Update on Day 72 of Russia’s SMO in Ukraine

On Thursday, Southfront reported the following:

Nazified thugs and likeminded mercenaries inside Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant breached the latest ceasefire established by Russia with evacuating civilians held hostage as human shields from harm’s way in mind.

In response to Ukrainian militants taking advantage of ceasefire to regroup and launch attacks, “Russian forces suppress(ed) the Ukrainian firing points with artillery” and airstrikes.

Clashes continue.

At the same time, claims by Western officials and their MSM press agents about Russian forces storming the plant were fake news.

Like countless times before daily, the NYT turned truth on its head, saying:

“Russian forces finally began to penetrate the (Azovstal) complex where the last Ukrainians have held out (in) underground bunkers (sic).”

“Ukrainians” the Times left unidentified are Nazified thugs.

Claims about Russian forces entering the plant were willfully fabricated — reflecting typical Times misreporting.

Southfront correctly said the following:

There’s been “no massive assault of Azovstal by Russian forces” entering the plant.

Nazified Azov thugs inside the facility breached the ceasefire, not Russia.

On the same day, Southfront explained that US-made Javelins and UK-made NLAW anti-tank missiles supplied to Ukrainian forces are “perform(ing) poorly” — according to a Ukrainian soldier captured by Russian forces, saying the following:

“US military aid…has been overhyped because the much-touted anti-tank weapon systems and grenade launchers, their Javelins and NLAWs that were heavily promoted, failed to prove their worth in practice.” 

“They suffered setbacks, with normally one out of four weapons firing and instances of duds or blasts 50 meters away from the target.”

When striking armor-protected Russian tanks, they’re able to do little more than cause minor damage — far short of destroying or rendering them inoperable.

The Ukrainian POW also explained that some US and UK anti-tank weapons “had storage batteries with an expired service life while most batches (were) years past (their) expiration dates.”

They’re weapons the US and UK militaries wanted to get rid of.

They were mostly sent to Ukraine before Russia’s SMO began.

Through Thursday, Russian forces continue to attack and destroy numerous Ukrainian military targets with precision strikes.

According to another Ukrainian POW:

“When we were retreating, we had an order to shell settlements and shoot at ordinary houses.” 

“Those who refused were killed.” 

“Looting flourished. Those who lived poorly sent the looted goods home.”

“We could freely take a piglet, because we had to eat something.” 

“One grandmother had all her geese killed.” 

“There were cases, volunteers, who were ardent (and) raped girls.”

Phony US/Western claims of Russian atrocities were committed by Ukrainian troops, mainly Nazified ones.

Separately on Thursday, European Council President Charles Michel expressed support for grand theft, saying:

It’s “extremely important not only to freeze (Russia) assets, but also to…confiscate them.” 

He and likeminded EU Russphobes intend to unjustifiably justify grand theft of Russian assets. 

Calling the diabolical intention “a question of fairness, a question of justice” is one of countless examples of EU decadence, degradation and depravity.

Russia’s only option is retaliating in similar fashion to how EU regimes are operating.

And this as reported on Thursday.

White House press secretaries are paid to lie for the regimes they represent.

Effective May 13, Karine Jean-Pierre will take over for Psaki, according to a White House statement.

Jean-Pierre currently serves as deputy WH press secretary and deputy advisor to the fake Biden.

As for Psaki, she signed a $12 million per year contract to report fake news for MSNBC — plus an extra $2 million if her air time exceeds an unspecified ratings threshold.

According to Forbes magazine, her net worth is around $27 million.

Clearly, she didn’t amass super-wealth on a WH salary of about $180,000.

Before becoming Biden regime press secretary, she worked for CNN fake news.

According to Forbes, she owns luxury autos valued at over $2.5 million and the following luxury homes:

One in California valued at $6 million, another in NY worth $4 million, a DC villa worth another $4 million, a Florida villa valued at $9 million, a Denver property worth $750,000 and Fairfax County, VA office space worth $900,000.

She’ll increase her wealth by millions more dollars annually.

It’ll increase exponentially by at least $12 annually, based on her MSNBC contract.

Lying and mass deceiving for powerful interests pays well.

Reality for truth-tellers is polar opposite.

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    The Jan Psaki Story..
    ” Babysitting the Anethema”

    Musical Sound Track

    ” I started a Lie.

    That started the whole Crying

    I started a Joke..

    That had the whole
    World Laughing..( dying )

    But the joke was on me..

    The New Tomb Robbers
    Nazi War Criminals..

    Gonna roll the Bones
    Looking for Snake Eyes

    See if they can rape Russia

    Like the Good Ole Days in 91..!
    Summer of Fun

    Gang Raping Russia
    Behind the Boat House..

    Wall St Pervs and
    Pentagon Predators

    So vile
    So Vulgar
    So Criminal

    As to make Harvey Weinstein look like just a poor horny fat guy needing some affection.

    And here it is..
    Our Capitalist Ruling Class

    New method of solving our Drastic problems..

    We have the New Reich..

    Poppy, Mossad, Gehlen and the Mob..!

    All the muscle
    The little corpuscles

    Like the NSA, CIA, FBI
    Homeland, etc


    The Cleanest Guys in the Praetorian Guard

    We’re the Mob
    Trafficante and Carlos Gambino

    Just American Businessmen

    They gave the Praetorian
    Professional Killers Cover.

    Some Respectibility.

    BTW .for every person the Mob whacked..

    The US Imperialists have murdered at least a 1000..!

    And no end in sight.

    Briefly..more later.

    but USA sunk the Moscow.

    The USA sunk it..
    No Uki did anything

    Every necessary step …
    And it’s all USA…

    Turned over all the Intelnand Protocols to the Uki Nazis..

    Then had the audacity to tell the World …”Gee we didn’t know they would use it…!”

    But that’s also a lie..

    The USA turned nothing over to the Ukis..

    The USA did everything..
    Soup to Nuts.

    Only using Ukis as Cover.



    Sunk the Moscow..
    Right in Russian Waters .!

    I ask you Pres Putin
    Comrade Tovarish..

    What Should be done
    As a Response…?


  2. Thank you, sir, for this update (I’m a day late in perusing it).

    Southfront is good. Vanessa Beeley is good. GLira is good. The Saker and his stable are good. There *are* good observers, analysts, and journalists out there, putting their own lives on the line in the interest of proper presentation of and the good of truth and some advance of civilization. There are others, like Eva Bartlett. Mr. Lendman, your nod to the great John Pilger (“Palestine Is Still the Issue,” 2003, and many other acts of wondrous videodocumentary and other true-journalism marvels)…your nod to him is noted and appreciated, with my respect.

    Psaki = Pshaw.


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