Hideous Asslickers, Liars, Opportunists, Crooks
    And War Criminals..?

    Won’t be easy..

    As the American People have
    no one

    Absolutely nobody in Congress or any other Branch..

    who represents the American People in Washington…

    All in the one War Party

    Both sides of the aisle in the Narco Terrorist State..of USA.

    Actually an excellent thermometer of how deformed the USA has become.

    We’re the Nazis.
    At War with Russia..

    The Nazi Axis Powers
    Democratic Russia..!

    Like all the Greek City States
    In Alignment for two centuries

    against the Macedonians.

    Replete wth constant harassment..similar to today.


    We know how that ended!

    BTW… Everyone starts the film in 2014 for brevity sake..

    Better we started in 91
    With the rocky Divorce

    Who gets the House..?

    The tremors and shock waves still shaking the World..

    A Worker State going back to Capitalism…


    What to do on

    And Nation States

    All separate and intertwined.

    I really don’t understand how anyone can understand what to do…

    unless they have read Lenin’s,
    Classic work on ” Nationalities”

    I think it’s his finest and most far reaching and thinking example of all his work.

    Usually Comrade Lenin attempts to make everything more simple

    To boil it down to be more easily understood..

    Here, he makes no attempt to simplify but rather delves into the complexity that has vexed the modern world for Centuries.

    A Must Read,
    Be you a Marxist or Not.

    Liked by 1 person

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