Finland and Sweden in NATO Heighten Risk of Global War

What did hegemon USA offer both countries to join the war-making alliance?

Instead of enhancing their security, they jeopardized it by the reckless decision of their leaders.

On Sunday, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said he’ll “apply for NATO membership after consulting parliament.”

Sounding delusional, he added:

“This is a historic day (sic). A new era is opening (sic).”

Last week, he turned reality on its head, claiming:

“NATO membership would strengthen Finland’s security (sic).”

“As a member of NATO, Finland would strengthen the entire defense alliance (sic).” 

“Finland must apply for NATO membership without delay.” 

“We hope that the national steps still needed to make this decision will be taken rapidly within the next few days.”

Russia and Finland share an 830-mile-long border.

According to Niinisto’s illogic, Russian nukes atop hypersonic missiles targeting Finnish territory henceforth will “strengthen” the country’s security.

The same thing applies to Sweden after its Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said the country’s ruling party she heads intends to apply for NATO membership, adding:

“Our 200 year long standing policy of military non-alignment has served Sweden well, but the question at hand is whether military non-alignment will keep serving us well (sic).”

She lied claiming that Russia’s SMO in Ukraine undermined Swedish security (sic).

Finland’s Niinisto falsely claimed the same thing, saying that Russia “altered the security environment of” his country when nothing of the sort occurred.

Russia threatens no other countries. Its SMO in Ukraine is defensive.

It followed the mobilization of over 100,000 US-controlled Ukrainian forces in preparation to invade the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk republics bordering Russia, as well as the Russian Republic of Crimea.

Because of the above reality — along with failure of good faith diplomacy by Moscow to end eight years of US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev on Donbass along its border — Russia had no other option than to counter the major threat to its security by military means.

Finnish and Swedish leaders understand the above reality.

Yet they allowed themselves to be mind-manipulated, bribed or whatever by hegemon USA to jeopardize the security of their nations by allying with its war on humanity.

On Monday, Finnish and Swedish parliaments will discuss the issue of joining NATO.

While approval of the reckless move is likely, perhaps there’s a chance that majority parliamentarians in one or both countries will oppose the move for obvious reasons.

It jeopardizes the security of both countries, especially by heightening the risk of East/West confrontation if hegemon USA keeps pushing things in this direction.

Weeks earlier, Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned that accession of Finland and/or Sweden to NATO will have “serious” political and military consequences for their countries and people.

The move will “require an adequate response from the Russian side” with protecting its security in mind.

Longstanding neutrality of both countries has been “an important factor in ensuring stability in northern Europe.”

Abandoning it by their leadership is clear evidence of their recklessness.

On May 27, 1997, Russia and the US signed the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation.

According to its preamble, the agreement “defines the goals and mechanism of consultation, cooperation, joint decision-making and joint action that will constitute the core of the mutual relations between NATO and Russia.”

US-dominated NATO pledged not to deploy nuclear weapons or troops in new member states.

The agreement covers principles for establishing security throughout Europe.

Russia and NATO pledged to refrain from use of force, as well to respect the sovereignty, borders, and territorial integrity of signatory nations to the agreement.

It was agreed to settle disputes peacefully when arise.

The Russia/NATO Permanent Joint Council was established as “a mechanism for consultations, coordination and, where appropriate, for joint decisions and joint action with respect to security issues of common concern.”

Like virtually all else that hegemon USA agreed to throughout the post-WW II period and earlier, its ruling regimes flagrantly breached the Founding Act.

For the past 25 years, the US repeatedly breached its provisions by expanding NATO’s military footprint eastward toward Russia’s borders — after vowing not one inch in this direction.

Last December, Vladimir Putin stressed the following:

“I have spoken about ‘red lines’ which we believe should not be crossed.” 

“I want everyone to understand — here in our country and abroad…” 

“The issue isn’t about the line which we don’t want someone to cross.”

“The issue is that we have nowhere to fall back to.”

US-dominated NATO “squeezed us against such a line, pardon the expression, that we can’t move around.”

“I have already said (that) they’ll put missile systems in Ukraine, 4-5 minutes flight time to Moscow.” 

“Where can we move?”

“They have simply driven us to such a state that we have to tell them: stop.”

“That’s the whole point.”

