US War Secretary on Bended Knee to Russia

Dominant Biden regime hardliners put their money on crushing Russia’s economy by unprecedented sanctions war — along with creating quagmire conditions in Ukraine for its forces.

Things aren’t going as planned for the empire of lies, its NATO vassals and MSM press agents.

Russia economy is holding up well. 

According to Bloomberg Economics, revenues from oil and gas exports are 36% higher year-over-year.

In Q I, Russia’s current account surplus was $58.2 billion — a three-decade high.

Why? Because of harebrained US/UK/EU policy to partially embargo these and other Russian commodities. 

Russia’s ruble is outperforming the dollar and euro.

According to Bloomberg, it’s the world’s best performing currency this year, saying:

“The ruble’s gains result from a series of measures taken by the government to defend the…currency in the aftermath of Western sanctions,” adding: 

Along with “imposing capital controls, Russia forced exporters to sell foreign-exchange and is demanding its (oil and) natural gas be paid for in rubles.” 

What’s happening is “remarkable” at a time of all-out US/Western sanctions war on the country.

Hegemon USA’s plans laid an egg.

Economic and financial conditions in Russia are holding up well while US/Western economies are stumbling toward recession at a time of soaring inflation.

Even UK-based The Economist admitted the following last week, saying:

“(T)he Russian economy (is) defying predictions of collapse.”

Its “real economy is surprisingly resilient.”

US/Western gloom and doom “forecasts” were wrong, Bloomberg reported.

So did Foreign Policy magazine, saying:

“Despite predictions of doom for the heavily sanctioned Russian economy…(its) export revenues r(ose), and its financial sector is avoiding a liquidity crisis.”

Former State Department official, Edward Fishman, admitted that Russia is “mak(ing) at least a billion dollars a day selling oil and gas” alone.

Most European countries complied with Russia’s demand by paying for Russian oil and gas in rubles, strengthening the currency.

According to noted military analyst Andrei Martyanov, battered and beaten Ukrainian forces are demoralized.

Accomplishing Russia’s SMO objectives is just a matter of time — while Ukraine’s military and economy are collapsing.

Why did US war secretary Austin ask to speak to his Russian counterpart, Sergey Shoigu?

Clearly not because US/NATO strategy in Ukraine is going as planned.

Polar opposite is reality.

Russian forces are advancing steadily at the expense of badly battered and beaten Ukrainian troops.

According to the US war department on Friday, Austin called Shoigu, adding:

The spoke for the first time since Feb. 18 — six days before Russia’s SMO began.

“Austin urged an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine.”

There’s no ambiguity why. 

Continuation of Russia’s SMO assures the demilitarization of Ukraine and collapse of its economy more than already. 

That’s the reality faced by Biden regime policymakers.

Russia is winning the battle of Ukraine.

Kiev already lost.

Hegemon USA’s plans are in tatters.

Analyst Larry Johnson stressed the following:

If Russia faced quagmire conditions in Ukraine, “Shoigu would be the guy calling Austin…begging for mercy.”

“If Russia is on the ropes, why” would Austin urge an “immediate ceasefire?”

In response to his request, Shoigu likely said:  идите стучите по песку — go pound sand in translation, Johnson explained.

Russian forces continue to advance at the expense of Ukrainian ones.

“The Russian offensive in Donbass ramped up significantly in the last week…” 

It’s “carving up entrenched Ukrainian units with no hope of being reinforced or rescued by a counter-offensive.”

In stark contrast to MSM fake news, Russian forces liberated and now control Mariupol.

Life for its long-suffering residents is slowly returning to normal.

Thousands of tons of Russian humanitarian aid are turning things around — along with the beginning or rebuilding what’s been destroyed.

Vital services are being restored.

Remaining Nazified thugs inside the city’s Azovstal steel plant can only hold out so much longer.

Their fate is sealed.

If refuse to surrender, they’re doomed.

Since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24, Ukraine’s military achieved no battlefield triumphs over vastly superior Russian Federation forces.

Claims otherwise by US/Western regimes, puppet Zelensky and their MSM press agents have been bald-faced Big Lies.

