Russia’s Liberating SMO in Ukraine

US/Western created and supported Nazified tyranny in Ukraine is a festering sore in Europe’s heartland.

Russia’s SMO intends to expunge the malignant tumor that masquerades as a nation state — in support of returning peace and stability to the continent for the first time since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

Commenting on the threat posed by Ukraine on Friday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

In stark contrast to restoring peace and stability to Europe’s heartland — what Russia has forthrightly supported since the US coup in Ukraine — Kiev follows diabolical orders from its higher power in Washington.

Its regime wants to “join the European Union” an alliance that operates in similar fashion to NATO, Lavrov explaining:

“(T)he EU transform(ed) (itself) from a constructive economic platform as it was conceived into an aggressive belligerent player that announces it has ambitions far beyond Europe,” adding:

According to European Commission president von der Leyen — a militant Russophobe, a menace to European peace — the EU should be actively involved in the Indo/Pacific, along with hegemon USA.

She and likeminded extremists in Europe aim to operate the EU like NATO — with waging forever wars on two fronts in mind, likely with nukes ahead.

Separately on Saturday, Vladimir Putin spoke to his Finnish counterpart, Sauli Niinisto, at the latter’s request. 

According to a Kremlin readout:

Russia’s president “shared his assessment of the state of the negotiation process between Russian and Ukrainian representatives, which has been de facto suspended by Kiev, which has not shown interest in a serious and meaningful dialogue.”

Putin also warned Niinisto that abandoning Finland’s traditional neutrality would be a major mistake — notably at a time when his nation faces no external threats.

Joining NATO will also adversely affect bilateral relations with Russia.

Years of “neighborliness and partnership cooperation” will be erased by the move, Putin explained. 

Niinsto, in turn, said that he’ll decide in days on the issue of Finland joining NATO.

As a previous article explained, Russia will respond appropriately to a move that threatens its security if Niinsto agrees to join the war-making alliance.

Sweden appears set to abandon its longtime neutrality in similar fashion.

These and similar moves heighten the risk of global war by accident or design.

Nations bowing to hegemon USA’s will jeopardize their security in the process instead of the other way around.

Separately, Russia’s Defense Ministry explained that its forces continue to degrade Ukraine’s battered and beaten military more than already.

Overnight, Russian forces struck five Ukrainian command posts, two weapons depots and scores of Nazified thugs, eliminating them.

Six more Ukrainians UAVs were destroyed.

In response to repeated cross-border attacks by Ukrainian forces on Russian territory, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

“First and foremost, this is a situation that indicates the necessity to introduce additional measures to strengthen security in regions bordering Ukraine.”

According to Belgorod Region Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, cross-border shelling by Ukraine damaged 17 houses, six cars and injured a 14-year-old boy.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, General Dmitry Konashenkov, earlier warned Kiev that if cross-border strikes continue, Russian forces will strike the regime’s decision-making centers, including in and around Kiev.

It begs the question. Why haven’t these centers been targeted and destroyed by now.

What is Russia’s Defense Ministry waiting for?

Actions by Kiev follow orders by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

They’re indifferent to the lives and well-being of Ukrainian military personnel and civilians.

I respect the aim of Russian forces to focus on military targets alone, wanting harm to Ukrainian civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure avoided.

At the same time, all-out efforts should be made to smash Kiev’s war-making capabilities as effectively and swiftly as possible.

That includes elimination of of Ukraine’s decision-making centers wherever they’re located.

There’s no doubt about the successful outcome of Russia’s SMO in Ukraine.

The sooner it’s concluded, the more lives that will be saved, along with less destruction to already battered Ukrainian territory.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, Russia halted electricity supplies to Finland, a statement saying:

“(W)e are forced to note that for the volumes which have been sold on the Nord Pool exchange since May 6, funds have not yet been credited to our bank account.”

“We hope that the situation will improve soon and the electricity trade with Russia can resume.”

According to Finland’s vice president of power systems operations, Reima Paivinen:

“(L)ack of electricity imports from Russia will be compensated for by importing more electricity from Sweden and by generating more electricity” internally.

Finland is shooting itself in the foot by abandoning decades of good relations with Moscow — as pressured by hegemon USA.

Helsinki also relies heavily on Russia’s natural gas.

Moscow hasn’t indicated if it’ll halt deliveries if Finland joins NATO.

Clearly they’ll be halted if Helsinki fails to pay for what’s supplied.

Reporting on a halt of Russian electricity to Finland, NYT fake news reinvented reality as follows, saying:

“Russia is using energy as a weapon (sic)” in response to the prospect of Finland and Sweden joining NATO (sic).

Not a word by the Times of nonpayment by Helsinki since May 6 — why Russia halted electricity supplies.

It’s another example of how the Times reinvents reality on all things related to US invented enemies.

And at the same time, it repeatedly lies to and mass deceives its readers.

Featuring fake news, what they need and deserve to know, the self-styled newspaper of record suppresses.

7 thoughts on “Russia’s Liberating SMO in Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman

    You hit the Nail on the Head
    In a.short article..

    What a Tragedy it is for Finland to join NATO

    I’ll come back to that subject.
    First this.

    The EU is nothing more than a Blown up Exaggerated Pompous
    Chamber of Commerce..

