Propaganda TV’s Perversion of Reality

Viewers of US propaganda TV confuse what’s aired with news and information — over understanding that it’s state-sponsored, mind-manipulating rubbish.

It’s an everyday thing in the US, including on Sundays.

Instead of journalism as it should be, MSM operate as a virtual ministry of truth for wealth, power and privileged interests.

When hegemon goes to war, plans one, or wages proxy wars against invented enemies, MSM cheerlead its aggression — along with falsely blaming its crimes of war and against humanity on victims instead of their perpetrator.

On Sunday, mad dog Pelosi was given a propaganda TV platform to lie and mass deceive viewers.

On the home front, she reinvented reality about mass-shootings in Buffalo on Saturday.

Urging gun control to leave Americans defenseless against increasingly harsh rogue state rule — especially with undemocratic Dems empowered — she ignored reality explained by analyst Jordan Sather, saying:

The incident has clear “earmarks of a standard Deep State false flag – (a) racist shooter, live-streaming on social media, (a) questionably written manifesto, symbolism at the scene, calls for gun control, and political timing of the event.” 

Used domestically and abroad, false flags are a longstanding US tradition in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

Sather explained that they’re staged “when…most politically convenient for the perpetrators.”

Ahead of November midterm elections with Republicans highly likely to regain House and Senate control because of soaring inflation, economic weakness, and significant opposition to Biden regime policies overall — what’s responsible for enormous hardships on most US households — Dems want the subject changed.

First by leaking the upcoming Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade to generate public outrage.

And over the weekend by a likely false flag mass shooting, along with throwing more tens of billions of dollars at Ukraine to wage proxy war on those bad Russians.

Hoping that all of the above — and likely more staged stunts to come — can win voter support for Dems is what’s likely behind what happened.

On Sunday, Pelosi hyperventilated about “domestic terrorism (sic)”— without explaining that the Dem controlled Congress and White House bear full responsibility, not a patsy gunman. 

Calling for greater gun control, she’s also for compromising free and open expression to control the message Dems want presented over reality about issues mattering most.

When the subject of soaring inflation was raised, she changed the subject by falsely claiming that flu/covid caused one million US deaths — a bald-faced Big Lie.

As explained in previous articles, kill shots — not the viral illness — were responsible for the vast majority of deaths falsely attributed to flu/covid.

And sticking to the fabricated Dem script, she falsely blamed Vladimir Putin for soaring US inflation, disrupted supply chains, related economic hardships most US households face, and a critical baby formula shortage.

On Sundays like other days of the week, Russia bashing gets prominent air time.

Nazified Ukraine’s so-called deputy prime minister Olga Stefansishyna showed up yesterday to lie and mass deceive US viewers about all things Russia.

Defying reality like other regime officials, she falsely claimed that battered and beaten Ukrainian troops forced Vladimir Putin to change “his strategy (sic),” adding:

“(W)e’re getting back a significant amount of our territories (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart different from the above rubbish.

Separately in response to Finland joining NATO ahead, its president Niinisto was invited on propaganda TV to recite what dominant Biden regime hardliners want him to tell US viewers.

Admitting that there’s no threat to his country’s security from Russia, he strained to explain a move that jeopardizes Finland over protecting it by remaining neutral. 

He lied claiming that Russia’s justifiable SMO — with protecting the country’s security in mind — “showed that they are ready to attack an independent neighboring country (sic).”

There’s nothing remotely “independent” about US-colonized Ukraine, nothing remotely democratic about its Nazi-infested, tyrannical rule.

As a same day article explained, abandoning longstanding Finnish neutrality to ally with US-dominated NATO’s war on humanity greatly jeopardizes the nation’s security.

Reasons Niinisto gave for wanting to join the alliance were unconvincing.

Like his Swedish counterpart acting in similar fashion, he was likely heavily pressured, mind-manipulated, and likely bribed to go along with what harms his nation over protecting it.

Like always on propaganda TV, viewers are mind-manipulated to believe what’s polar opposite reality.

Sunday was no exception.

2 thoughts on “Propaganda TV’s Perversion of Reality

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    First off.. textbook..

    Right the Fux out of
    Operation Northwood..

    These Shootings are all FF’s

    These shootings
    All Deviod of meaning

    Lotsa Black People shooting up white Folks in NYC


    No explanations
    Astonishingly vacuus..

    Then Buffalo
    Another hoax

    No real motive
    Just Jumbo fish
    Kind that get away..!

    All have the Same DNA
    and finger prints of a
    Dick Cheney Production.

    Of course, it’s old school

    Dick likes to accompany every new war simultaneously

    with a few
    Domestic Terror Campaigns

    Keep Americans scared and loathing..

    Our Government
    The Slave Owners.

    EIN so..the Battlefield..

    Only thing the Red Army needs to do …

    Is just exactly more of what they’re doing ..!

    Slow and Steady, Skipper..!

    Strategic Advance..

    Perhaps might be to simply trap the UkiFuxs in Kharkov..

    Allow no resupply
    Cut Utilities
    Pop a few HQ of Nazis in the Dark..

    Let em stew in their piss.
    For awhile

    Make that border with Belgorod so treaherous they would pay dearly to attempt it..

    The Rocketeers could cover that Road Nicely…

    And redeployment..
    Go West Young Man..

    Take that California Coast line
    Pop the Nut

    On both sides
    Hit the Moldavian Border town again..

    Those RR and Roads.
    See any pontoons .?

    Maybe pop The Big O
    with Long Range Naval.

    And why not hit Lviv..
    They’re due..

    Actually times almost up for them also..

    Getting real comfortable.

    Talking about all the Weapons their bringing in..

    Elvis is ..from his CIA bunker and Studio in Poland.

    GO Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


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