Think Kill Shots Are Safe?

Indisputable evidence since 2020 proved otherwise. 

Some of the latest proof is as follows:

According to the European Medicines Agency latest report last week:

They’ve been over 4,190,000 injuries from flu/covid jabs and nearly 44,000 deaths.

The latest CDC reported VAERS data through April 22 includes over 1,247,000 kill shot injuries and more than 27,500 deaths.

The above numbers are a tiny snapshot of far greater numbers of adverse events and deaths following flu/covid jabs.

The more gotten, the greater the harm to health.

Separately on April 20, a Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Cardiology study found a greatly increased risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (swelling around the heart that causes sharp chest pain) from kill shots.

Individuals in all age groups are affected, including young children.

According to VAERS data, kill shots caused thousands of fetal deaths since 2021.

Since mass-jabbing began, there’s been a 7,500% increase in known cancer cases.

Would you fly with a mass-jabbed flight crew?

One jabbed pilot experienced cardiac arrest moments after landing his aircraft.

What if it happened in flight to one jabbed pilot after another?

Would you want to be aboard a commercial aircraft if this happened?

According to a study published by the Journal of Hepatology, flu/covid jabs are causing severe autoimmune hepatitis in children.

Weeks earlier, longtime practicing pediatrician, Robert Rennebohm, said the following by open letter to parents and other pediatricians:

“(I)n my opinion, (flu/)covid (jabs) are inadequately safe, inadequately effective, and have been doing more harm than good.”

“The result has been more deaths and hospitalizations than would have occurred” without mass-jabbing.

No “pandemic of the un(jabbed)” exists, only a “pandemic…prolonged and made worse by an ill-conceived mass (jabbing) campaign.”

It “caused life-threatening side effects” to jabbed individuals.

Mass-jabbing “ha(s) been promoted without proper informed consent.”

“Neither the public, nor parents, have been provided adequate information by the proponents of the prevailing narrative.”

“For the sake of our children, grandchildren, and all of humanity, we have an individual

and collective social responsibility to call for an immediate and complete halt to the

current” mass-jabbing campaign.

Separately according to VAERS data, once-jabbed individuals are about 115 times more vulnerable to suffering a debilitating, life-threatening, stroke.

For individuals jabbed two or more times, the risk of stroke is over 11,000% greater.

In late April, the Epoch Times reported the following:

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is investigating hundreds of doctors, nurses and a chief medical examiner for not following fraudster Fauci rules.

The state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is involved — based on information provided by snitches.

Hundreds of complaints were filed. Many remain under review.

Doctors are at risk of being delicensed — and nurses fired — for practicing medicine the right way, for complying with the Hippocratic Oath pledge of doing no harm. 

State-sponsored flu/covid tyranny is all about destroying public health, not protecting and preserving it as falsely claimed.

The mother of all state-sponsored scams has the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Since kill shots were rolled out two-and-a-half years ago, we’ve been lied to and mass deceived by US/Western regimes and their bought-and-paid-for MSM co-conspirators.

The results are indisputable.

Everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed, multi-jabbed individuals harmed most.

For some, harm showed up straightaway or in days or weeks later.

For others, it’s taking longer.

On Wednesday, eminent physician Vernon Coleman announced the following:

His banned book, titled “Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History” is available at last, saying:

“In September 2020, I put together a 500-page book containing transcripts of the ‘Old Man in a Chair’ videos I made for YouTube – plus articles I wrote in that period.”

The book’s “content is as startling and as accurate today as it was when I originally tried to publish it.” 

“It provides a blow by blow account and an analysis of how the hoax unfolded.”

Until now, the book was banned “because information it contain(s) was considered too dangerous.”

It’s now available in paperback and an eBook.

To get a copy, go to: and press the button marked “Our Books.” 

Coleman is the author of over 100 books on health and related issues.

They contain truth-telling information important for everyone to know.

5 thoughts on “Think Kill Shots Are Safe?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    The Jabbers..
    Jabberwokies Incorporated

    Are like Mystics
    In a Blood Cult.

    In some ways
    Very Similar to Jim Jones.

    Gov Whitmer is Jim Jones..

    They need their own
    Nuremberg Trial.


  2. The virus was said to be everywhere and on tens of millions of testing swabs, but no DNA sequence has never emerged.

    Has one Red or Blue public office holder resigned from their party for conspiring to kill tens of millions of Americans.

    The mRNA in the eugenics shot is what is causing all the spike proteins that lead to blood clots, strokes, and the rest.

    There is no mechanism in the shot to protect you from anything. Having the mRNA make spike proteins was said to be the mechanism of protection because the spike proteins were to trigger the adaptive immune system to kill spike proteins. It is a truth inversion, because the spike proteins were meant to wipe you of wallet and life.

    THEY are out to kill us and I must admit THEY have had tremendous success.



    Covid Truth Network, [5/7/2022 6:40 AM]
    [ Video ]
    Dr Robin Wakeling is back to present round 2 of Pfizer Under The Microscope. 🔬
    He’s been working with other teams around New Zealand who are attempting to elucidate just what is contained in these jabs.

    Exclusively, in this video, he examines the blood of the injected and finds something he has never seen before. The teams have also been examining flu vaccines and have discovered some startling results in these vials… 👆

    Join for more: @TheCovidTruthNet


  4. Each day after God had created, he saw that it was good. After day six, God had created everything and said it was very good. Very good means we cannot improve on God’s creation. Therefore, it is not possible to improve on natural immunity.

    It is a marvel that only the body can heal itself under clean circumstances, a notion repeatedly stressed in the Bible.

    Vaccines are unclean and therefore meant to maim and kill for profit.

    The Pharisees commercialized religion for profit which was prohibited in the Old Testament days when the Levi tribe was prohibited from owning property. The Pharisees were not Levites.

    We see modern-day Pharisees in the form of wealthy tele-evangelists and some wealthy churches.


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