Straight Talk on Ukraine

Hegemon USA goaded Russia to launch its SMO against Nazi-infested Ukraine — by undermining its good faith efforts to halt years of Kiev aggression on Donbass.

Days earlier, Tucker Carlson addressed what’s going on.

It has nothing to do with aiding Ukraine or its people, nothing to do with pursuing peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law.

It’s all about wanting Russia undermined politically, economically and militarily— wanting the country softened up for regime change.

It’s been Washington’s aim since the Russia’s 1917 revolution — over a century of wanting control over its territory, vast resources and people.

Thousands of Ukrainian youths and others are dying because of hegemon USA’s rage to harm, undermine and control Russia.

Carlson is right saying that if the Biden regime “wanted to save Ukraine, its people, and infrastructure…(it) would push for a settlement now.”

He should have stressed that dominant US hardliners and their predecessors never should have orchestrated and directed years of Kiev aggression on Donbass.

The Obama/Biden regime shouldn’t have replaced Ukraine’s democratic government with Nazi-infested tyrannical rule.

If the US respected the rule of law and sovereign rights of all nations, it wouldn’t wage perpetual wars to replace their governments with puppet ones it controls.

Throughout the post-WW II period and earlier, the US rejected all of the above in pursuit of its diabolical aims. 

Made-in-the-USA conflict “in Ukraine is designed to cause regime change in Moscow,” Carlson stressed. 

Biden regime hardliners “want to topple the Russian government.”

Carlson quoted undemocratic Dem hardliner Adam Schiff — House Intelligence Committee chairman, — saying the following:

“(T)he US (is) aid(ing) Ukraine…so that we can fight Russia over there and don’t have to fight Russia here.”

“(H)ow many Americans…want to fight Russia,” Carlson asked?

According to what Schiff said, “(w)e don’t arm Ukraine so we can help the Ukrainians.” 

“They’re merely unfortunate pawns in all of this. We arm Ukraine so that we can punish Russia. Why?”

I disagree with Carlson saying that it’s because Trump defeated Hillary in 2016, or as he put it — “For stealing (her) coronation.” 

He should have explained that longstanding US plans call for transforming all sovereign independent nations into US vassal states — especially Russia, China and other resource rich ones.

Washington’s agenda is all about achieving unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

Along with Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, Hoyer, Clyburn and others, Schiff is “one of the prime movers of” US proxy war on Russia.

Why do most Republicans support what risks possible global war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers if push things too far?

That’s where things are heading if cooler heads in Washington don’t go all out to stop the madness — what hasn’t happened so far.

According to undemocratic Dem Rep. Jason Crow:

“We are not interested in stalemates.” 

“We are not interested in going back to the status quo.”

Hegemon USA “is in this to win, and we will stand with Ukraine until victory is won (sic)” — even if the price is destroying planet earth and all its life forms, according to his mindset.  

Carlson correctly called him a “buffoon.”

Most others in Congress are likeminded on all things Russia and other US invented enemies.

And this from mad dog Pelosi:

Hegemon USA’s “fight” in Ukraine is a “fight” to continue until it’s “done (sic).”

Is this what most Americans want from their congressional representatives?

Forever war to more greatly empower and enrich the nation’s ruling class?

“This is the most reckless foreign policy in our lifetimes, in American history,” according to Carlson, and I agree.

“You are watching a group of decadent, in some cases senile leaders, casually dismiss the consequences of going to war with nuclear-armed (Russia), dismiss the consequences of nuclear war, like it’s not even worth thinking about, but it is worth thinking about,” Carlson added.

Sergey Lavrov was right, warning about the risk of nuclear war.

Calling the danger “serious…real,” he stressed that the threat “cannot be underestimated.”

Russia’s nuclear policy was clearly stated.

If attacked by a foreign power, its security and survival greatly jeopardized, Russia will use whatever weapons it has in its arsenal to protect the nation and its people.

Carlson left unexplained that Russian super-weapons exceed the best in the West.

Its hypersonic capabilities can strike anyone with nuclear or convention warheads with precision accuracy.