US/Western regimes “chat endlessly, speak endlessly about the need to negotiate, and do nothing, except pump up (Ukraine) with modern weapons systems, and increase the threat to Russia, with which we will then be forced to somehow deal with.”

Accession of Finland and Sweden will be the latest shoes to drop.

Russia’s SMO against US-controlled/Nazi-infested Ukraine is first and foremost about protecting its security.

According to Article 51 of the UN Charter, the right to self-defense is inviolable.

With US-controlled Ukrainian forces mobilized near its borders with intent to invade neighboring Donbass and Crimea, Russia acted defensively to protect its jeopardized security.

That’s the main aim of its SMO.

Once Finland and Sweden join NATO, Russia’s security will be more greatly jeopardized by their accession to the war-making alliance.

Protecting it against foreign threats is the top priority of all nations.

Instead of remaining neutral to protect their security, Finland and Sweden may one day greatly regret having allied with US-dominated NATO’s war on humanity.

They’re recklessly heading in this direction despite knowing that Russia poses no threat to their security.

If hegemon USA pushes things toward direct confrontation with Russia — what’s increasingly likely — both nations may become battlegrounds.

Finland especially may become a frontline state because of its long border with Russia.

Dominant US psychopaths and sociopaths keep pushing things toward direct confrontation with Russia.

They recklessly heightened the risk of global war with super-weapons able to kill us all.

Throughout the post-WW II, the risk of potential armageddon was never greater than now — because dominant lunatics infest the Washington asylum.

5 thoughts on “Finland and Sweden in NATO Heighten Risk of Global War

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Besides the Billions the CIA obviously handed out..

    Why should Finland and Sweden be any different from all the other countries..?

    And now they’re Rollin in Cash from Dope Sales..

    Of course, they got greased..

    But Worse,
    Much worse..

    They threaten you..

    Threatening your Family
    as well

    These are Dope Pushers

    Who can forget Gen Flynn
    In 2016…

    When he was the NSA..
    for Trump in 2016

    And the FBI threatened his son.

    How about H. Ross Perot

    Said the Bush Crime Family
    sent Killers to his Daughters 1992

    Angela Merkei..who wanted Nord Stream II

    The CIA was tapping her phone by 2016..

    And tried to kill her twice!
    Once you remember

    On her way to a G 20 in Argentina in 2019..

    Her plane had to make a serious stop.

    Why was that..?
    Never explained..

    But in Some Countries they explained it..!

    About where the CIA gets Busted for Spying on 8 Other
    European Countries

    Blames it on the Russians
    Of course..

    But turns out it’s all Israeli Spyware being run out of your cut throat friends in Denmark!

    Only the Hayseeds,
    County Bumpkins

    Could want to join this gang of Dope Pushers, War Criminals Liars and Robbers..?

    Hey what do they Teach you guys

    at Uppsala, Aaarhus or Helsinki…

    How to be Stupid?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman

    Part II of Mass Murder

    Wait..10 yrs ago

    ” To protect Civilians..!”.

    What happened?

    They murdered Qadaffi
    Destroyed the Country

    Made Paradise into a
    Slave Market

    Murdered a million people

    That’s NATO..
    What you didn’t know..

    That big lie..

    Hear the Devil
    The Fuxing Devil on Earth..

    ” We came
    We saw..
    We Murdered
    We Robbed
    We destroyed

    And we even got to sodomize Qadaffi..


    Hear the Devil .
    Calling you

    You dumbfuxs

    EIN so..
    When NATO
    Who’s now a World Terrorist Organization

    Calls on Sweden and Finland
    To go do another Libya

    You’re obligated to go..
    You have a Contract to go.

    Your Criminal Elite
    Who get Millions and millions

    Sold you out
    Like a batch of bad butter

    Sold you out to the Pusher Man
    And the Zionists

    Is that what you want..

    Killers for Wall St..?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, I’m naive. Don’t the *people* of Finland and Sweden have any voice?

    I am beyond disappointed….

    Thank you, Mr. Lendman, for continuing to present the truth. E.g. “(Russia’s SMO) followed the mobilization of over 100,000 US-controlled Ukrainian forces in preparation to invade the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk republics bordering Russia, as well as the Russian Republic of Crimea.” E.g., “Throughout the post-WW II, the risk of potential armageddon was never greater than now — because dominant lunatics infest the Washington asylum.”


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