Debunking US/Western Fiction About Russia’s SMO in Ukraine

Aided and abetted by MSM press agents for wealth, power, privilege and imperial rampaging, hegemon USA is called the empire of lies for good reason.

The same goes for its NATO vassal states — supporting their hegemon master at the expense of their own interests, harming their economies and people at the same time.

On Friday, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia and First Deputy envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy presented indisputable evidence of Ukrainian crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities committed since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24.

What US/Western regimes and their MSM lying machines suppress is evident to everyone paying attention to facts over fiction on the ground in Ukraine and Donbass.

A simple way to understand what’s going on is by believing polar opposite what’s reported in the West.

The best way is to focus on documented evidence.

At its Friday meeting, Russia let Ukrainians harmed by their US-controlled puppet regime explain what they’ve experienced firsthand.

As mandated by international law, Russia has been striking Ukrainian military forces and infrastructure alone.

No civilians or nonmilitary targets were attacked, no Russian weapons placed in residential areas.

Indisputable evidence shows that — as orchestrated and directed by Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA — Ukrainian troops have been operating in polar opposite fashion to the above, in flagrant breach of international law.

Among their criminal actions, Nazified forces have been holding civilians hostage as human shields.

Notably, this continues inside Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.

Anyone trying to escape to freedom— without permission to leave — risks being lethally shot.

Other examples of Ukrainian war crimes include the following:

Its Nazified and conscript forces positioned themselves in upper and other floors of residential buildings.

Civilians in other floors have been held hostage.

These buildings were weaponized for war-making — their civilian residents forced to remain in harm’s way.

In cities where Russia established humanitarian corridors for civilian evacuations to safety, Ukrainian troops opened fire on their own people trying to use them.

According to eyewitness accounts, Nazified Azov thugs and other Ukrainian troops “deliberate(ly) attack(ed) residential blocks, houses and civilian infrastructure.”

Russian forces were falsely blamed for their war crimes.

When Western media report on remarks of civilians evacuated to safe areas through Russian humanitarian corridors, material presented is heavily censored.

Omitted is their joy and thanks to Russia for enabling them to be free at last.

Featured instead is how terrified they’ve been before rescued by Russia — to wrongly point fingers at Russian forces, wanting them falsely blamed for heinous crimes committed by Nazified Ukrainian thugs.

Nebenzia also noted the following:

Germany’s Speigel “published (an) extended interview with (a Ukrainian civilian rescued by Russia, then) deleted it” to suppress truth-telling remarks made. 

“We do not have any doubt why,” Nebenzia stressed, adding:

Based on documented evidence, “why would Ukrainian fighters treat their fellow citizens in such a condescending, denigrating, inhumane way?” 

“Why would they destroy Ukrainian cities and not care about the fate of the civilians?” 

“The answer is very simple yet difficult to digest.” 

Nazified “Azov battalions and (likeminded troops) simply do not treat (Ukraine’s) Russian-speaking population as their equals, as fellow-citizens of their country.”

Nor do Western reports explain Azov atrocities against Russian POWs.

Documented evidence explains how with arms bound “behind their backs, (they’ve been) shot in their legs.”

“Their throats (were) cut.”

They’ve been beaten severely, their bones broken sadistically,” their bodies dismembered. 

“And (Nazified Azov thugs) filmed (their atrocities) proud(ly)” to display their handiwork.

Their own videos revealed their viciousness.

Yet Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators suppress what’s crucial to explain.

Worse still, they support Ukrainian crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities.

At Russia’s Friday meeting, the following European journalists explained evidence they learned from firsthand investigative reporting:

Italian photojournalist, director, filmmaker and writer Giorgio Bianchi

Pan-Arabic telecommunications network Al-Mayadeen bureau chief Salem Abdel-Munem

Independent journalist from the Netherlands, Sonja van den Ende

Bulgarian News Front editor-in-chief Asya Zuan

Commenting on their truth-telling reports, Nebenzia stressed the following:

Evidence they presented “help(s) to dilute the one-sided (Western MSM) approach to” what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine. 

There’s no ambiguity about grievous “war crimes (committed) by Ukrainian armed forces and (Nazified) battalions.”

In conclusion, Nebenzia stressed the following:

Documented evidence presented Friday explained reality on the ground in Ukraine.

“(I)f your eyes and ears are closed to the truth, and you just” follow what’s claimed by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents,” you’re “numb” to reality on ground. 

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  1. Noted; perused timely for a change this morning. Thank you, Mr. Lendman. Your truth-telling will set us free — I hope.
    Quiet desperation reigns across the global landscape….


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