Puppet Zelensky: Once Again Reciting Lines Scripted by His US Master

Far removed from leadership as it should be, US-installed Zelensky is beholden to his higher power in Washington.

What’s become his unshaven standard khaki green attire aims to create the illusion of rough and ready leadership.

Beneath the false veneer is a shivering, quivering shadow of the real thing — a no longer funny comedian, entertainer.

Left unexplained is that throughout Russia’s SMO, he’s been hiding out of harm’s way in Poland.

Pretending to be in Kiev where he’s not, he only shows up in the city for brief photo-ops with Western officials when they arrive to deliver marching orders face-to-face.

He and the fake Biden are the most pathetic examples of selected non-leaders, pretending to be the real thing.

In stark contrast to Vladimir Putin’s straight-talk May 9 Victory Day address, Zelensky sounded buffoon-like.

“Great (immiserated) people of great (Nazi-infested) Ukraine,” he hyperventilated.

From there, it was all downhill, saying:

“There is nothing more dangerous than an insidious enemy (sic).”

Left unexplained is that “the arch enemy” of peace, equity, justice and the rule of law is HQ’d in Washington — with branch offices in key NATO capitals and Nazi-infested Kiev.

Calling Russia’s SMO in Ukraine “a war of two worldviews,” he left unexplained the worlds apart difference between democratic Russia and Nazi-infested Ukraine — between freedom and the rule of law in Moscow v. US-installed fascist tyranny in Kiev.

On May 9, Russia commemorated the 77th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Victory Day over the scourge of Nazi Germany.

In stark contrast from his Polish hideout, Zelensky supports the new version of the scourge that took 27 million Russian lives during WW II, including Ukrainian ones.

Indeed “Ukrainians fought Nazism” long ago.

Now its ruling class embraces its scourge in cahoots with US-dominated NATO.

Claiming he has “no doubt that” the tyrannical regime he nominally heads will defeat Russia ignored that Ukraine already is largely demilitarized — on route to being deNazified.

In the last 24 hours alone, Russian high-precision air-to-surface missiles struck 19 areas where Ukrainian troops, weapons and missiles are concentrated.

Six weapons depots were destroyed.

Newly delivered US/Western weapons and munitions “to the sol railway station near the city of Soledar (were) destroyed” — along with two more Ukrainian warplanes, a helicopter and more UAVs.

“Russian aviation hit 130 Ukrainian military objects, including three command posts, 123 personnel and combat vehicle concentration areas, two artillery batteries at firing positions and two missile artillery ammunitions depots near Bakhmut and Krasnopolye,” its Defense Ministry explained.

Hundreds more Nazified thugs were eliminated, along with two more air defense systems.

Ukraine’s military grows weaker and closer to demilitarization daily.

Zelensky, his US master, NATO vassals and MSM press agents pretend otherwise.

Isolated from reality — cocooned in delusion and illusions — Zelensky pretends that “victory” looms (sic).

“(W)e will win (sic)” what’s already lost, he roared.

“Sooner or later we win (sic).”

What he called “freedom” and “independence” in Ukraine is nonexistent.

What he called “Victory Day over Nazism” was won by Russian forces.

What he called “Glory to Ukraine” ignored the scourge of US-installed, Nazi infested tyrannical rule in Kiev.

How much longer will long-suffering Ukrainians put up with an absentee non-leader, a caricature of the real thing?

In stark contrast, Russia has leadership as it should be.

Its people are democratically governed.

US-colonized Ukraine has puppet Zelensky.

Serving US/Western interests and his own enabled him to amass super-wealth.

Likely hidden in offshore tax havens, he long ago abandoned ordinary Ukrainians in service to his higher power in Washington and dominant Nazis empowered in Kiev.

That’s the reality of how things are in Ukraine.

A festering sore in Europe’s heartland, Russia’s SMO aims to save the nation, free its long-suffering people from the scourge of Nazism, liberate Donbass in similar fashion and protect its own security.

That’s what the spirit of its SMO is all about.

4 thoughts on “Puppet Zelensky: Once Again Reciting Lines Scripted by His US Master

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman…

    “Blind Man’s Bluff..”
    The Zelensky Saga

    The Cardboard Cutout
    Way Over his head.

    Imagine.. Zelensky invited Chancellor Scholz to Kiev
    to Celebrate May 9..

    As he would represent Nazi Germany..!

    One wonders how our “Leaders” can be so wrong.


    The Nazi Collaborators are the most despicable, dishonorable

    gang of Robbers and thieves
    That ever haunted the Planet.

    Very much time for them to be
    DeNazified right into the garbage can of History..!



  2. Hi Mr. Lendman:

    Could you please shed detailed light on the reason why Kiev is so viciously important to the USA and allies? It appears dirty fighting and sanctions against Russia has intensified regarding this city.

    Thank you again for all that you do!


  3. Mr Lendman…

    Tomb of the Missing $40 Billion!

    The Nazi Collaborators who stiffed America…

    Not a Penny for Infrastructure but give the money to Nazis…!


    the Nazi Collaborators having a difficult time getting one piece of Field Artillery into the Ukraine..

    How will they get $33 Billion worth of war material in..?

    Well the won’t.
    Prima facie,
    It’s a rude canard, a hoax

    Another gross Swindle
    of the US Taxpayers..!

    That money to be used by Congress

    and the Professional Crooks,

    the Dirty Dozen in Dirty Joe’s Worldwide Crime Organization.

    Had enough…
    Fed up ..
    Most Americans are..!

    On another Separate but Equal Point..

    The Jewish Clown President of Ukraine…Elvis Zelensky..

    On Victory Day..puts the Nazi

    “TOTENKOPT” (Death Head)
    Waffen SS 3rd Panzer symbol

    On his website.

    Yes, Zelensky the drugged Jewish Comedian did that ..

    No joke..!

    I wonder how long this Casino and Whorehouse can remain open?


  4. Mr Lendman,


    Like a Twilight Zone episode,
    I woke up in America in 2022

    And Nazi Collaborators
    Are in Power..!

    Thinking about it..

    It’s more than simply an inconvenient Truth..!


    A serious heart disease..
    Infesting our “Democracy”

    This needs to be investigated and brought into the light.

    Not covered up.

    To name but one former

    Was Sen Preston Bush of Connecticut..

    Not only was the Bush Crime Family busted during WWII for

    “Trading with the Enemy”

    But after WWII..

    Known and even convicted Nazis gave Bush money.

    The Billionaire Thyysen gave him millions..

    Krupp as well, in lessor amounts.

    That’s the root and foundation of the Bush Empire..


    And Bush wasn’t alone..
    Only the Poster Boy.

    I believe if you scratch deep enough you’ll find that the

    Ambassador Joe Kennedy also flirted with the Nazis.

    Perhaps not as deeoly as the Bush Crime Family.

    And many other Politicians
    have their antecedents in Nazi businesses and Collaboration.

    With the traitorous and treacherous role of our current
    Nazi Collaborator Government

    This needs to be investigated and brought before the World.

    Nazi Collaborators and KKK
    Were au Courant…Fashionable at the time .

    But the World changed and then they hid like rats.

    Same thing will happen again with our current mentally deranged Nazi Collaborators.

    Hey Remember when

    Sen Robert Byrd was exposed as having been in the KKK ..!

    These revelations coming in the late 1970s..

    Byrd having been in the KKK
    50 years prior,

    back in the 1920’s and 30’s,
    a time when many members of Congress were secretly in KKK.

    Now.. it’s would be a political Death Sentence.

    My Question is..

    What’s the difference between
    a Nazi and the KKK…?

    Hang Em..
    Hang Em High…!


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