A Summary of Thursday’s MSM Fake News on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine

MSM presstitution long ago substituted for  journalism as it should be.

On all things Russia and Ukraine, there’s no ambiguity about who’s winning and losing, none about how things will turn out ahead.

According to independent analyst Ljubisa Malenica:

“Russian military formations have retained their offensive capabilities and are currently showing initiative in the Donbass area.” 

Their “advance is slow but constant.” 

In contrast, “no large-scale Ukrainian offensive has been observed for the entire duration of the conflict.” 

Russian forces gained control over “one quarter of Ukraine.”

No defeat of their forces by Kiev occurred since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24.

Claims otherwise by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents are fake news.

Up against vastly superior Russian military strength, “Ukrainian forces do not have the ability to organize a major military operation that would critically jeopardize the results of Russian advances so far.”

Its forces maintain indisputable ground, aerial and naval superiority over greatly degraded Ukrainian troops. 

Once Russia liberates Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation, the defeat of Ukrainian forces will largely have achieved the demilitarization of Kiev.

Yet according to NYT fake news, Russian forces are “losing ground (sic).”

Citing unnamed Ukrainian and Western sources, Russia faces its “biggest setback (sic) since its (nonexistent) retreat from Kiev (sic).

The above rubbish is typical Times misreporting.

On virtually all major issues, turning truth on its head is its longstanding specialty.

And this Times fake news:

“More than 1,000 bodies of executed civilians (were) recovered in areas north of Kiev that were (controlled earlier) by Russian forces.”

No evidence of civilian executions by Russian forces exists — what Nazified Ukrainian forces are guilty of.

What the Times and other MSM called war crimes in Ukraine were committed by Nazified thugs.

So-called “skill and bravery of Ukrainian soldiers” are largely nonexistent, notably among conscripts.

Hundreds continue to lay down their arms and surrender daily.

No Russian advances were “thwarted” by Ukrainian troops as the Times falsely claimed.

Nor did US/Western sanctions cripple Russia’s economy, far from it. They’ve largely shot blanks.

And this Times fake news:

Citing a Biden regime official with no credibility, “Russian detention camps are interrogating and torturing (sic)” Ukrainian POWs.

On issues related to detentions and torture, the Times and other MSM are mum about hegemon USA’s global gulag.

No evidence links Russia to these heinous practices.

No Ukrainian civilians were “forced…out of their homes and into camps in Russian-controlled territory,” as the Times falsely reported.

No “beatings, torture and sexual violence” by its forces — what are longstanding US/NATO/Ukrainian Nazi specialties.

What the Times called Ukrainian “soldiers (inside) the Mariupol steel plant are Nazified thugs — murderers, torturers, rapists.

And this Times Russophobic opinion piece, saying:

“The West needs a strategy that guarantees Russia will end up regretting its actions (sic).”

US/Western regimes “must make sure (that) Russia (is) in a worse position than before” its SMO began.

What the Times called “horrific abuse(s) of human rights” were committed by Ukrainian forces, not Russian ones.

The goes for “atrocities” in Ukraine — a specialty of its Nazified thugs, not how Russia operates.

Calling for Moscow to be “completely isolated from access to Western economies” ignored reality.

On the one hand, Russia is largely self-sufficient.

The West greatly needs Russian energy, uranium and other commodities.

Russia needs little, if anything, from the West.

And this WaPo rubbish:

Russia “destroyed…houses, apartment buildings” and other civilian targets in Ukraine (sic).”

“Mariupol has been largely cut off from the world (sic).”

What WaPo called Russian “horrors” were committed by Ukrainian forces, mainly Nazified thugs.

WaPo and other MSM go out of their way to invent fake news reports about Russia’s SMO.

Truth and full disclosure is entirely absent in their Russophobic propaganda.

Separately, WaPo congratulated US/Western regimes for waging sanctions war on Russia.

At the same time, it grudgingly admitted that they’re biting US/Western economies and consumers — notably by soaring inflation, shortages of essential goods, and growing economic weakness.

And this WaPo rubbish:

“The world will eventually celebrate a final Ukrainian victory” over Russia (sic).

No push back of its forces occurred.

Who’ll pay for rebuilding Ukraine when Russia declares mission accomplished?

US/European taxpayers no doubt — at the expense of their vital homeland needs that continue to go begging.

