Nazi-Infested Ukraine: Battered and Beaten by Russian Forces

Russia’s SMO in Ukraine was triumphant before launched.

Militarily inferior Ukraine is no match against vastly superior Russian battlefield strength and tactical skills. 

Analysts Andrei Martyanov and Larry Johnson both call defeated Ukraine “a dead country walking.”

Hiding in Poland out of harm’s way, puppet Zelensky is mindless of reality on the ground.

He knows no more than what his US master prepares for him to publicly recite.

A buffoon-like caricature of a leader, a comedian/entertainer no longer funny, a fiddler while Ukraine burns, he’s far-removed from leadership as it should be and it shows.

At the same time, the illegitimate Biden regime — nominally headed by an imposter — and Congress continue to waste countless billions of dollars for weapons, munitions and related equipment for dominant Nazis in Ukraine.

On arrival or shortly thereafter, Russian forces are systematically destroying them.

The same reality applies to what other NATO regimes are supplying Kiev.

At the same time, most Ukrainian forces are too poorly trained to operate what requires enough sophistication.

And much US/Western weaponry supplied to Ukraine is out-of-date Soviet era stuff, including what no longer works.

On Monday, Russia’s deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyanksy said the following:

It’s “obvious” that what’s going on in Ukraine is a US/NATO “proxy war (on) Russia.”

Stressing that “(t)his is the reality we face,” he added:

“Documents that we discovered at the beginning of our special military operation indicate with all clarity that there were concrete plans to strike Russia from Ukraine.” 

“There were also concrete plans to strike Donbass, and (Ukrainian General Staff) documents (confirm) this.” 

Because of the above reality and years of failed good faith efforts by Russia to end US-orchestrated and directed aggression on Donbass diplomatically, Moscow was forced to launch its SMO on Feb. 24.

Since begun, it’s been in “full conformity with Article 5 of the UN charter, and we notified the UN about it,” Polyansky explained.

Separately on Monday in his Victory Day address, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“We saw how the military infrastructure was unfolding (in Ukraine), how hundreds of foreign advisers (were) work(ing) there, with…modern weapons delivered from NATO countries.” 

“The danger was growing every day” for years. 

“Russia offered a preemptive rebuff to the aggression.”

“This was a forced, timely move and the only correct decision, one taken by a strong and independent country.”

“Everything indicated that a clash with neo-Nazis, Bandera-followers — in whom the US and its allies had invested — was inevitable.”

Russia acted to defend the nation and its people.

Its demilitarization and deNazification SMO also intends to liberate Donbass entirely from the scourge of US/Western-supported Nazified occupation.

Things are proceeding effectively as planned.

On Monday, Johnson explained that evidence on the ground in Ukraine shows that it’s “headed for defeat.”

There’s no ambiguity about what’s indisputable — no matter how repeatedly US/Western regimes, puppet Zelensky and MSM co-conspirators claim otherwise.

Given reality on the ground, Johnson asked:

“Is Ukraine abandoning its (battered and beaten) military units?”

Based on clear evidence, it appears so.

Even during Monday’s Victory Day commemoration events in Moscow and other Russian cities, its SMO continued to degrade Ukraine’s military toward eliminating its effectiveness altogether.

Its beleaguered forces continue to be battered with no reinforcements on the way.

At the same time, Ukraine’s economy is in shambles, the vast majority of its people impoverished.

Situation hopeless defines reality on the ground.

It’s reflected in remarks by captured Ukrainian forces.

Kiev abandoned them to die while pretending otherwise.

At this time, Russian forces are focused mainly on liberating Donbass.

After liberating Mariupol, Popasna was freed from Nazified control.

On Monday, the Donetsk News Agency reported the following:

“The Internal Flame, a symbol of the Victory in WW II, has been lit in liberated Volnovakha and Urzuf for the first time in eight years.”

In liberated parts of Donetsk and Lugansk on Monday, Victory Day commemoration events were held.

It’s just a matter of time before Donbass is liberated entirely from the scourge of US/Western-backed Nazified occupation.

The end game is clear — no matter how hard the US/West, Kiev and MSM press agents pretend otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Nazi-Infested Ukraine: Battered and Beaten by Russian Forces

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  1. What the Dollar Empire in having the Ukrainian payroll execute its own citizens is just the prelude to a starvation that is coming as everything that can buy munitions is moved out of the country.

    Vichy France was childsplay compared to the condensed and petrified malevolence of Zelenski’s puppetry in the Murder of Ukraine. The expression “shot applauded around the world” may have connection to Vile Zelenski.

    Green circles are bulk carriers with grain from Ukraine!
    The mass export of grain from Ukraine as payment for weapons supply is literally setting the country for a famine – Holodomor 2.0 is being prepared by Ukrainian government.


  2. Mr Lendman

    Russia uncovered Docs that

    prove the UkiFuxs and Nazi Collaborators in the West..

    We’re going to attack Russia..
    In the coming hours

    Before Russia finally pulled the Trigger..

    Russia was Forced into it..!

    Moreover, when Zelensky who was Reading his CIA Script

    Told the World he was going to make Nukes.

    ” Enough..!”

    What would the USA do..
    What would any country do.
    What would you do..?

    But here’s the Point::

    The Glorification of Stalin is in full blossom..

    He’s been taken off the Shelf..
    And repatriated..

    For a very distinct reason

    Uncle Joe was one tough
    Sonofabitch when it came to killing Nazis..

    Like Blondie sang,
    “Soon found out..
    He had of Stone..!”


    His two decisions
    In late December 1941

    which came together
    Only 30 seconds apart..

    Put the Soviet Union in a position to later win WWII.

    That he would step aside and let the Military run the Show..

    Having botched things up himself..

    And Secondly,
    He chose Georgi Zhukov
    to run the Show..

    Two winners
    Bach to Back.

    He deserves credit for those two aces.

    A third ace..

    He never left Moscow
    He stayed like a Real Leader..

    With that third Cowboy
    Now he’s got a Full Boat..

    A winning Hand.

    Inevitably there’s a Revival in that Pillar of Strength.

    Russia is back baby..
    Nothing can take down the Giant



    Then..Now..Forever .!

    Historians in the Future will say,

    The USSR Victory over Fascism

    Was the Greatest Victory in all of History..up until that time.

    Redirected all of History.

    And now..
    75 years later..

    The Barbarians are back at the Gate

    In a Bye Gone Era..

    When the Fork Tongued
    Lying RatFux






  3. *Recent comments on El Duran about the use of proxies*

    Alexander Mercouris on The Duran stated something significant about this war…that when the Chechens realized in the 90’s that they were being used by the CIA to break up Russia, that they were furious.

    Likewise, he added, the Ukranians will be extremely angry when they realize how they were used by the Americans as proxies to fight their war against Russia–at such a tremendous cost to the Ukrainian people.

    Of course in doing this Americans aren’t seeing their military returning home in body bags–and the ensuing large protests.

    Betsie Weil


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