    Just like the CC in Peoria..
    Except the Asslickers pay themselves 20 x as much !

    And have ‘tude’
    Total Sham.

    Moreover they’re the PR kit
    For the Military Wing NATO

    Like the Rotary Club

    Pimps the German Bund
    or Hillel Youth..

    Where I’m from
    Way down in the Cotton fields

    of Georgia or my Sweet Home on Alabama..

    The KKK pretty much
    Ain’t no different..

    Ya play ball with them..
    Or iffin you don’t..

    Well that’s something
    We ain’t gonna talk about here,

    Mr Lavrov is Exactly Right!

    I’d start pushing the Envelope
    US Troops and Bases
    Out of Europe..!

    All together.

    Not only is it Historically

    Just like Converting to the Ruble..for payments..




    It’s as timely…maybe more
    The Whole World will Understand

    Why ask for half Measures..?

    They’re only band aids on
    Cancer Sores…

    BTW..although the Schiese kupt
    In Lederhosen don’t yet really understand

    They Will Soon Enough..

    Russia is the Leading Country of Europe..!

    Russia needs to Stand Up For Europe..

    That’s who Russia is..
    That’s who was 80 yrs ago

    That’s who Russia is Now..!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman..

    Two or three crazy things about Finland and even Sauli.

    First off, I’m a mustard guy.
    If I opened my frig right now

    I’ve got 5 different types nof mustard.

    If I was in LA I’d have ten.

    I’m a very simple man,

    Wealth to me was eight different cheeses
    and a dozen mustards..!

    Sounds crazy huh
    The Reason I started there

    Was Because Finland,

    Has the best Mustard in the World.

    Somewhat similar to the
    Brown Northern Germany..

    But unique for all the World.

    Sir..I loved Finland.
    Loved Everything about it.

    Everyone was like me..
    Wanted to walk in the Woods

    Pick berries..
    Laugh at the Sun..

    Watch a gaggle of geese
    For an hour..

    Wondering how they knew to make that landing in perfect Formation like the Blue Angels.

    Seinfeld in the Rockies.

    What a beautiful peaceful tranquil country.

    I love Finns.
    Huckleberry Finns.

    I could live there
    It pains we greatly

    I’m so sorry for them.

    I might add..
    See how the Big Pharm Gangsters paid off Dr Fausti

    And these Monsters killed people for money..

    OMG…Spare the 5:yr olds..
    No…they need it..

    My Heart has Turned to Stone.

    Well just like Big Pharm and the Scam..

    I’d bet the CIA paid off some
    Finnish Politicians Big Time.

    Don’t have to have read,

    “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man “…

    By Perkins

    To realize there’s alot of Cash being dished out.

    Ask any Finn if Russia was ever a problem..

    They all say no
    In fact..we liked them.

    They came over to go shopping”

    There are about 20 or 30 Finns here..

    They all say that ..!

    Lastly, In 2004 I was surfing Indonesia..

    Sumatra..only a 3O minute flight from Singapore

    Ache was one of the
    Top Ten Greatest Surf Spots

    In the World..!

    I think I met Sauli on the there.
    Said hello..

    seemed like a very nice chap.
    Weird huh..

    I should call him up..
    Talk him out of his idiocy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr Lendman

    Sunday morning..3:00 am

    Holy Weeping Jesus ..

    I was Reading Sputnik
    Lavrov drops the bomb..

    “Boy I say Boy”
    Foghorn Leghorn


    Speaks the Truth to the
    Big Bully Boy

    Said there is an all out war on Russia..


    And here’s the Chili Dog..

    And Russia is ready to Accept the Challenge…


    That, ” Russia is at a Crossroads
    And ready to assume it’s place in the New World Order…!”


    Ready… there’s more,

    “And Russia has already made the necessary Decisions…

    And the Aftermath will be felt by everyone..!”

    Wow …!

    God Bless You Mr Lavrov..!
    God Bless Comrade Tovarish !

    And God Bless
    all Eleven Time Zones of Russia.

    Here we go Giants..
    Here We Go…

    Tells Everything at all at once..
    Across all time and dimensions.

    You’re gonna make it.
    You’re gonna make it.

    You’re gonna make it

    Pray you never vary, sir,

    Cuz garantee

    you’re shooting straight 8 Ball
    Now, sir.


    Is the whole Ball of Wax..

    Cuz you got everything else
    And Bruce Lee Covering your Back…

    As I dated Previously
    Comrade Tovarish.

    The Gods are Riding Shotgun
    With Russia..!

    Yes, now is the Time .

    The Chair is Empty..

    A New Sheriff’s in town..

    Yes Now is the Time.

    Cuz you got Science and that big whoop ass stick…!

    Ain’t nothing like a good ass whooping

    to make the Bully Boy think alot clearer.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mr Lendman

    Back to the Future!


    The Play:

    Why shouldn’t Russia exploit the Original,

    Send a couple of White Swans and Nuclear Subs to Cuba..

    Let the Nazi Collaborators go ballistic again..

    GO INSANE..!

    Play the Tape of Washington Gangsters complaining..24/7

    Repeatedly followed by

    Mr Lavrov:

    What’s the problem..?

    You have us surrounded
    by 30 countries armed

    To the teeth..
    right up to our borders..

    And you’re upset..?
    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Liked by 1 person

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