Hegemon USA Rejects Peace in Ukraine, Wants Forever War on Russia with Expendable Kiev Forces

Dominant Biden regime and congressional lunatics reject peace in central Europe and normalized relations with Russia.

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov warned of the heightened risk of all-out war in Europe, adding:

Moscow strongly opposes what the US-dominated West prioritizes — “inflicting defeat upon Russia” at the risk of possible global war.

Publicly stated, the Kremlin’s goals in Ukraine are clear, including:

Demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine.

“(P)reventing violations against the rights of Russian (people) and Russian-speaking population of Donbass.” 

They’re gravely threatened by the US/West, “the regime in Kiev, and (US/NATO use of) its territory (that poses) a military threat to Russia.”

Moscow’s pursuit of multi-world polarity includes “compl(iance) with (its) obligations under the UN Charter.”

Unlike the US-dominated West, Russia “pledge(s) to respect the principle of sovereign equality of states” — along with opposing “neo-imperialist sentiment.”

“We hope that after our special military operation is completed and all tasks within its frames are reached, (its triumph will) help stop (US/Western) attempts to undermine international law,” Lavrov explained. 

Vladimir Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials know that US imperial aims are ingrained in its DNA — that all nations free from its control are targeted for regime change.

Chances of dominant US hardliners from both right wings of the one-party state turning a page from forever war and noncompliance with the rule of law to the other way around are virtually nil.

On matters relating to grand theft of Russian assets by hegemon USA and EU vassal states, Lavrov stressed that their ruling regimes no longer hide their pure evil actions, adding:

Along with other high crimes in breach of the UN Charter and other international law, grand theft of Russian assets “is becoming a habit for the West.”

“They frozen money in the US that belongs to Afghanistan.”

Refusing to return it, “(t)hey don’t intend to use it for the needs of Afghanistan people (who’ve) suffered from” 20 years of US/NATO aggression.

Further, so-called EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that” made-in-the-USA/West crisis in Ukraine “must be resolved exclusively by military means.” 

Ostensibly a diplomatic, it appears otherwise by his saber-rattling rage for perpetual war in Ukraine — as directed by his higher power in Washington.

Perhaps things now stand, the EU may abolish diplomacy altogether with governments of nations it wants toppled, notably Russia. 

As for Borrell on all things Russia and Ukraine, he revealed himself to be beholden to US imperial aims, going along with policies ordered by his master in Washington — no matter the harm to EU bloc countries and their people.

In stark contrast, Russia “consistently opposes attempts to establish unipolar world order” rules of engagement in defiance or UN Charter provisions, said Lavrov.

A Final Comment

As likely orchestrated and directed by its master in Washington and/or vassal state UK, the Zelensky regime ordered dozens of its forces to death by trying and failing to disrupt Russia’s May 9 Great Patriotic Day commemoration events in Moscow and other Russia cities.

A foiled harebrained attack on Russian-controlled Snake Island cost Ukraine 50 or more lost troops, 30 UAVs, 10 helicopters, four warplanes and three vessels, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

Following orders from his Western handlers, Zelensky ordered the suicide mission — even though Snake Island has no strategic value.

Around 0.17 square kilometers in size, its tiny population resides mainly in one small village.

According to Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman General Igor Konashenkov:

The Kiev regime’s Victory Day “adventured turned out to be a disaster.”

A “thoughtless PR action to take Snake Island by Victory Day” resulted in the “meaningless deaths” of more than 50 elite Ukrainian troops, as well as pilots and crew of destroyed aircraft and vessels.

The attack was a “mindless” PR stunt, what cost the regime dearly.

According to the Jerusalem Post on Wednesday:

Russian forces defeated an attempt by Ukrainian forces to capture Snake Island.

“Ukrainian media…have not confirmed” what Russia reported.

Nor have most US/Western media.

I spotted nothing reported by the NYT, Washington Post, the WSJ, CNN other propaganda TV.

The Jerusalem Post explained numbers of casualties Ukraine sustained and extent of destroyed military assets. 

Asking why Kiev OK’d the attack, the answer explained above needs no further elaboration.

Ukraine’s overwhelming defeat at the hands of vastly superior Russian forces was too embarrassing for most MSM to report.

So ducking the issue, they stuck strictly to daily fake news about what’s going on in Ukraine.


10 thoughts on “Hegemon USA Rejects Peace in Ukraine, Wants Forever War on Russia with Expendable Kiev Forces

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  1. https://t.me/DonbassDevushka/6170
    Donbass Devushka, [5/11/2022 2:42 PM]
    [Forwarded from InfoDefenseENG]
    [ Video ]
    George Soros: “We need Ukraine as a torpedo in the war with Russia. The fate of the citizens of this country is of no concern to us at all”.

    Three years ago George Soros said that the events in Ukraine were his best project. The main sponsor of the color revolutions cynically explains his machinations exactly by the interests of business, and he calls his funds “investments”. He is rewriting history, distorting the history of Russian-Ukrainian relations, buying real estate and land of media corporations in order to gain full control of the information sphere. According to experts, the international speculator expects to be one of the main beneficiaries of the sale of Ukraine.


  2. Mr Lendman,

    (On May 10th I wrote )

    Dear Abby..

    Is it my responsibility to tell the bitter truth about a War

    If I know the sad truth .?

    Sleepless in Seattle

    (On May 12 I recieved this reply)

    Dear Sleepless,

    Yes, it’s imperative.

