NYT Fake News on Ukraine and the Buffalo, NY False Flag

According to NYT fake news, Nazified Azov battalion killers and torturers are Ukrainian freedom fighters.

Ignoring their crimes of war, against humanity, related atrocities, and violent occupation of Mariupol since 2014 until defeated at last, the Times falsely called them “the final pocket of resistance (sic)…defende(rs) (of) the city” against Russia — instead of explaining the following:

Together with Donbass militia fighters, Russian forces liberated Mariupol from the scourge of their presence.

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Elsewhere in Ukraine, Russian forces were struggling to advance and experienc(ed) setbacks (sic).”

Russia’s military continues to roll over and advance against badly battered and beaten Ukrainian troops.

On Monday — following House passage last week and Senator Rand Paul’s good faith attempt to block the measure — the Senate approved another $40 billion for Nazi-infested Ukraine to continue waging US proxy war on Russia.

The fake Biden will likely sign it into law on Tuesday.

On the same day, dominant Senate Russophobes agreed to expand a 1996 war crimes law with intent to falsely blame Russia for atrocities committed by Ukrainian forces.

According to US war department fake news by press secretary Kirby:

A nonexistent Ukrainian counteroffensive pushed Russian forces back toward their border north and east of Kharkov (sic), adding:

“They are regaining ground and territory that the Russians had occupied north of the city (sic).”

Reality on the ground throughout Ukraine is worlds apart different from Kirby’s perversion of reality.

According to the Essence of Time Movement HQ’d in Moscow — with offices elsewhere in Europe, China, the US and Canada:

Eyewitnesses reported that Ukrainian forces “burn(ed) houses, loot(ed) stores and banks, and (stole) cars of civilians while retreating” from advancing Russian forces.

“They t(ook) everything” before leaving.

“If you open(ed) your mouth (to complain) you g(ot) a bullet in the forehead.”

According to a Rudnik village resident:

“(P)eople were being burned alive (in) three two-story buildings.”

“I saw it with my own eyes.”

Instead of reporting these crimes by Ukrainian troops, US/Western MSM suppressed them.

Russia bashing rubbish alone is featured, truth and full disclosure about reality on the ground nowhere in sight.

What happened last weekend in Buffalo, NY was the latest in a conveniently timed series of made-in-the-USA false flags.

As a previous article explained:

Ahead of November midterm elections with Republicans highly likely to regain House and Senate control because of soaring inflation, economic weakness, and significant opposition to Biden regime policies overall — what’s responsible for enormous hardships on most US households — Dems want the subject changed.

Not according to NYT fake news.

Instead of explaining that incidents similar to what happened in Buffalo were staged time and again by US dark forces in pursuit of their diabolical aims, the Times — as expected — blamed the Buffalo incident on a patsy gunman.

Calling him a “white supremacist against Black people and other minority groups” shifted attention from what diabolical US dark forces bear responsibility for.

At the same time, the self-styled newspaper of record called for gun control.

“(L)imit the availability of guns,” it roared — to leave Americans defenseless against growing tyrannical rule in the country.

And this from Times prostitute of the press Paul Krugman:

“(T)he suspect accused of fatally shooting 10 people in Buffalo is a devotee of ‘replacement theory,’ which claims that sinister elites — especially Jews, of course — are deliberately bringing in immigrants to displace and disempower white Americans.”

On the one hand, Krugman diverted attention from the made-in-the-USA false flag incident. 

And he suppressed the Biden regime’s diabolical aim to flood the US with undocumented immigrants in hopes of eventually gaining more Dem voters.

After allowing them to enter the US unobstructed, they’re flying, bussing or otherwise transporting them from border crossing areas to US cities.

On Sunday, Fox News reported that a “secret flight” with over 150 undocumented immigrants landed in NYC.

How many more Biden regime secret flights and other means of transportation are taking undocumented immigrants to US cities?

Krugman and likeminded prostitutes of the press suppress the above information and other Biden regime criminality they support domestically and abroad.

As long as undemocratic Dems hold onto power they usurped by brazen election fraud, we’re all threatened with destruction of our health and/or a mushroom-shaped cloud demise.

A Final Comment

Along with its war on humanity at home, the Biden expanded its war abroad in multiple theaters by deploying hundreds of combat troops to Somalia after Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was elected president on Sunday.

For decades, the country has been victimized by made-in-the-USA violence against its people.

Somalia is located on the Horn of Africa, near the Bab el-Mandeb strait chokepoint separating Yemen from Eritrea. 

Millions of barrels of oil flow through it to the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean — why the country is strategically important for hegemon USA.

Wherever US forces are deployed, public land is expropriated.

National sovereignty rights are violated.

Toxic pollution, environmental damage, intolerable noise, violence, occupation related criminality, and unaccountability reflect the Pentagon’s military presence.

Especially in underdeveloped nations like Somalia.

Locals lose control of their lives. They have no say over how US forces operate. 

There’s virtually no chance for redress when harm affects their lives and well-being. 

Permanent occupations harm most.

In Somalia, it’s been an on and off thing for decades, now back on again — at the expense of its people who’ll be harmed by hegemon USA’s military presence.

2 thoughts on “NYT Fake News on Ukraine and the Buffalo, NY False Flag

Add yours

  1. There will be trials for those who participated in the war crimes against the civilians and the transcripts will cement the history. The fate of the mercenaries will speak about the atrocities also and the survivors will all tell the same tales. The propaganda was way over the top.

    Lira was on The Duran today saying there is only 7 to 10 days of gas left for the civilians. It’s almost three hours long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJV5ukJ7lXk

    Mythland is an empire of lies — lying and pretending is what THEY do.


  2. Mr Lendman,

    I think those “Special” Flights such as the one Fox News reported are filled w/ Terrorists.

    We all remember how the
    State Dept rubber-stamped all

    the future Saudi terrorists and expedited their flights to USA.

    What’s changed..?

    Also … amazing to us, the sane,

    but to the Russian Haters..the Blind ..And the duped

    these Azov Nazis are ” Heros !”

    That’s why it’s so important to have full blown trials.

    Now the Point:

    Why would McDonald’s leave Russia..?

    Besides the usual motivation.

    Why would Finland after 77 yrs of “peaceful co existence” with Russia on their border…

    Suddenly join NATO..?

    Ditto..Sweden ?

    The Gangsters putting
    Naval Embargoes around Cuba and Venezuela

    The Gangsters are attempting Maidan Events in Armenia, Kyrgistan and Georgia..

    In Asia threatening China and DPRK..with heightened intensity.


    MSM now has the slugs beating up and attacking individual Russians..

    That happened to Japanese in the USA during WWII..

    ( And all Asians were Victims due to the “Spill Over Effect “)

    Anyway, enough questions..

    They are only the Set Up for my Polemic:

    I think the Gangsters have WWIII
    Planned for this Summer..

    For Real.
    Not theory.


    Ein So..Here’s the Number One Question

    How many Zircons does Russia have Ready to go..?


    I think all the Tea Leaves portend that, sir.

    Sleep Walking into the Madness


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