Whenever these claims were made, no evidence accompanied them because there is none.

Decidedly on its back foot, Ukraine’s military is virtually defeated.

It can drag things out longer at the cost of thousands more of its troops killed, wounded or taken prisoner.

Or it can surrender to save their lives and protect their well-being.

What any responsible leadership would do, puppet Zelensky presses on in response to demands by his higher power in Washington.

The Biden regime and its subservient NATO vassals consider Ukrainian troops expendable.

So Russia’s SMO is likely to continue until their remnants are too battered, beaten, exhausted and entirely demoralized to go on.

The above reality may likely be achieved after Russia liberates Donbass entirely.

Perhaps at that time, Vladimir Putin may be able to publicly state that Russia’s mission was accomplished.

There’s virtually nothing the US/West can do to stop what’s coming — other than launch WW III, a frightening possibility that may lie ahead.

4 thoughts on “US War Secretary on Bended Knee to Russia

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Never before has Imperialism been in such a perilous position.

    Certainly not by Nazi Germany.

    Never..not even after the 1929 Stock Market Crash.

    That will seem like Disneyland..
    Compared to this Fiasco.

    A Self Inflicted Mortal Wound
    Accomplished by the World’s greatest Morons.

    Never been a Ruling Class as inept as this Group of Bandits.

    In all of History..!

    So many War Crimes
    So many Lies..

    They have no Moral Authority

    Fibber McGee and Molly
    Tony and Lloyd..

    With their stupendous stupidity
    Have by virtue

    Of having no virtues..
    No Scruples..
    No Humanity

    No anyhow
    No anything

    Nothing but Drugs and War

    “And These are the Keepers of the Rules?” asked Yoda.

    The Serial Killers
    Have by Right

    Passed the Torch
    To Russia and China.

    World Imperialism

    Put all their eggs into a War and Couo in Russia..

    Regime Change..
    With another idiot like Yeltsin

    They Have Failed.

    They have failed on the Battlefield.

    And they will fail dramatically in the Decades to come.

    The Nazi Collaborators who destroyed the World

    Will be Reviled
    By all the Coming Generations.

    The Destroyers…
    The Liars .

    The Bio Weapons Lab Freaks

    The Real “Odessa File”
    Nazis in the 21st Century..!

    Morons that

    Cut off their dick’s
    To “Hurt Russia ”


    They will be totally aced out of manufacturing 21st and
    22 Century Products.

    8/10 Rare Earth Minerals..

    Found predominantly in Russia and China.

    As if Mother Nature already picked sides.


    Baboons..fresh off their Victory in Afghanistan…


    Now gonna take down Russia.


    What .. you’re leaving Russia

    No Starbucks
    We’ll make our own

    Need a PhD in Spectral Physics
    To make Coffee…


    No IKEA .
    GREAT… We’ll make Furniture

    No Master Card or VISA ..
    Fabulous we’ll use Union Pay

    Russia has Everything..

    Importantly, Everything Imperialism needs!

    Int..Day..Rodeo Dr..Tiffany’s

    “Oh you like that diamond,
    Mrs Rosenbloom..$170,000..!”

    MrsR: I thought you said $150 last week, Stanley…?”

    “Well yes, dear..
    But that was last week..

    Prices change..
    Russian Ruble skyrocketing..

    Don’t blame me..

    Blame that Idiot President you elected……….or was selected.

    Not to mention,

    US Pals got US Debt
    Russia got the Gold..!


    And not to mention..

    Russia has the best Friend
    In the Entire World..!

    China .another Straight Shooter just like Russia.

    There isn’t one straight shooting Cowboy in the entire West.

    All liars, jackels and thieves
    Like the Big Boss Man.


    US wants a Truce or Something

    Now that the Nazis are getting wiped off the Board..?

    Here’s what I say..

    “Get your troops out of Europe
    Russia left 30 years ago..

    WWII was over 77 yrs ago..
    Get Out..go home..

    Fix your own Shithole
    Cuz it’s a Mess..

    And then we’ll talk..!”



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