Russia’s SMO in Ukraine at a “Dead End?”

Once again reading lines scripted for him to recite from his Polish hideout, caricature of a leader Zelensky — a powerless know-nothing US-installed puppet — sounded delusional and detached from reality by falsely claiming that dominant Russian forces in Ukraine are at a “dead end (sic).”

At the same time, know-nothing Russophobes — masquerading as analysts — defied reality their own way by falsely claiming that Russia is running out of forces.

Saying Moscow is forced to use private military elements and proxy militias — along with untrained conscripts — ignored reality on the ground.

With attribution to what Paul Craig Roberts explained last week, the status of Russia’s military is worlds apart from the above rubbish.

Its military is comprised of about one million active duty forces — enhanced by around two million reservists, Roberts citing

Russia — not the US — is the world’s dominant superpower.

With a defense budget a small fraction of what hegemon USA spends to enrich its merchants of death and destruction, Russia’s super-weapons exceed the best in the West because of efficient and effective use of its resources.

Its hypersonic ballistic and cruise missiles — able to carry multiple nuclear and/or conventional warheads — can penetrate US/Western air defenses to strike targets with pinpoint accuracy anywhere worldwide.

Its technological advances, command and control, electronic warfare systems and intelligence capabilities are unmatched in the West.

Vladimir Putin earlier said that Russia will not engage in an arms race. 

It’ll use its resources effectively and efficiently for maximum bang for the buck to defend the nation against foreign threats.

“How are we able to…remain in the lead,” he asked? 

“By using our brains, by intellect, by a better work organization, by minimizing” waste, fraud and abuse, by focusing on achieving maximum defense capabilities against possible aggression.

In numerous super-weapon categories, Russia’s exceed the best in the West, the best in the world. 

“We need it to be better than the best,” said Putin, adding:

“This is not a chess game where…we can be content with a draw.” 

Russian weapons and defense capabilities “must be better” than other countries because of the threat to its security by US-dominated NATO.

Along with its unmatched super-weapons, Russia’s military has over “4,000 aircraft and 1,500 helicopters,” Roberts explained, adding:

Its military “has 13,000 tanks, 27,000 armored fighting vehicles and nearly 6,000 self-propelled guns for artillery.” 

Its navy has “600 ships, including one aircraft carrier, 15 destroyers and 63 submarines.”

Since launching its SMO on Feb. 24, Russia’s military has been rolling over Ukrainian troops — degrading, battering and decisively defeating them.

There’s no ambiguity about reality on the ground.

Hyperventilating claims otherwise by US/Western regimes, puppet Zelensky, NATO puppet Stoltenberg, Russophobic “analysts” and their MSM press agents are worlds apart from reality on the ground.

Instead of surrendering to vastly superior Russian forces with halting the decimation of Ukrainian troops, protecting the nation’s people and preventing further collapse of its economy, puppet Zelensky salutes and obeys orders from his US master.

Uncaring about expendable Biden regime proxies and millions of ordinary Ukrainians, dominant US dark forces manipulated puppet Zelensky to continue the futility of waging hegemon USA’s proxy war on Russia.

On Sunday at a Berlin meeting of NATO foreign ministers, US-installed alliance puppet Stoltenberg sounded as delusional as Zelensky, saying:

Russia’s SMO “is not going as Moscow had planned (sic).”

“They failed to take Kiev (sic).”

“They are pulling back from around Kharkov (sic).”

“Their major offensive in the Donbass stalled (sic).”

“Russia is not achieving its strategic objectives (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from Stoltenberg’s hyperventilating nonsense.

The same goes for dubiously claiming that the war-making alliance “is stronger than ever (sic) — and US/Western regimes are “solidly united (sic).”

He was especially delusional by falsely claiming that badly battered and beaten Ukrainian forces near collapse “can win this war (sic),” adding:

They’re “bravely defending their homeland (and) making a real difference on the battlefield (sic)” — by steadily retreating in the face of steady advances by overwhelmingly dominant Russian forces.

They’re decisively winning the battle of Ukraine to achieve clearly stated objectives.

It’s just a matter of time before Ukrainian troops collapse altogether — and Kiev’s economy with them the longer Russia’s SMO continues.

5 thoughts on “Russia’s SMO in Ukraine at a “Dead End?”