And this WSJ rubbish:

Citing nonexistent video evidence, the Journal falsely accused Russian forces of “fir(ing) on and kidnap(ping) fleeing (Ukrainian) civilians (sic).”

“Moscow sustained heavy losses, failing to conquer (new areas because of) battlefield setbacks (sic).”

Claiming that “Putin (intends) to seize all or most of Ukraine (sic)” is more Journal rubbish.

A so-called Ukrainian general was cited, falsely claiming that Russia suffered heavy losses and was reluctant to fly missions (sic).”

Fabricated reports about “Ukrainian forces hold(ing) the line in Donbass” reflect more Journal rubbish.

Daily MSM fake news continues with no end of it in prospect.

When Russia finally declares mission accomplished in Ukraine, MSM most likely will change the subject to ignore reality on the ground.

6 thoughts on “A Summary of Thursday’s MSM Fake News on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman


    You realize, a big part of the enormous lying campaign

    Even for these professional liars

    Is to keep up the Illusion of a Uki victory so Criminals in Congress

    Can get their blood money..!

    The Ukraine is a fiefdom in the Democratic Party Criminal Syndicate..

    Their own little Idaho..
    Been milking it for years..!

    Can the Uki Cannon Fodder
    Stay in the Field

    So the Swinehuntz like Nancy and Chuckie can get their money

    So it’s Best the Clock
    with Bud Collier…!

    Love that Rand Paul.



    He of course will funnel about $20 Billion straight to Israel..

    Under the table of course,
    The Zionist way.

    The Weapons Nazi Collaborators are sending now are going to be

    Partially rerouted

    Diverted to other theaters where the Stink are planning coups and backing Drug Cartels .

    Col.Fletcher Prouty’s Book
    I forgot the name..

    While the Gangsters were murdering Koreans in the early 50s

    They were secretly sending arms meant for Korea to Vietnam

    To set up their next
    Grab and Go..and Mass Murder!

    Two things I feel are important

    The entire West is invested in this Charade.

    I’ve never seen anything like before

    It’s their Cause Celebre..
    Once beaten.

    And the Ukis will be..

    They will not walk away..
    And Go Gently into the night

    We see the Twilight Years of Empires are always full of Reduxs..

    The Carthaginians and Romans
    Refought the same wars

    Over and Over again..
    Over the same issues
    Over the same lands ..

    France and England
    At it for 3 Centuries

    Same, same.

    The Agenda of the West
    Bleed Russia..

    Part and parcel of total war on the new Hegemonic Powers..

    This we all know..

    But the reason I say that is simple and Straightforward:

    That’s the Reason why it’s Imperative..

    Absolutely Imperative..

    That Russia completely stop all the Nazi Collaborators from Sending weapons to Ukraine.

    I Mean a Full Stop.

    By any means necessary.

    Particularly now..

    While Russia has the
    Boogie Stick

    The Sarmat..
    and the Nazis don’t.

    Use it or lose it.



    Until the F

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman.

    How’s it going with the
    Ukrainian De Na zi fi ca tion..?

    Fung Schwayed ..!

    Well if the Following is any indication…

    You tell me, sir..

    Sec of D called Shougi for the time in three months

    And ” Told ” Shougi
    the Ukraine needed a


    Think maybe the NaziFuxs
    Can read the Tea Leaves..?


    And two weeks ago the NAZIS
    didn’t want one..!

    What changed?


    What ..the Nazis are getting wiped out ..?



    Now the Perps..
    The perpetrators of the immoral Designers War on Russia…

    Wants a Ceaee Fire..!


    Lloyd Austin..
    The $60 Billion Dollar Man.

    “We can build him back….

    Better Gangsta.

    A Ceaee Fire..

    That pretty much tells you exactly how it’s going for the Nazis.


    Go Russia
    To Total Victory!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Still more Nazis living in Russia than in Ukraine. Time for Putin to blow up some more Russian apartment buildings to get rid of them.

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  4. As a faculty member at Harvard, I give this post an F. None of your arguments are supported by any evidence, cites no sources, and comes across as a desperate rant. See me after class Stephen.


    1. “Dislike.” You have every right to comment, but you surely don’t come across to this reader as a “Harvard” fm. Prove it — and provide “arguments…evidence…sources…” of your own. Otherwise, get outta here (“Out, damned spot!”).


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