Update on Day 74 of Russia’s SMO in Ukraine

On Friday, another 51 civilians, including 11 children, were evacuated from Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.

Overall, a few hundred civilians were liberated after being held hostage as human shields by US/Western-supported Nazified thugs inside the plant.

It’s unclear if any civilians remain trapped.

According to what may be fake news by Ukraine’s so-called deputy prime minister Irina Vereschuk, puppet Zelensky’s “order was carried out (sic).”

“All women, children and the elderly have been evacuated from Azovstal.”

According to a statement by Russia’s military on Saturday:

“None of the (Nazified) Ukrainian service members (and likeminded mercenaries) have come out with a white flag from the plant premises.”

Russia’s National Defense Management Center General Mikhail Mizintsev said the following on Saturday:

“A humanitarian operation to evacuate civilians from the Azovstal metallurgical plant has been completed today.” 

Since May 5, another 22 women, 18 men and 11 children were rescued. 

On Sunday, captured while trying to flee Mariupol, Ukrainian colonel Vladimir Baranyuk, commander of Kiev’s 36th infantry brigade explained the following:

“Kiev told us to hold on,” saying that help is on the way and will arrive “soon (sic).”

“Naturally, this help didn’t arrive.”

“Everybody, including myself, understood” that we were abandoned to die. 

“And this pushed us to come out” and surrender.

Russian forces found Baranyuk and others hiding in fields outside Mariupol after rejecting Kiev’s order to continue fighting until nonexistent help arrived.

Separately on Saturday, analyst Larry Johnson explained the following:

The CIA, other US agencies and their MSM press agents notoriously spread fake news, including phony claims about killing a dozen Russian generals and sinking Russia’s Moskva cruiser.

Johnson believes that “Russian intelligence professionals are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the hell (hegemon USA) is really doing.” 

They’re “probably wondering if this leaking of sensitive information is a clever plot to get Russia to chase imaginary squirrels?”

“Or are (US officials) incompetent?” 

Johnson sides with the “incompetence explanation,” adding:

“There was a time when the CIA…ke(pt) secrets and shied away from advertising its hidden helping hand.”

Not today. There’s “open talk about training Ukrainian paramilitaries in guerrilla war, supplying weapons and passing on critical intelligence to Ukraine that is then used to attack Russian targets.”

CIA Director William Burns’ latest public remarks is” the latest example of Langley incompetence.

On Saturday, he dubiously claimed that Vladimir Putin “doubl(ed) down (sic)” on Russia’s SMO, making its ongoing operations riskier than what what’s gone on over the past two months (sic).

According to Johnson, Burns is “disconnect(ed) from reality.”

He ignored Putin’s publicly declared SMO goals — notably the demilitarizing and deNazification of Ukraine, along with pursuing Russia’s security and liberating Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Burns’ phony claim about doubled down Russian efforts is based on the delusional belief that efforts by Ukrainian troops forced Moscow to change tactics.

Nothing of the sort is going on.

Russian forces continue their SMO as originally planned because it’s working.

Ukrainian forces are very much on their back foot.

It’s been this way throughout Russia’s SMO.

Johnson also explained the following:

Along with Ukrainian troops being overwhelmed militarily by Russian forces, they’re undermined as well by criminality in their ranks.

US/Western weapons, munitions and equipment for Ukraine have been “pilfered by (its) version of the mafia…too mak(e) a buck on the black market.”

So hegemon USA and NATO vassal regimes are “enrich(ing) (Ukrainian) criminal gangs who” care only about profiteering.

Johnson believes that what’s going on is aided and abetted “by well-connected foreigners and corporations.” 

Criminals “need a bank or (other ways of) storing their profits.” 

Along with ongoing US proxy war on Russia, “(f)ollow the money.”

Hegemon USA is notorious for pouring billions and trillions down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse to enrich its privileged class and partnered dark forces — at the expense of neglect for vital homeland needs.

Lots of dirty money is apparently ending up in Ukraine.