    Signed, Abby


    Precisely like the Bulgarian owner of a Football Team

    Who fired all his players who were vaccinated..

    And immediately hired unvaccinated players

    Owner said the Vaxed players were worthless..had no stamina

    All the Russian Military is fully Vaxed … started two yrs ago

    Whilst the CIA refused to Vax the entire Uki Army..

    Said they were already isolated.

    EIN so…the performance, stamina and ability to think clearly has been significantly impaired of Russian soldiers


    There’s a qualitative gap in effectiveness between the Vaxed and Unvaxed

    Hence, manifesting itself on the Russian Army.

    Q: how did the CIA know this two years ago…?


  3. Mr Lendman

    A Question of Historical Import

    ” if the roles were reversed..
    The Nazis had the SARMAT

    And the Russians didn’t..
    Would the Nazis use the Sarmat on Russia…?”


    First off, are you serious?

    The entire country of Russia would be in ruins right now

    The Nazis would have used them immediately.

    There’s absolutely no question about it ..

    Based on the USA’s 77 yr old track record.

    Be Mindful,

    We know from uncovered secret documents that the Nazis are

    planning to drop Tactical Nukes on Russia in the late Summer.

    In a Sneak Attack from one of

    the Nazi vassals very close to the Russian Border.


    Russia should not be timorous in the least.

    Frankly, Russia will be launching anyway

    After waiting for USA / NATO Nazis to blow up St Petersburg.

    Germany, the Home of Nazi Filth
    Never learned anything..

    Against their pledge,

    The German Nazi Filth now training Uki Nazis on how to use Long Range Howitzers to kill Russians.

    Hitler’s Dream.

    Germany prostrate on it’s knees,
    reverts back to it’s sycophantic position of sucking Sam’s dick..!

    Drop the first ” Get Well Card ” right there..!

    Right now..immediately…

    18 NATO Countries should get a Sarmat tonight.

    I mean Downtown,
    Freddie Brown..

    Say it’s London..blow up Bond or Fleet Street

    Similarly…NYC..Wall St.
    And Washington..Capital Hill.

    Copenhagen..the Little Mermaid


    This is the Only way to avoid WWIII.

    With Serious Warning shots.

    Every computer read out
    Tells me that.

    Lastly, Sec of Defense Austin

    ” Russia doesn’t want a War with NATO..!”

    Which means,..

    NATO doesn’t want a War with Russia…!

    Why..how would NATO fight RUSSIA..

    With their Vietnam Era Nukes

    ICBMs that probably don’t work anymore..

    Or why is the Pentagon requesting $600 BILLION FOR NEW NUKES..?

    Don’t they have 1500 or 2000 Nukes already…?

    What’s wrong with this picture..

    Mind you, USA and Europe have no Missile Defense System

    The Star Wars Defense System in the 80s not only didn’t work

    A Scam from the Beginning
    ( Of course, it’s the USA )

    But all the money was embezzled

    About $550 BILLION

    by the Bush Crime Family to cover the money they stole in the Savings and Loan Scam.

    Bottom Line..
    The Nazis are helpless

    They’re helpless while the Killing of Russian soldiers continue unabated by 30 Nazi countries.

    Lastly..why, what would happen?

    Would the Nazis say bad things about Russia..

    Make up lies…?

    Physically attack innocent individual Russians in the West

    Like Gangsters would..?

    Politicians lose more wars than Generals.


  4. Mr Lendman

    One last fleeting thought.

    Isn’t that what President Putin
    Warned the Nazis two weeks ago…?

    They should expect some
    “Unexpected Consequences”

    If they didn’t stop sending weapons to the Ukraine..?

    The West..as per usual..

    Not only have they not stopped,

    They’ve been increased significantly…

    And even more sophisticated weapons being sent…

    With the Nazis bragging to the World Press about their money they’ll spend

    and their determination to destroy Russia whatever it takes ..!

    Russia wake up, please.

    You’re playing with blood thirsty Blood Simple deranged Killers.



  5. Mr Lendman

    One nuke..
    Langley Virginia

    10:00 am
    Full House

    Kill 95% of all the Terrorists in the World.

    It would be the Greatest Day in History..

    75 % of Americans would applaud..

    99.5 % of the World.

    And there’s nothing the Serial Killers can do about it.

    Except make up lies..
    And say bad things about Russia.


  6. Mr Lendman,

    I just read in Sputnik that the
    PM of Finland wants to fast track their membership into NATO..!

    The minute Finland joins NATO Blow up Helsinki and Turku..

    With Extreme Prejudice.

    Show them..and the World what
    NATO membership means..

    And watch Washington and London come up with a 1000

    alibis why they can’t and won’t fight Russia..!

    Same as 1939..

    A pledge from the Gangsters is totally worthless.

    NATO fight Russia..


    They haven’t got the Weaponry
    The will of the People

    or the Petro to drive to the Dilly


  7. Mr Lendman

    It’s perfectly clear
    The USA sank the Moscow.

    In virtually Russian Waters!

    There is no absolutely no doubt.
    Science is science.

    Pentagon lies cannot change Science.

    An Appropriate Response:

    Using the new hydrosonic torpedoes…

    Sink one of the Nazis ships

    Carl Vinson
    GHW Bush
    Abe Lincoln..

    An Eye for an Eye..

    Look Ma ,
    No hands..!


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