Hegemon USA’s Undemocratic National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Founded in 1983, the Orwellian NED is all about undermining and eliminating democracy wherever it exists — notably by electoral interference, color revolutions, state-sponsored violence and other dirty tricks.

In July 2015, Russian Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Vladimir Malinovsky, “signed a decree (that) recogniz(es) (NED activities) as undesirable (for) violati(ing) basic human rights, freedoms and rights of the (nation’s) citizens.”

Sent to Moscow’s Justice Ministry, the NED was designated an undesirable foreign organization.

Enacted into Russian law, organizations like NED are illegalin the country for good reason.

It’s because they pose a serious “threat to the constitutional order and defense capability, or to the security of the Russian state.”

A longstanding political meddler, its actions threaten nations free from US control.

Russia’s upper house Federation Council earlier listed the following organizations as militantly hostile toward the nation’s sovereign independence:

The NED, Soros’ Open Society Institute, International Republican Institute, National Democratic Institute, MacArthur Foundation, Freedom House, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Polish-based Education for Democracy Foundation, East European Democratic Center, Ukrainian World Congress, Ukrainian World Coordinating Council, and Crimean Field Mission on Human Rights.

The latter group was designated as threatening Russia before Crimeans overwhelmingly voted by free and open referendum to rejoin the Russian Federation. 

Russia’s Federation Council earlier stressed that the goal of hostile organizations like the above ones is “to influence the internal political situation in the country, undermine the patriotic unity of our people, undermine the integration processes within the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) space and force our country into geopolitical isolation.”

NED and its affiliated International Republican Institute (IRI), National Democratic Institute (NDI), American Center for International Labor Solidarity, and Center for International Private Enterprise dirty hands have been undermining democracy and instigating regime  change disruptively since established.

Toppling Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade — in October 2000 — was the prototype for US color revolutions to follow.

Some worked. Others failed. 

All involved made-in-the-USA violence and/or other means to replace sovereign independent governance with undemocratic/hegemon USA-controlled puppet rule.

The NED and affiliate groups are intolerant of democracy wherever exists and go all-out to eliminate it.

Last week, China’s Foreign Ministry discussed how the NED “mastermin(ed) global separatist riots, color revolutions and political crimes” in one country after another to accomplish its above aims.

It unjustifiably justifies its diabolical criminality on the phony pretext of promoting democracy — what its operatives go all-out to undermine, what’s never been tolerated in the US/West.

After eliminating Milosevic in 2000, NED dirty hands were all over the so-called 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia.

Western darling/fascist thug Mikhail Saakashvili replaced Edouard Shevardnadze.

In 2004, Ukraine’s Orange Revolution followed — after Viktor Yanukovych won a run-off election against Western favorite Viktor Yushchenko.

After Yanokovych regained power, the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev again deposed him.

In 2007, a Saffron Revolution — following the Georgia/Ukraine playbook — failed to replace its government with pro-Western rule.

Ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Bush/Cheney regime tried to destabilize China with a Crimson Revolution in Tibet.

Along with the CIA, NED dirty hands were again involved, aided by its affiliated groups.

Following Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s 2009 reelection as Iranian president, a made-in-the-USA Green Revolution failed to depose him.

US/Western dirty hands behind the so-called 2011 Arab Spring were all about solidifying regional control, not aiding beleaguered people of Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt and other Middle East states.

Over a decade later, spring has yet to bloom in the region.

Nor will it as long as Pentagon bases, CIA operatives, and NED dirty hands infest the Middle East with controlling its vast oil and gas reserves in mind.

In 2019-20, made-in-the-USA Hong Protests were all about destabilizing China.

The CIA, NED and other US dark forces collaborated with elements hostile to Beijing.

Supporting what demanded opposition, Trump at the time defied reality by falsely claiming that disruptive tactics in breach of international law were all about Hong Kongers “want(ing) democracy (sic).”

At the time, China’s Foreign Ministry cited the NED website, saying:

Its dirty hands spent around $2 million on “11 Hong Kong-related projects,” focusing on disrupting legislative elections.

In 2013-14, the NED spent over $5 million in Russia — funds used to support anti-Putin organizations and individuals like convicted embezzler Navalny.

From 2016 to 2020, the “NED funded 119 projects in Belarus” in support of elements opposed to President Alexander Lukashenko, a close Vladimir Putin ally.

For over 60 years — and since establishment of the NED — hundreds of millions of US dollars were spent for regime change in Cuba.

Along with the CIA, its dirty hands have been all over trying to topple sovereign independent governments in Latin America and elsewhere globally.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to destabilize China, Russia, Iran, Bolivarian Venezuela and other nations free from US control.

Along with perpetual wars on invented enemies threatening no one, that’s how the scourge of US imperial rampaging operates.

No nation in world history caused more harm to more people over a longer duration than hegemon USA.

Today under undemocratic Dem control, its dominant hardliners threaten global war with nukes.

That’s where their proxy war on Russia is heading if not challenged and stopped before they cross a rubicon of no return.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Excellent Article
    Timely, sir.

    The “NEF..”

    No need to elaborate on what
    the ” F ” means with your readership.

    All this nasty CIA business.

    And yet..
    And yet..

    Russia ( or China)
    Never reciprocate.

    Why can’t Russia launch organizations in the Nazi Collaborators countries?

    The Southwestern part of the USA …

    ( All stolen from Mexico, anyway)

    The SW of the USA with 35 million Hispanic population.

    1/10th of America..
    Ripe with dissent.

    Every Black Community in the USA …a tinder box

    Ready to Explode..
    ( Coming this Summer)

    Hawaiians despise the USA..