Most Americans are none the wiser about how the Biden regime is harming their safety and well-being — notably by risking nuclear war with Russia.


4 thoughts on “Update on Day 74 of Russia’s SMO in Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Things going from bad to worse

    for the Axis Powers and their brethren the Nuland Nazis..!

    First off..I should mention,
    Sputnik or RT reported:

    The Nazi Collaborators in Europe are coming up with a

    “Fuel Sharing Program in case
    Russia shuts off the oil or gas

    What does that tell me..?

    “Or a NATO
    pre emptive attack on Russia..”

    BTW..Jens, Borrell, Van der Lies
    If Russia goes to war with you .

    You won’t need any gas or oil
    After that..

    Maybe in a 500 to 1000 yrs..
    You be back to making BMWs

    And importantly

    What that Sharing hoax means?
    The NaziFuxs are losing badly

    And the Gangsters
    Are broadcasting..

    They’re gonna have to step up their War Crimes..

    Go Beserk.. Literally insane..

    Or Lose..

    Because this is Stalingrad.

    The International Crime Syndicate

    Is totally invested.
    All in .

    And losing… BADLY.

    BTW.. remember all the promises the Europeans and

    USA gave the 3rd World on the Vaccines…?


    USA was stealing Ventilators
    From Barbados..

    Good Neighbor Sam..

    And No Infrastructure
    Fux no…

    America.doesnt need that

    Need to give the Nazis
    All the money..



    Why do I say that..?

    I watched the Nazi News from London to NYC to Atlanta

    I see all the subtle differences among the Actors reading their CIA Scripts..

    They’re downbeat this weekend

    The Inevitable is becoming inevitable.

    Not to Congress of course.

    They’re salivating for the Ukraine Cookie Jar BILLIONS…

    Straight to their offshore account

    Remember Dirty Joe and his ilk

    Have been squeezing every dime out of the Ukrainian Swindle for years..

    Just business as Usual.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman,

    Second Reading

    Really Excellent Article…

    A sane, well educated, rational people..

    Wonder what’s going on..

    What is America really doing.

    And more Crime.

    That’s Really the USA ‘s
    Number One business..

    From Heroin Pushing
    To Assassination like

    Pompous Pimpio’s Monstrous
    Hit Job on Soleimani..!

    People say, “War”

    But every War USA fought in my Lifetime was a Lie..

    And an Enormous Crime.

    An egregious lie .
    Mostly False Flags
    Done by the CIA Bedwetters

    To start the Murder
    Along with the MOSSAD

    The Zionist Serial Liars
    And Serial Killers

    A terrorist gang so insane
    So pariah
    So beyond the pale of sanity

    Their God tells them it’s okay to
    lie, murder and steal the land of others


    They’re Special.

    That’s their Argument..folks.

    What law says the Zios
    Have a Right to bomb Syria ?

    No law.
    The Law says just the opportunity

    The Zio doesn’t care..
    Ignoring all laws..

    They’re Special.

    Hey what allows AIPAC to choose our CONGRESS..

    No law..
    Just the Contrary..
    Should Tell them Stop Meddling

    But Noooo…

    They’re Special..!

    Hey What law says you have to sign a document to pledge you will always SUPPORT ZIONISM

    Just to get your Insurance Money..

    No law.
    Only the Special People can do that…

    And of course
    Fifth Columnists

    Pathetic Asslicking Traitors

    Who sold themselves and their children into bondage for $20…


    Nothing can or will be done
    To fix anything unless the Clown in Government gets greased.

    Every Branch
    And Every Dept

    And now we have Fuel Injected
    And Super Charged Criminality

    Ever since the Family and the Mob and Mossad

    Shot JFK and took over in 1963.


    So rotten
    So corrupt

    It all needs to be Torn down
    And we start over

    Like the Agent Orange guy said,

    ” The entire village needs to be destroyed…for us to save it !”

    To End..Important note

    In another article today

    You wrote that we need a third party to break with the
    One Party War Party.

    I second that..ASAP.

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