Daily MSM Russophobic Malarkey

Over the weekend, Biden regime-led decadent, depraved and deranged NATO foreign ministers are meeting in Berlin to plot their next moves against Russia.

Ignoring the risk of pushing things things dangerously toward possible East/West confrontation, Germany’s so-called foreign minster Baerbock and US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg announced the meeting last week, saying:

Alliance foreign ministers will meet this weekend in Berlin, adding:

Their Finnish and Swedish counterparts were invited to participate “in the evening of the first day” on Saturday — ahead of the likely accession of their nations to the war-making alliance.

According to NYT fake news, NATO foreign ministers in Ukraine are discussing “how (Russia’s SMO) undermined Vladimir Putin’s war aims (sic),” falsely adding:

“The prospect of NATO admitting Ukraine, however remote, was one of Mr. Putin’s stated reasons for invading Ukraine (sic).”

Once again, the Times ignored his publicly stated reasons for launching Russia’s SMO — substituting fake news for them.

And this Times rubbish from its Sunday fake news edition:

“Ukrainian forces reclaimed territory in the country’s northeast on Saturday (sic), driving Russian forces away from the city of Kharkov (sic) and going on the offensive near the occupied town of Izium (sic).”

Since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24, no Ukrainian offensive actions took place, no effective counterattacks.

Like other MSM, the Times maintains the illusion of advancing Ukrainian forces, pushing back Russian ones — what hasn’t happened throughout the SMO.

And this perversion of reality by the Times:

Moscow’s already achieved “broad encirclement of Ukrainian forces is slipping out of Russia’s reach (sic).”

Russian forces are advancing, not “retreat(ing)” in Ukraine.

A captured Ukrainian military officer likely spoke for the vast majority of other regime forces, saying:

“I want to appeal to my comrades.”

“Lay down your arms, Nobody needs this war” — what’s going very badly for Kiev against vastly superior Russian forces.

The Times and other MSM pretend otherwise.

They’re increasingly fooling themselves most of all — while unstoppable Russian forces continue rolling over retreating Ukrainian ones.

Citing the bozo BoJo regime, a source with no credibility, the Times falsely claimed that Russia’s campaign “lost momentum (sic).” 

And this Times rubbish:

“Russia suffered high levels of attrition over the last month (sic).”

It “likely suffered losses of one third of the ground combat forces it committed in February (sic).”

The above fake news and reality on the ground are worlds apart.

Ukrainian forces, not Russian ones, experienced significant attrition in their ranks.

Leadership with concern for the lives and well-being for its people would have surrendered to vastly superior Russian forces weeks ago.

Following orders from his US master, puppet Zelensky presses on with an already lost campaign — with no prospect of turning things around, just making a bad situation worse the longer Russia’s SMO continues.

As for the White House imposter, he’s as delusional as Zelensky.

Both are figurehead know-nothings, aware only of what’s scripted for them to recite.

Ignoring steady advances by Russian forces, the Times pretended that its SMO is “frozen (sic),” that Moscow is “lo(sing)” what’s already won.

That Kiev is achieving “military success” not gotten or in prospect.

Nor will throwing billions more dollars at Ukraine change things on the ground.

And this Times defiance of reality:

“We know that Russian military doctrine envisions using tactical nuclear weapons defensively (sic), to turn the tide in a losing war (sic)” virtually won.

Reading lines scripted by his US master to recite, puppet Zelensky once again falsely accused Russia of “committing (nonexistent) genocide against the Ukrainian people (sic),” adding:

“Europe has not seen such crimes since World War II (sic).”

Over the weekend, WaPo quoted fake news by the so-called Institute for the Study of War, falsely claiming:

Kiev “won the battle of Kharkov” — not waged.

Moscow “decided to withdraw fully (sic)” from positions around the city because of “spirited Ukrainian counterattacks and limited Russian reinforcements (sic).”

Reality on the ground is that superior Russian military strength froze Ukrainian forces around the city while steadily advancing at their expense on multiple fronts.

Last week, military analyst Andrei Martyanov called Ukrainian forces “completely confused,” adding:

“Nobody knows where and how they should deploy.”

A Ukrainian commander told his troops to “walk away” because the battle with Russia is lost.

Martyanov also stressed what he called a “definite trend on accelerating demoralization” among Ukrainian troops.

“This whole situation is further confirmed by soldiers of (Kiev’s) 72nd Brigade who complain about lack of equipment, ammo and about very high losses.”

Reality on the ground is absent in MSM reports — featuring fiction while ignoring indisputable facts.

They tell a story that’s worlds apart from rubbish infesting their reports. 

Pretending that Ukraine’s sow’s ear military is a silk purse defies what’s indisputable throughout areas where Russian forces are operating.

White House, State Department and Capitol Hill officials are likely mindless about reality on the ground in Ukraine.

Hellbent to undermine Russia by whatever it takes to achieve their diabolical aims, they’re harming themselves, their nation and allies instead.

Russian forces are steadily winning the battle of Ukraine.

It’s largely won already.

4 thoughts on “Daily MSM Russophobic Malarkey

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    What I find incredulous,
    The Nazi News

    Would have us believe the USA

    is pleading for a Cease Fire
    because they’re winning..!


    “Hey Hey,
    We’re the Monkees
    People say we monkey around”

    On a more serious note..
    Terribly serious..

    Everyone’s sending Weapons to the Ukraine..

    Flaunting it..!

    Totally disregarding
    Putin’s Warning..!

    They apparently don’t take him serious.

    I am of the firm conviction,

    That’s exactly why Russia should fire a non Nuclear Sarmat

    at the UK ..or USA,

    Or both.

    In late Summer
    you’d wish you had.


  2. I ve been reading more and more western speculation about Putin’s alleged bad health, any idea whether that could be true ? Another important question : how will this war ever end with all those weapons and billions of financial support being send to Ukraine ? I am very fond of Putin, he s an admirable leader compared with our spineless lying and conniving, laughing in the face, stabbing in the back useless mfrs. I do hope Russia will win this fn war but HOW in the world against those mfking western superpowers will he manage, ? Well , without having to destroy the planet that is,….they don t seem to be impressed , for the time being ……A tactical nuclear one at some point ? Then what ?


  3. Mr Lendman

    And now I see North Korea
    is in lockdown from some unmentioned virus.

    China as well, particularly in Shanghai, ostensibly.

    What are the chances the CIA sprayed or placed these deadly pathogens there..?

    Probabilities are overwhelming.

    Given the track record of these psycho killers.

    Can anyone even name a Crime they haven’t committed?

    Needless to say,

    Perhaps these are from the US Bio Labs in the Ukraine.

    The Point:

    There will not be one day of Peace or even sanity

    anywhere on Earth with these SERIAL KILLERS IN POWER.

    But we know that.

    Moreover, the USA spends
    billions on Coups, Color Revs
    and Maidan Events..!

    Why doesn’t Russia and China spend a Billion each fomenting Revolutions in Capitalist West!

    Be the best $2B a year
    You could ever spend.

    Can’t do that
    It’s not nice…!


    I’m really not prepared for your Funerals…the victims.

    I’d much rather see the Guilty put away… forever.


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