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  1. Mr Lendman

    All the info on the US Nazi News is provided by Uki Min of Interior


    In other words the CIA
    Working the phones
    And the threats to get that extra $40! Billion…
    As fast as possible.

    (Word to my friend
    Sen Rand…

    Double Up on Security..

    Don’t be cavalier or drawn into a ” Extraneous” TV interviews ..

    These are cold Blooded killers
    They shoot Presidents! )

    The USA..
    Home of the Lone Gunman ..!

    Now huge arms caches are popping up all over the USA

    Some found this weekend in NY


    Congress bought them
    Willy Nilly

    Never asked for any accountability

    Why not..
    Because the CIA greased them


    These are all Criminals.

    Wait there’s more..

    Where do you think these illegal weapons are going ..?

    Not to the Ukraine..pal.

    No..some portion to the Mob
    The Family and Praetorians

    Right Wing Nazi groups.
    and False Flag events.

    And Foreign Exportation

    To Pakistan with the first batch
    And South Korea next.

    That’s who we are..

    For domestic terrorism.


  2. The biden administration lie? Say it ain’t so. Except for that whole stolen election thingy biden is the man for the job says nasty Nancy. Unfortunately power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil which drown men in destruction and perdition and the “men” in the American government are drowning. The way of the transgressor is hard and may biden and all those behind the scenes reap what they have sown.


  3. Mr Lendman

    UkiFuxs are getting slaughtered!

    We must continue to ask ourselves..

    What..the USA is asking for a Cease Fire because they’re

    What…Who ..Why…
    Where..Is your Mommy ..?

    Nobody is that stupid.

    Not even CNN or MSNBC viewers.

    Chuckie on ABC’s Big Lie Show
    ” Meet the Press”

    Tried to let all the audience of
    Nazi Collaborators..

    Down softly..

    Letting them hear some truth about the situation..

    The Nazis are getting Annihilated!

    The Ether is wearing off.

    Tucker Carlson’s Ratings skyrocketing with batches of truth.

    On the Battlefield..

    Russia has a large Uki Army trapped in Kharkov..

    Cut them off completely

    Me.. I’d hit every Road, RR and Bridge west of Kharkov

    ( If you haven’t already)

    1).. P 78…..Bezliudivka
    2)..M18…..Vysokya / Merefa

    3)..E105….Nova Vololaha
    4)..P46…..Vilshany/ Bohoduvhiv

    5)..T104 ..Derhszhi / Zolochiv

    Also..shouldn’t you turn off the Water and Electric in Kharkov?

    I think you should immediately
    Hit the Airport at Rzeszow

    Right this minute..
    Right after you read this message.

    No time for them to react.

    You’ll blow $100-200 Million worth of High End Nazi War Material


  4. Mr Lendman

    Open Letter to Russia

    Ladies and Gentleman
    Distinguished Friends..

    In the 7 decades after WWII

    THE UN estimated that the USA and NATO have Murdered somewhere between

    25 and 30 MILLION PEOPLE..!

    Sadly no figures for crippled maimed, burned with Chemical Weapons, blinded or displaced

    Estimates for displaced reach into the 100s of Millions.

    Needless to say,

    Who can forget the US, UK, ISRAEL & NATO LIE ABOUT :


    ETC..only the short list

    the Previous Decade
    Right before Feb 2022..

    The USA and NATO carried out 11 Coups and Color Revs

    No regard for Sovereignty.

    That’s a joke.
    A sad joke.

    EIN So..

    Please Russia

    finally open your eyes..

    and get over the MSM

    The Nazi News

    Disregard Everything they say.

    Like you should listen to these Dope Pushers.. OMG


    And then this Filth worries you’re gonna use Nukes


    And they’re planning on Nuking you in Late Summer..!

    So what . you’re afraid to use your only real weapon of Deterence because the
    Heroin Pushing War Criminal will call you names…?

    About the long and the Short of it…thru the Eyes of History.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


  5. Mariupol shows a growing peace.


    Juan Sinmiedo/Fearless John/Ukraine exposed. @Youblacksoul, [5/15/2022 9:05 PM]
    [Forwarded from UkraineMaps]
    [ Video ]
    Mariupol City is getting repaired, electricity is slowly starting to return to the many households affected by the fighting against the nazi terrorists in the city.


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