    Deeply resent their beautiful pristine tranquil islands being

    Turned into an Aircraft Carrier
    And Armed to the teeth..

    And pointed at China and Russia

    Alaskan People hate the Invader.

    All over South America the Animus is deep and ongoing

    Wait.. let’s make it shorter by simply saying all over the Colonized World..

    The People..

    Despise the Yanks
    And Yankee Imperialism.

    What’s so difficult..
    A bag of cash..

    Formulate some legitimate Demands..


    Why must Russia always take the High Road..?

    Realpolitik is different.
    Emphatically different.

    Get busy..

    You threw out the International

    When your Atlanticists sold out Russia in 1991..

    Threw out the baby with the Bathwater..!

    Please revisit that instrument.

    Or in Straight Up Americano..

    ” Get fuxin going, Amigos..
    This is total war…

    No matter what Kool aid
    You’re drinking..

    If you’re not an Atlanticist
    5th Columnist




    Let’s Play Offense
    For a Change..

    Cuz Russia just qvetching about

    The NEF doesn’t really solve any problems.

    Moreover, kick out all the NGOs
    Right this minute.

    I sit here stupified that Russia even allows those CIA agents into Russia..!

    Truly baffling.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


  2. Mr Lendman

    Hey Sports Fans..while you’re here…

    Let me mention one other important item:

    When Russia caught both the Canadian and US Generals

    They didn’t even mention it.
    Kept it hidden.

    Never saw one word in RT, Sputnik, TASS or Pravda..

    Not one word.

    Before I proceed to ask why in a more detailed way..

    Let me point out what
    I reasoned out on my own

    From out in Left Field.

    Ein so.. PM Nehammer from Austria goes to Moscow to plead with Putin

    Meeting apparently lasts two hours ..

    Why did he go to Moscow..?

    Only to try to ” Spring ” some Big Brass .

    As I said he was..Emphatically..
    The day before..

    That’s the only reason.
    Although unsuccessful.

    ( Unless Nehammer is an excellent actor and deserves an Oscar..he didn’t make a deal)

    I wrote..if Nehammer was unsuccessful

    there would be no reason for the US General to continue to stay..

    he’ll surrender immediately.

    The following day..
    I see for the first time

    “US Intel says Russia did not carry out Genocide in Ukraine”

    The Sputnik Heading &: Article

    Why did US Intel say that…
    Out of the Blue …?

    Never said that before.

    I wrote at the first sight of that
    Heading /Article..

    The American General gave himself up ..

    And some kind of deal was made for US Intel to say that


    Any deal with the Devil is Worthless..

    Guess what..
    So it appeared in Sputnik

    No US Media ran the story.

    Not one word

    So nobody who really needed to see the story saw it.

    Russia bought a bag of beans
    From the Fork Tongued Satan.

    What were they thinking?
    Baffles me.

    Not even an announcement.
    Just that.


    Implausible that after all the Water over the Bridge

    The Russians didn’t want to embarrass their

    “Colleagues in the West ”

    Like I say..
    It baffles me.

    And it makes me wonder
    how deep the Atlanticist cancer goes..?


    Here’s what I think is important

    Right Now
    Right Fuxing Now.

    While Finland and Sweden
    Are planning on joining the
    Nazi Gang…

    1000 mile borders.


    And Washington and UK hell bent into duping the Public i

    The entire World..
    Into another Bankers War..

    Right now is the Time..
    To play the Generals card.

    Not only the Lies and Duplicity
    Of ” Non Involved Countries”

    But tied into..


    Real Nazi Stuff..
    War Criminals like Nuremberg.

    It’s eye opening for the Public..
    Duh .!

    Why put it off..
    Hide it..?

    What does even delaying it do ?

    Like I say,

    Makes me wonder about the Leadership in Russia..

    Sad to say..

    Yet truth is always best among friends…!


    One day after the


    1. Mr Lendman

      One thing noteworthy I would like to mention

      Before I drop the Bomb..

      Since the beginning of the War..Putin’s numbers..

      have gone from the mid 60s to the high 80s..

      About a 22 point increase!

      While Dirty Joe’s numbers

      have gone from the mid 40s to the high 30s..

      About a 6 pt decrease..!

      And falling drastically, as we speak.


      Who’s winning ?


      K… Here’s the Point:

      I have been listening to all the Heroin Generals who

      haven’t won anything in their entire lifetimes..

      Only know defeat..

      As they tell Putin his options..!

      Imagine that..

      Here’s an option..

      And trust me..its straight from God Almighty..!

      Wheres the Nazi Coalition
      Plans on Attacking Russia

      With “Tactical Nukes”
      In late Summer..

      I say it will be the week of August 6 -13, 2022

      The Hiroshima & Nagasaki
      Bug Commeration in the Land of Lies..

      Therefore be it resolved,
      To Remedy this tragic event
      From taking place..

      An event the Nazis have certainly planned and are insane enough to carry out

      Russia should in the next few days

      simply nuke 18 countries..!

      Why wait for the Mushroom clouds over St Petersburg?

      I repeat..

      You fight fire with Fire
      And an Eye For an Eye…!



      I repeat, Nuke the Nazis now..!

      As the Bible says,

      ” To do unto thee,
      What thee hast planned for you ..!”

      Sound crazy..?
      It won’t in August..!


  3. UK-USA had been destabilizing China since 1949 using:
    • Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghanistan War
    • opium from the Golden Triangle and Afghanistan
    • arming mercenaries along the borderlands with China
    • recruited India to “Modi”-fy the proxy wars, much the same way as using Germany during WW2 and now Ukraine to weaken Russia.


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