Its ballistic and cruise missiles can avoid interception by US air defense systems.

If one or more of its cities are attacked, especially with nukes, Russia can retaliate by incinerating New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles and/or other US cities.

Because of a real threat to its security by hegemon USA, Vladimir Putin put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert.

Not for preemptive war. That’s not how Russia operates.

It’s advance preparation to retaliate against US aggression if occurs.

What’s unthinkable is very possible because of what’s going on and where things may be heading.

Dominant hardliners in Washington are so hellbent to harm Russia, they’re apparently willing to risk nuclear war to achieve their diabolical aims.

On Thursday, Carlson correctly called the Biden regime “an unparalleled disaster.”

In “15 months,” its recklessness caused shortages of vital goods, sent inflation soaring to the highest level in 75 years, let millions of undocumented aliens enter the country illegally, and risks nuclear war with Russia.

Its recklessness wrecked the country more than already after undemocratic Dems usurped power by brazen election fraud.

The fake Biden, masquerading as dementia Joe, appears mindless about what’s going on and the danger it represents — while falsely blaming the dismal state of the nation on Russia.

Reading lines scripted for him to recite days earlier, he insulted the US electorate by calling non-supporters the nation’s biggest threat. 

If vote for GOP candidates, not undemocratic Dem ones in November midterm election, you’re supporting MAGA “extrem(ists) (sic),” he dubiously claimed.

A pox on both right wings of the US war party.

A new independent one is badly needed — along with vibrant indymedia support — for shifting the nation in a new direction before we’re all doomed.


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  1. Mr Lendman

    This amazing confluence of Events..

    An Economic Crash..

    All based on lies .
    And all the Nazi Bio Weapons
    Now being exposed.

    The Point:

    Historical Qwirk coming up..

    100 Years ago in Russia in 1917

    After a Failed War
    Russia eonomically being ruined

    And a Revolution


    First the Czar was overthrown

    Then the Bourgeois Kerensky Government

    History Repeats itself

    On the Clown in the Mirror.

    To flush it out ..
    Paint the Corners..

    On top of scores of Problems

    Unemployment, Health Care,
    Systemic Racism, Crime, Drugs,

    Our Borders. Our Schools, Air and Water Quality, Jab Scam

    Only the Basics..

    Besides the hundreds of other social maladies like

    if you graduated with a
    College Degree

    But there’s only one job
    For 24 graduates…

    Oh..and you’re in debt for $200K

    Hegelian Contradictions
    Never Resolved..

    Been building up since the Mob and the Family took over in 1963

    Everything is worse.
    So much worse.

    The detour the World took in 63



    We’ve all been living in a Alternate Reality.

    Are lives completely different.

    Who in 1963
    Could imagine a Gangster World

    A Depraved Deformed World

    With an Easter Bunny pimping PRES JOHN F KENNEDY…?

    Impossible for the People who caused the Problem

    To fix the Problem.

    Better said, the People
    To fix the Problem..

    And Every Problem building up for 5 Decades..

    Going to be fixed soon.


    BTW..alot of Thunderstorms
    WiFI is sketchy.

    So I’m writing shorter copy
    To get them in…

    In case the WiFi Fuxs me.


  2. Mr Lendman…

    Gonna do bullet point style.

    1)..The Latest CIA beauty..

    Unimaginable how Stupid they are.. desperate and stupid.


    “Russia is going to drop a Nuke in Luhansk..

    Wait.. isn’t Luhansk the very people the Russians want to save ..?


    Did you mean the Nazis who bomb them day and night

    For 8 yrs..are going too..

    That would make sense.
    Ass backwards.
    Preposterous Lies.

    Can you actually believe how Stupid they think we are..?

    They have complete contempt for the American People..!

    Pure Filth.

    2)..Sinn Fein wins..
    Here we go baby..!

    3)..Tories lose big time in the Local Elections

    Scottish say they didn’t want a War with Russia

    Or support The English Criminal Elite and Moseley Nazis. !

    UK will soon be just a K soon.

