Mocking and Demeaning Russia’s Great Patriotic War Commemoration

Proliferator of fake news mass deception over journalism as it should be, the NYT finds new ways to humiliate itself.

On the 77th anniversary of Russia’s defeat of Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht, the Times mocked and demeaned Vladimir Putin’s straight talk defense of the nation’s SMO in Ukraine.

Like other MSM, the Times pretends that Nazi-infested Ukrainian tyrannical rule is democratic, that Azov thugs are the nation’s “defenders (sic).”

Repeating earlier debunked fake news, the Times once again falsely claimed that Russian forces “have fallen well short of expectations (sic).”

That they were “vanquished around Kiev (sic).”

That they were “pushed back in the northeast (sic).”

That at best, they’re “making only sporadic gains (sic).”

All of the above and more like it is fake news rubbish.

Like other MSM, the Times consistently reinvents reality on the ground.

Its hollow infowar rubbish grows increasing unconvincing. 

Separately, only two US presidents attended an earlier anniversary commemoration of Russia’s Great Patriotic War triumph over the scourge of Nazi Germany.

In 1995, Bill Clinton showed up in Moscow for the 50th commemoration.

So did GW Bush in 2005. Trump reportedly considered going in 2020 — his last year in office — but stopped short of showing up to his disgrace.

Around 11,000 Russian military personnel from all branches of its armed forces participated in Monday’s commemoration.

Weapons used during WW II and modern ones were displayed.

A traditional aerial flyby was cancelled because of bad weather.

Commemorations were also held in other Russian cities besides Moscow.

During a wreath-laying ceremony in Warsaw, Poland, Russia’s envoy, Sergey Andreev and others accompanying him, were attacked with red paint.

On Monday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

“Our holy duty is to preserve the truth about (Russia) victory” over Nazi Germany.

“We will not allow to cross out the great pages of the past.”

We’ll “not allow a resurgence of Nazism.”

“Attempts to ridicule the heroic legacy of our ancestors will definitely meet a staunch resistance.”

Antonov’s remarks followed how the Biden regime’s so-called UN envoy Thomas-Greenfield again disgraced herself, saying:

Russia “ha(s) nothing to celebrate” on May 9 (sic).

On Saturday, interventionist Blinken disgraced himself in similar fashion — falsely accusing Vladimir Putin of “manipulat(ing) (the) historical memory” of WW II (sic).

On May 8, 1945, what remained of Nazi Germany’s high command admitted defeat by signing an instrument of surrender to victorious 

Russian forces.

Since 2014, no Western leaders paid respect to Russian heroism during WW II by coming to Moscow for May 9 commemorative events.

Separately according to WaPo fake news, a day ahead of Russia’s Monday commemoration, it falsely claimed that “an airstrike on a school in eastern Ukraine serving as a bomb shelter left as many as 60 people buried under rubble and feared dead (sic).”

No Russian airstrike occurred as falsely reported above.

Military sites alone are targeted by its forces.

And this WaPo fake news:

“Russian forces repeatedly violated the laws of war in Ukraine (sic).”

As usual, no evidence was cited because none exists.

At the same time, indisputable evidence of war crimes committed by Ukrainian forces are unreported by MSM, especially what Nazified thugs have been responsible for.

And this WSJ fake news:

Well over 90% of (long-suffering) Ukrainians support (increasingly despised puppet) Zelensky (sic).

And the vast majority of Ukrainians “believe they will win (sic)” — despite its battered forces having decisively lost to superior Russian military strength.

The Journal also mocked Vladimir Putin’s Monday Victory Day remarks by falsely claiming that Russia’s SMO “was unprovoked and unjustified (sic).”

Like other MSM, the Journal maintains the myth of struggling Russian forces against stiff “resistance” — ignoring the greatly degraded state of Ukraine’s military.

At the same time, the Biden regime continue to shoot banks by newly announced sanctions on Russia.

They include a ban on providing accounting and consulting services by US firms, sanctions on Russian media, further export controls on its enterprises, along with sanctioning more officials in the country.

A joint G7 statement committed to banning imports of Russian oil “in a timely and orderly fashion (sic).”

Nations dependent on it that go along with the ban will succeed only in shooting themselves in the foot by greatly harming their economies.

Last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban refused to accept a proposed European Commission embargo on Russian oil, saying:

Accepting it would be like “dropping a nuclear bomb” on the nation’s economy.

If most EU countries go along with the harebrained scheme, oil prices will rise much higher than already — and with them severe recession as long as they stay high.

On the front lines of Russia’s SMO, Ukrainian forces continue being systematically battered.

According to Bloomberg News, Russian forces are destroying a week’s worth of Ukrainian weapons and munitions daily.

The end game of Russia’s SMO is clear to everyone paying attention.

Pretending it’s not so by most MSM won’t change a thing on the ground.

It’s just a matter of time before Ukrainian forces are too battered, beaten and disarmed to continue the futility of going up against vastly superior Russian military strength.

2 thoughts on “Mocking and Demeaning Russia’s Great Patriotic War Commemoration

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  1. It’s a veritable feeding frenzy for the crazies in ZioneoconOccupiedWashDC — government (sic), complicit media shills, think (sic) tanks et al. The venality and transparency (toward diverting the US’ disastrous social, economic et al realties) evidenced by them shames America and ends any thought that it might contribute to the advance of civilization on our planet.

    Thank you, Mr. Lendman, for all you do…keep on doin’ it, please! (The NYT, e.g., carries an odor of the rotting “rubbish” you expose and decry so skillfully!)


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Also the Psycho Killers of the West are fomenting Starvation on billions of people in the 3rd World

    Unable to get Grain and Cooking oils due to the Ukraine situation.

    As if the Gangsters of Wall St and Fleet Street care.

    There will be hundreds of Smaller repercussions such as this from this war.

    But there will be one Big Bang

    The Disarming and Debunking of all things ..


    Made the USA ..!

    The Day of Reckoning draws closer …ever Closer.

    They laugh now..guffaw,
    They’re whistling in the Dark..

    Read the Tea Leaves..

    “He who laughs last…
    Laughs the best..!”

    Liked by 1 person

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