US/West Getting Fleas from Lying with Nazified Ukrainian Dogs

Playing with matches risks getting burned.

Associating with undesirables risks self-inflicted harm.

Dominant Nazi-infested Ukrainians aren’t the type folks you’d invite to meet family and friends.

Nor what individuals of good sense would want to hang out with.

Yet hegemon USA and its Western vassals treat them like normal people, their extremism ignored, their war crimes and related atrocities encouraged.

For how much longer will this go on if Ukrainian dogs spreading destructive fleas keep biting the hands feeding them.

That’s the reality behind inventing a nonexistent force majeure as a phony pretext for halting vitally needed Russian-supplied gas to Europe.

Whatever the stated reasons, Ukraine’s move comes at a time of an energy crisis caused by partially embargoing Russian energy by the US/West, aiming to harden the policy further.

As a previous article explained, this action caused energy prices and overall inflation to soar.

Ignored is that energy-rich Russia is the world’s second largest producer of natural gas and its largest exporter.

It’s the third largest producer of oil and second largest exporter of the commodity.

Cutting Russian energy to the West comes at the expense of harming their economies and people.

It virtually assures severe and protracted economic decline for as long as this harebrained policy lasts.

It’s a classic example of self-inflicting wounds.

It’s contributing to thirdworldizing of the US/West.

While the ruling class of these nations benefits greatly from the largest ever transfer of wealth to their privileged few, it come at the expense of greatly harming most others in their societies.

According to Russia’s Gazprom, it received no information about anything standing in the way of normal gas transiting from Lugansk in Donbass to Ukraine.

Yet according to the ruling regime’s Gas Transit Services of Ukraine (OGTSU), overall deliveries were partially halted as of May 11 because of “Russian occupiers (sic).”

On Wednesday, Russian gas through Ukraine declined by about 25%.

Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov explained that as of May 11, “Ukraine has left only one entry point for transit to Europe, which significantly reduces the reliability of its gas supply.”

He also explained that Kiev’s proposed alternate route is “technologically impossible,” adding:

“(D)stribution of volumes is clearly spelled out in the cooperation agreement dated December 30, 2019, and the Ukrainian side is well aware of this.”

No obstacles exist to continue distribution this way.

Claims otherwise by Ukraine’s OGTSU are invented, not legitimate.

If its policy sticks, there’s no ambiguity about the result.

Energy costs will increase further, making them less affordable than already.

The same goes for overall inflation.

Increased energy prices drive the cost of transported goods higher.

Unaffordable diesel fuel costs caused many truckers to shut down their rigs because they’re unprofitable to operate.

Businesses across the board and consumers are adversely affected.

Larger ones can absorb higher costs and pass them on by raising prices of their goods to customers.

Smaller ones have less leverage, little pricing power.

What’s going on is a made-in-the-USA-UK/EU supported perfect storm — a critical situation created by self-destructive policies.

What may greatly worsen could be long-lasting.

It includes the highest US inflation in 75 years, growing poverty because costs greatly exceed wage increases, unprecedented sanctions war on Russia causing self-inflicted harm to Western states, and a colossal US national debt created by money printing madness — while vital homeland needs go begging.

At the same time, events in the US/West resemble what occurred in Nazi Germany after Hitler became chancellor in January 1933, then fuhrer in August 1934.

Freedoms began eroding ahead of disappearing altogether.

The pattern is repeating now in the US/West.

Hitler’s rise to power led to WW II.

Will ongoing events culminate in global war 3.0?

During WW I and II, waring sides used their most destructive weapons against adversaries.

Will humanity survive if the pattern repeats — another global war with infinitely more destructive weapons available now than earlier?

That’s today’s monumental threat at a time when sociopaths and psychopaths are running things in Washington and key European capitals.

Today is by far the most perilous time in world history.

The risk of things boiling over catastrophically real is ominously high.

4 thoughts on “US/West Getting Fleas from Lying with Nazified Ukrainian Dogs

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  1. Mr Lendman


    As usual, you covered alot of ground in this brief article.

    Jam packed with extremely important points.

    First the garbage..
    Needs to be disposed of..

    That of Nazi Royalty
    “Elvis” Zelensky

    The Jewish Nazi
    feted by the World’s Nazi Elite !

    ( In the near future
    At Nuremberg II

    We’ll simply run back the tape

    To see all the Collaborators giving him standing ovations..

    That show of affection..

    That love of the
    Banderite Jewish Nazi

    That Alone..will get them a real good jail sentence..)

    These are the dregs of Society

    Lipstick on Pigs..!

    Now the Point:

    You cannot mess up the World as badly as it has been done

    Without a Conscious Plan to do exactly that.

    Everything is furcockta.

    No doubt…as many European Intellectuals have stated,

    It’s the US Imperialists plan to
    Weaken Europe.

    To literally destroy Europe..

    So it can remain in the orbit of the US Heroin Pushers.

    That simple.
    Empirical evidence pervades every aspect.

    Today, for instance

    Would the despicable drugged up Jewish Nazi Comedian

    Simply turn off the Gas
    On his own volition…?


    It’s the irrefutably the work of the CIA.

    Qwick Question:

    If you’re Jewish
    And yet you love Nazis

    Like Oberfuhrer Zelensky

    Does that make you a real
    “Self-Hating Jew?”

    As opposed to the slogan
    The illiterate Zionists throw

    around to label honest Jews who oppose the FILTH of Zionism.


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