    4)..The Two Weirdos
    Never before seen Freaks

    UK and Easter Bunny People

    Swear a Death Pact on Ukraine

    No land can be won by
    Military Aquistions..

    And the Golan Hts..?
    No mention of the Golan Hts…

    5)…Imagine Nina Jankowisz
    Is in Office

    A High Government Office
    Telling us what’s true or not.

    The Government telling us what’s true..

    But for telling the simple truth
    They’ll lock you up ..

    Ask Assange..!

    BTW..Nina Emphysema

    Can kerosene melt steel..?


    Our Government is going to tell us what’s true or not


    Our Forefathers would arrest
    Her and try her for a Felony


    Abrogated three of our most Basic Rights in the Bill of Rights



  3. Re: it’s all about wanting Russia undermined . . . it has been Washington’s aim since Russia’s Revolution

    Moses Hess, prophet of communism had a dossier “White cattle has to be destroyed first” with reasons why the communist takeover of the world had to start from Russia, an orthodox Christian country. The communist takeover of America AND the world started when Wall Street bankers funded the October Revolution (“Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” Antony Sutton). The so called Russian Revolution was not so Russian to begin with, with an exception of Lenin very few drivers of the Revolution were ethnic Russians, Lenin merely had some Jewish heritage (“Lenin” Dmitri Volkogonov). Also search “was the OCTOBER Revolution a Jewish plot the Jerusalem Post”


  4. Mr Lendman

    Tucker Carlson hitting em hard
    To be on in Bourgeois Media..!

    A Dissenting Opinion.
    Any variance from the CIA Script

    Astonishing, really.
    Mind you..
    Number One Ratings..!

    What does that indicate?


    Let’s just say,

    Hey, that’s the name of my new show..

    ” LETS JUST SAY..”

    The Kickapoo Juice
    Tucker Carlson is servin up

    Scares the living shit out of CNN and MSNBC..!


    They’re going in the Toilet

    And He’s got the Pulse of the Nation.

    Red Hot.

    There’s a Train Coming,
    Mr Lendman..

    A Mighty Locomotive, sir

    Mightier than all that have come before

    The American Giant waking up..


    “I feel it
    In my fingers..

    I feel it in my toes..
    And so the feeling grows..”

    All cuzzin bout my Boyz
    Keep an eye on my Boyz

    They’re Living the Legend of the Kind hearted and true hearted
    Red Rider..!

    The Legend Continues.



    BTW.. officially
    May 9 here.



    Oh..and Russia,

    Thank you…
    From the bottom of my heart.


  5. Mr Lendman

    See that LOL
    right where it shouldn’t be..
    Totally inappropriate..

    That’s my phone.
    Programmec to fux me.

    9 Billion Phones on Planet Earth
    I got Lucky Luciano’s phone.


    1. Mr Lendman

      Another Ace!
      Some Classics

      Perhaps it’s the Blast Furnace of Events..

      That brings out the Best of the Best.

      The Burning Issues..
      Life or Death..

      Everything still spinning
      Hotter than hell in Kiln

      Yet there is time to
      Shape or Reshape

      A new
      A different final product

      Other than the Monstrousity

      Being shaped before our eyes..

      Western Crime Syndicate

      hell bent on their own Death and Destruction

      And ours
      Implicitly, as well

      As we’re hostages to the real Azovstol Nazis..

      In Hugo.Boss suits
      Driving BMWs and Tesla’s

      In Langley, Virginia


      Irrespective of what happens on the battlefield

      We need an Anti War Movement desperately.

      To Vote with your feet
      Out in the Street..!

      The only thing that ever brought about real
      Social Change..

      Mass Movements of the Proletarians

      Organized in.their own Parties and Organizations

      An Organization that isn’t controlled by the Capitalist
      Dems or Republicans.


      Hey if it was good enough for ole Sammy Adams ..

      “Howling Sammy..” Adams

      And La Plume..
      Old Tommy Jefferson

      Gottdamn good enuff
      Fir me,

      Thee Tree of Liberty, sir

      Is well watered with the Blood of Patriots…!

      ” Let’s do it again
      Like we did last Summer !”


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