Cheerleading Forever War

When hegemon USA goes to war or plans one, it’s always against nonbelligerent invented enemies threatening no one.

At the same time, MSM cheerlead what demands condemnation.

They never met an independent nation free from US control that they didn’t want raped and destroyed, their resources looted, their people exploited as serfs.

While supporting the illegitimate Biden regime and Nazi-infested Ukraine, the dominant US 4th estate is spoiling for war on Russia.

What could go nuclear if launched with devastating consequences fails to register on their radar.

They wholeheartedly support the Biden regime’s intent to pour more billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment into Ukraine — with waging forever proxy war on Russia in mind.

On Tuesday, war-mongering, neocon hardliner Senators Blumenthal and Graham introduced a resolution to designate democratic Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

Last month, interventionist Blinken reinvented reality as follows, saying:

“Vladimir Putin is leveraging another tool to achieve his political objectives: non-state groups engaged in terrorist activity (sic),” adding:

“Russia harbors and sponsors terrorists (sic).”

When asked if the Biden regime intends to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, Blinken said:

“We are and we will look at everything (sic).”

According to State Department official Jason Blazikis’ Big Lie:

“Russia provides sanctuary to a US-designated terrorist group…that train(s) terrorists to carry out attacks in Sweden, and served as a proxy force for Russia in Crimea (sic).”

The State Department is authorized to designate targeted nations as state sponsors of international terrorism — no matter how untrue.

At this time, nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria are US designated state sponsors of terrorism.

None of these nations engage in terrorist activities.

The world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism by far — hegemon USA — didn’t make the list for obvious reasons.

Neither did vassal states Britain, France and Germany.

Nor apartheid Israel or Nazi-infested Ukraine — no matter their involvement in international terrorism.

In cahoots with the US and on their own, they’ve committed horrendous state-sponsored terrorist acts.

Blumenthal and Graham — both unindicted war criminals — acted against Russia in response to Kiev’s request. 

Asked if the Biden regime will designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, outgoing White House press secretary Psaki said the following:

The US already is waging unprecedented sanctions war on Russia and its officials, adding:

“We’ll see what happens in Congress.”

According to Blinken’s spokesman Price on this issue:

“If we feel (it) appropriate (sic), we won’t hesitate to” label Russia as Nazi-infested Ukraine requested.

And this rubbish from pro-war/anti-peace Graham:

“Putin has engaged in war on multiple fronts for 20 years (sic).”

“One of the most disruptive forces on the planet is Putin’s Russia (sic).”

Russia is committing “war crimes on an industrial scale” in Ukraine (sic).

WaPo virtually expressed support for designating Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, falsely saying:

“Russia’s killing of civilians in Ukraine and Syria (sic), its alleged assassinations and attempted assassinations of dissidents and spies in foreign countries (sic), and its support for separatists in Ukraine accused by the US of murder, rape and torture (sic) could easily fit the State Department’s criteria (sic).”

And this from the WSJ:

The Biden regime “is considering (whether to) nam(e) Russia a state sponsor of terrorism but officials haven’t determined (if) the Kremlin’s actions meet the legal standard for the designation (sic).”

On May 10, Biden regime head of national intelligence, Avril Haines,  turned truth on its head as follows, falsely claiming:

Russia intends to wage a lengthy war of attrition in Ukraine in “retaliation for Western economic sanctions (sic).”

Publicly stated, Russia’s aims in Ukraine are clear and unequivocal.

They’re worlds apart from phony accusations against the nation and its leadership.

Yet US/Western hostility pushes things closer to direct confrontation with Russia.

That’s very much where things are heading — with support from crazies like Blumenthal, Graham, others in Congress and their MSM press agents.

With lunatics running the Washington asylum — what analyst Doug Casey calls “sociopaths” — and an illegitimate regime headed by an imposter, will global war be their end game?

Will they kill us all in pursuit of their diabolical aims?

One thought on “Cheerleading Forever War

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I’ve gone insane..
    Yes…quite mad..

    Here, let me prove it,

    This Sodom and Gomorrah
    The Land of Lies, Hate and Filth

    Needs to be exterminated.

    I repeat, needs to be disappeared.

    Yes, I’m crazy.

    I know it’s the unthinkable..
    But that’s what I think.

    The Cancerous Growth

    spreading through out the
    Body Politick is terminal.

    In the Eyes of Justice,
    It should be dead and buried.

    And relieve Humanity from this Plague…
    This Scourge..
    This Ghoul.



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