Russian Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Department deputy director Alexey Zaitsev (AZ below) explained the following reality about things on the ground in Ukraine to date, saying:

Ahead of the 77th annual May 9 commemoration of Russia’s Great Patriotic War triumph over the scourge of Nazi Germany, the Russian Federation is once again combating US/NATO-created and supported Nazism in Ukraine.

Nazified Ukrainian thugs and likeminded mercenaries “are waging war against civilians in Ukraine and the republics of Donbass,” AZ explained, adding:

“Indiscriminate shelling of the DPR and LPR communities is carried out daily.” 

Ukrainian military equipment is deployed in residential areas.” 

“Firing positions are built in hospitals, schools and kindergartens.”

Nothing about the above reality is reported by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents.

Their Russophobic propaganda falsely blames Russian forces for crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities carried out by Ukrainian troops — mainly against civilians, along with brutal torture and assassinations of Russian POWs.

In Krasny Liman, Donetsk, Ukrainian Nazis “set up a stronghold in a nursing home, using its staff and residents as human shields,” AZ explained.

They forcibly removed patients from a hospital in Konstantinovka, Donetsk to use the facility for war-making.

Armored vehicles and artillery firing positions were set up alongside the hospital.

Separately, Nazified Ukrainian thugs “are conducting raids to identify local residents with pro-Russian views who condemn the Ukrainian authorities in Kharkov and other cities controlled by Kiev.”

When identified — true or false — they’re abducted and forcibly taken to unknown locations to be tortured and eliminated.

At the same time on orders from Biden regime hardliners, Kiev continues to try blocking the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens to Russia.

Despite what’s going on, about 1.1 million people found safe haven in cross-border in the country, including over 200,000 children. 

According to AZ, “another 2.7 million people said they” wish to leave Ukraine for safety in Russia.

At the present time, Moscow’s Investigative Committee opened 776 cases on crimes committed by Nazified Ukrainian thugs and conscripts against Donbass civilians and Russian POWs.

Guilty parties will be held fully accountable for their crimes.

In stark contrast to US/Western infowar propaganda rubbish, normality is being incrementally restored to areas liberated by Russian forces — including by supplying vast amounts of humanitarian aid and medical treatment as needed.

In liberated Mariupol, food markets and “public institutions are reopening.”

“Public transport resumed service.”

More than 17,000 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered by Russian forces to the city and other liberated Donbass areas.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO continues going all-out to perpetuate forever proxy war on Russia.

Rejecting conflict resolution, they’re using Ukrainian proxies as expendable cannon fodder against vastly superior Russian military strength.

Given the above reality, Russia’s only option is continuation of its demilitarizing and deNazification of Ukraine until able to declare that its liberating mission was accomplished.

Separately, AZ debunked phony US/UK claims about the nonexistent threat of Russia using tactical nukes in Ukraine, saying:

The fabricated accusation is “another clumsy attempt to shift (Western) attention from truly important developments unfolding in Ukraine to the discussion of absurd issues.”

AZ also debunked phony US/NATO claims about a Russian declaration of war on Ukraine and general mobilization to be forthcoming.

Russophobic propaganda never quits. It continues with disturbing regularity to mind-manipulate US/Western populations with infowar rubbish.

On whether hegemon USA will stage a tactical nuclear false flag in Ukraine to wrongfully blame Russia for what its forces will have had nothing to do with, AZ said the following:

“We have seen evidence more than once that Western (regimes and Kiev) may come up with all sorts of provocations.”

“We have commented on this many times.” 

“We have to be ready for any turn of events both in the media and on the ground.”

Russia has no intention of using nukes in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials “firmly (maintain) that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and it must never be unleashed.”

Sergey Lavrov earlier stressed the following:

“Russia has never ceased its efforts to reach agreements that would guarantee the prevention of a nuclear war.” 

A US/UK nuclear threat exists, not a Russian one.

A Final Comment

Ahead of Russia’s May 9 commemoration of Great Patriotic War triumph over the scourge of Nazi Germany, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Russia “honor(s) everyone who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of our country and Europe and for delivering the entire world from the Nazi threat.”

“We must always remember the lessons of history.” 

Especially since the US-dominated “West is trying to delete these glorious chapters from history (by) equat(ing) the victors over Nazism with criminals.”

Their ruling regimes falsely consider Russia to be “the main culprit of WW II (sic).”

At the same time, they “whitewash Nazism in every possible way, and encourage Nazi manifestations in modern Europe.” 

“We can see this in the Baltic States and Ukraine, where neo-Nazism and new manifestations of anti-Semitism are flourishing under the current Kiev regime with the connivance of the collective West.”

Along with US-waged proxy hot war on Russia, “propaganda war” is ongoing at the same time to brainwash Western and other populations about the Russian Federation.

Nothing will deter Russian leadership from pursuing its legitimate interests and upholding historical truths, Lavrov stressed.

In stark contrast to hegemon USA’s “rules-based order” breach of the rule of law in pursuit of its diabolical aims, Russia fully complies with UN Charter principles and other international law.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I never seen such cruelty.
    The cruelty of beasts..!

    Lest we ever forget..

    Nuland, one of the Top Terrorist
    In the World…

    Had her Snipers out…
    Ukrainian Nazis

    Shooting innocent people..



    The All Trades Bldg. Fire..
    Burning People Alive..

    No Problem..
    We’re the Nuland Nazis..

    See a Pattern…

    Europe.. is this your Champion?
    Europe..are these your Heros..?

    That you should freeze for..?

    Eventually..ultimately..and perhaps, die for

    Your tithings to Satan and Baal
    your life..

    All for Wall St , the Pentagon
    and the Kaganite Jewish Nazis?

    A pity.

    Europe Wake Up..


    The Man with the whole world in his hand said,

    Sister Europa..
    10,000 years old ..

    You’ve faced Tyranny before
    And overcome it..

    Moved forward..

    I must admit however
    in the last 500 yrs

    Never followed illiterates..
    That’s new..

    An Easter Bunny and
    Pied Piper with a bag
    of Drug Money

    Two freaks from the Circus
    And you’re gonna freeze..

    Your elderly will die..

    After all the Schiese kupt
    They’ve been thru…

    Some will remember the Winter of 1949…

    Waiting at Templehoff
    My God..

    And your kids health will be Jeopardized for a lifetime..

    Not to mention your own Plastic Jesus …

    A Marytr….
    A Team Player

    You’ll die for the Hapsburgs Bourbons and Hohenzollerns.. again..?

    Why not.. they’re
    Splendid Chaps..

    Forget all that Nasty Business
    In the Congo

    With Mad King Leopold..

    Dear Comrades in Europe

    Or really just a Coward

    Yes you’ve been sold out..
    Just like USA..

    Betrayed by our AIPAC Approved

    All 5th Columnists


    If your Criminal Eiite
    Are Nazi Collaborators..

    This is an Abrupt Right Turn
    Directly into Fascism.


    It’s Hitler’s Dream.
    To Smash Russia.

    You must Fight this..
    With all your heart.

    You must research,

    What is Fascism
    And How to Fight it…!

    “Alas, Citizens..

    You must form up..
    And learn to fight together!”

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