Truth v. Fiction on All Things Russia and Ukraine

Dominant Biden regime hardliners, their NATO vassals and MSM press agents can’t accept reality on the ground in Ukraine.

So they pretend that badly battered and beaten Kiev forces are pushing back steadily against advancing Russian ones.

Pretense is short-lived. Reality eventually sets the record straight.

After pretending that Nazified Ukrainian thugs were effectively resisting Russian ones in liberated Mariupol, MSM could no longer fake it.

So they tried anyway by falsely claiming that near-buried alive Kiev forces in the bowels of the city’s Azovstal steel plant were “evacuated” instead of explaining that their choice was between surrendering to Russia or perishing.

After what seemed like endless toing and froing, they chose life with its consequences over certain death from which there’s no return.

Russia is decisively winning the battle of Ukraine.

There’s no ambiguity about steady advances of its forces over virtually defeated Ukrainian ones.

MSM can’t bear to admit reality — so they make up stuff about 

Russia and Vladimir Putin personally.

According to WaPo fake news, Putin is “losing” the battle of Ukraine — that’s clearly the other way around.

So that “make(s) (him) more dangerous (sic).”

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Ukraine are aggressor regimes, not Russia.

“(T)he tide of war clearly shift(ed)” toward Russia, not against its forces, in a few days after its SMO began.

Pretense otherwise by WaPo and other MSM doesn’t pass the smell test.

No Russian “retreat” occurred earlier or now, no Ukrainian counteroffensives by its greatly eroded military.

And this WaPo rubbish:

Russia’s “unprovoked” SMO in Ukraine was very much provoked by years of US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev on Donbass.

By over 100,000 Ukrainian troops mobilized along the borders of Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea with intent to invade.

By hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s intent to wage forever proxy war on Russia.

By the growing risk of East/West confrontation and possible nuclear war.

Further expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders heightens the risk of the unthinkable.

Knowing the risk, German, French and Italian leaders called for a negotiated ceasefire to restore peace over endless conflict.

If Ukraine was prevailing over Russia and no risk of an expanded war existed, they’d highly likely stick with Biden regime support for perpetual conflict against Moscow instead of the other way around.

German Chancellor Scholz was most outspoken, tweeting:

“There must be a ceasefire in Ukraine as quickly as possible.”

Separately, Macron said “(w)e are not at war with Russia (sic).”

Italy’s Draghi tried having things both ways, saying:

“We agreed that we must continue to support Ukraine and put pressure on Moscow, but also begin to ask how to build peace,” adding:

“People…want to think about the possibility of bringing a ceasefire and starting again some credible negotiations.” 

“That’s the situation right now. I think that we have to think deeply on how to address this.”

Winners want to stay the course to final victory.

Loser urge ceasefire to cut their losses.

Waging perpetual war on Russia with expendable Ukrainian proxies, dominant Biden regime hardliners want it continued, a White House statement saying:

“(T)he most constructive role (sic)” is to stay the course by “support(ing) (Kiev) militarily (sic).”

The bozo BoJo regime is likeminded in support of forever war on Russia over resolution.

The same goes for fascist Poland. Its so-called prime minister Morawiecki wants no part of negotiating with Putin — as directed by dominant Biden regime hardliners he bows and scrapes to.

US/Western sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia show no signs of abating — EU regimes going along with their US master for lacking the will to pursue their own interests over sacrificing them to a foreign power.

The same goes for Ukraine at a time when its military is beaten and economy is close to collapse by following orders from Washington.

On Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov explained how Kiev bows to US wishes, saying:

“We have…information through various channels that Ukrainian negotiators have been controlled, their freedom of maneuver determined by Washington and London.”

“(T)he want conflict to drag on” no matter the harm to Ukraine, its economy and people, adding:

US-dominated NATO long sought sought alliance membership for Finland and Sweden — to establish US bases in their territory for confrontation with Russia.

For years, both countries participated in provocative NATO drills near Russia’s border.

Like Ukraine, they operated in similar fashion to alliance members by preparing for confrontation with Russia.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Andrey Rudenko, said conflict resolution talks “are not continuing.”

Kiev “quit the process” as ordered by its higher power in Washington.

Since begun at end of February, “the Ukrainian side displayed no interest in constructive dialogue” — just the opposite.

Separately on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin slammed EU bloc regimes for introducing new sanctions on Russia, including against its oil and gas sector for “political reasons” as ordered by dominant Biden regime hardliners, adding:

“Rejection of Russian energy resources means that Europe will systemically become the region with the highest energy costs in the world.” 

“(P)rices will (keep) ris(ing), and resources will go to this region, but it will not be possible to radically alter the situation.” 

“This will seriously — and (perhaps) irrevocably — undermine the competitiveness of a significant part of European industry, which is already losing (in) competition to companies in other regions of the world.”

“(U)nder pressure from their American overlords, European countries are imposing more and more sanctions on the oil and gas market.” 

“All of this causes (more) inflation, and instead of admitting their mistakes,” they’re compounding them.

Russia will act “pragmatically” with its own political, economic and self-defense interests in mind.

Wanting peace, stability and cooperative relations with other nations over the alternative, Moscow will not bow to the diabolical aims of US-dominated Western regimes.

The same goes for China, Iran, and other sovereign independent countries.

And that’s a good thing over sacrificing their interests to hegemon USA with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.


4 thoughts on “Truth v. Fiction on All Things Russia and Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    One thing not mentioned in any MSM…

    The Russians are not doing what the Gangsters anticipated them doing ..


    That is confounding them and annoying them considerably.

    Russian redeployment from interior lines is lighting fast.

    Allowing Russia to constantly keep the Momentum.

    Moreover, the Russians are not making any serious mistakes


    Not allowing the Nazis any good clean hits to the body.

    Everything is veiled and contains multiple options.

    That’s Professionalism.

    That’s right out of Zhukovs playbook.

    Multi pronged attacks..
    With the backhand.

    Looking at a Map..
    I’m guessing Russia has about

    20% of the Ukraine under control.

    If the Area was superimposed over a Map of Europe..

    It would be bigger than Germany.

    I might add..

    the CSTO Countries..

    With Russia being twice the size of the USA..

    Or said another way..

    Russia is Canada and USA combined…

    But the other 5 Countries are two times the Size of Europe.

    Kazakhstan alone is roughly the size of all of Europe.

    In the near future..
    With mineral, oil and gas..

    These are prodigiously wealthy Countries..

    Nothing to sneeze it.

    Kahnistsn is joining next week!


  2. Nato is “New Amalgamated Terror Organisation”.

    USA attacked and is holding Syria territory, claiming self-defence!

    Turkey attacking Syria is OK but Russia defending itself is not!

    USA troops is in Somalia, French troops is in Mali.

    USA- and British-made weapons for Saudi Arabia and UAE against Yemen.

    What we see are the 2 Beasts in action and they will be destroyed, as prophesized in the Book of Revelations.

    Sweden and Finland will be doomed if they join Nato.


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