Hegemon USA Using White Helmet Terrorists and ISIS in Ukraine

Dominant Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA are increasingly frantic over losing the battle of Ukraine to superior Russian military strength, tactical skills and intelligence capabilities.

Using poorly trained, poorly armed, unmotivated to fight Ukrainians as proxies to wage US war Russia is like matching octogenarian me against the world’s reigning heavyweight boxing title holder in a no-holds-barred fight to the finish.

So what can the empire of lies do under these conditions?

Throwing billions of dollars at Ukraine for weapons et al hasn’t worked — so the Biden regime and Congress are supplying its thuggish Nazi proxies with more of the same for Russia to target and destroy.

Dominant US dark forces also deployed Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets to Ukraine.

Their gangster ranks have nothing to do with civil defense, nothing to do with furthering peace over endless wars, nothing related to helping populations where they’re sent.

Commenting earlier on their presence in Syria for perpetual war on its long-suffering people, the Syria Solidarity Movement called them Al-Qaeda “with a facelift.”

They foster terrorism and imperial rampaging on the phony pretext of humanitarian intervention that’s unrelated to their US-controlled mission.

Serving US imperial interests, they perpetuate war instead of the other way around.

Commenting on their presence in Ukraine last month, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following:

“I have no doubt…that this pseudo-humanitarian organization is a US/NATO imperial tool.”

Along with involvement in other crimes of war and against humanity, they’ll be used by the empire of lies to stage “chemical provocations” and other false flags to be wrongfully blamed on Russia.

According to Russian intelligence on Tuesday:

The Biden regime “is actively recruiting members of international terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State (ISIS) group banned in the Russian Federation, as mercenaries to participate in hostilities in Ukraine.”

US dark forces are “us(ing) any means” to pursue their diabolical aims.

Russian intelligence learned that an illegally established Pentagon/CIA base and surrounding area in Syria near the Jordanian border was transformed into a US hub for training ISIS and likeminded terrorists.

Hundreds of these jihadists were sent to Ukraine to aid its Nazified thugs and conscripts wage US proxy war on Russia.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) minced no words saying the following:

Hegemon USA is “us(ing) any means to achieve its geopolitical goals, not excluding sponsoring international terrorist groups…even when it comes to threats to the security of European allies and even to the lives of Americans.”

Wanting forever war waged on Russia, the empire of lies is mindless about the risk of pushing things toward direct East/West confrontation in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

According to Sergey Lavrov, hegemon USA wants the world community of nations “to do (its) bidding” — even at the risk of crossing the line to WW III.

It wants its extrajudicial “rules-based order” imposed on other nations.

It wants its interests served at the expense of other nations and their people.

Independent countries like Russia, China, Iran and others are targeted for regime change by whatever it takes for the empire of lies to achieve its diabolical aims.

Even its Western and other allies are targeted to be subservient to US interests as junior partners — their people exploited like all others worldwide.

Remaining free requires defeat of monster USA before it enslaves us all or destroys planet earth in pursuit of its megalomaniacal aims.


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  1. Sir, after reading this valuable post, I’m more convinced that the off-the-rails US is the world’s “Would-Be-Hegemon-Godfather Terrorist” as it lusts, flailing and failing, for full-spectrum global dominance. Thank you.

    “Remaining free requires defeat of monster USA before it enslaves us all or destroys planet earth in pursuit of its megalomaniacal aims.” A great closure/bottom line! Amen! Faster, please….


  2. Mr Lendman

    The White Helmets Terrorists
    Provisional Wing of the CIA..!

    Also a Mossad, MI6 and NATO
    Co Production.

    Q: Are they wearing Uki Uniform
    No ..then they’re mercenaries..

    Geneva Accords allow you to shoot them on sight.

    No questions asked
    No answers given.

    2nd Question:

    Are they wearing a Uki Uniform on the Battlefield…YES..

    Then they’re legitimate targets!

    Here’s the Point:

    All these Freaks
    Are being recruited
    at al Tanf US base in Syria.

    Al Tanf is in Syria illegally.
    They have no legal leg to stand on

    Unless the Atlanticists have made a deal for 20 pieces of silver..

    You know..to the Boss on Wall St

    The US not only shouldn’t be there..
    Isn’t it time the Gangsters left, already..?

    Going on eight fucking years..!


    Since they recruit and train all their Terrorists there..

    To bring to the Ukraine
    To kill Russian soldiers.

    Kill two birds with one stone.
    Take out Tanf.

    With Extreme Prejudice.

    You can call the Gangsters on the Hot Line..

    45 Minutes before you disappear
    It ….

    So they at least save their own skins.

    Optional if you asked me
    War is War.

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  3. Mr Lendman,


    ” Kill Russians !”

    the Clarion Call of the Nazi Collaborators

    George W. Bush…(43)

    Our Leitmotif,

    “Kill Russians..”

    Remember his Grandpa
    Sen Prescott Bush was a

    Convicted Nazi Collaborator!

    And his own Father…”Poppy”
    Well let’s just say..

    “He was a Killer President..!”

    The Shooter..
    The Point Guard..

    Ice Pick

    Founded the Bizarre Freaky
    Dysfunctional Rotten World

    Of Hate War and Destruction!

    The Bush Crime Family,

    Richest Crime Family who ever walked thd the face of the Earth.

    “Kill Russians..”
    Sounds like Hate Speech to me.

    If Bush said Kill Jews..
    Or Blacks…

    What would it sound like to you?

    Sounds perfectly fine for our Dystopian Orwellian MSM..

    Nazi Collaborators News..

    That is an indication of how sick we are.

    Pretty Ugly
    Hideously ugly barefoot peasant

    And stymied intellectual runt..
    Pretti Patel..

    Says we need to dehumanize Russians..

    Take away all their Rights..

    Make them Second Class Citizens

    Make them the “Untermenchen”

    Sound like Hate Speech..
    Sound like Ethnic Cleansing
    Sound like Nazi Racial Laws

    And yet perfectly okay for the Nazi News..!

    That’s how far we have slipped back into the Bowels of Hell.

    All The Diplomatic Corp of Russia being kicked out of
    Ten Countries ..

    Correspondingly leaving Russia
    Tit for tat.

    Individual Russians being Attacked.

    The Ambassador in Poland

    No cameras
    No Security..
    A whole can of Paint..

    What would somebody in the Crowd

    Getting that close
    With a Can of Paint

    What could be there intention?
    State Sponsored Terror

    Poland, amongst the Swinehuntz

    Etc Etc Etc..

    Every aspect of Civility
    Tossed into the Rubbish

    by the Human Trash.

    The Filth
    The illiterates.

    The Heroin Pushers
    The Abu Ghraib Buttfuckers

    In their Stinking lederhosen
    Gonna wipe out Russia.

    Eddie Haskell’s House
    Says you’ll all be gone in a Year.


    The Human Trash.

    The Goat Story.
    Lost the Math..


    Read Harry Potter
    Never heard of Dostoevsky!


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    1. Took me three sittings for my mentation to allow full viewing, but this monologue is authoritatively delivered, intensely interesting, and revealing! — Thank you!


  4. Mr Lendman,


    Please Google Up
    Scott Ritter Ukraine Part II

    I didn’t understand anything about the initial “invasion” until
    I heard his tape.

    I was way off.
    Never even considered it.

    The Military Campaign part starts at about 20 minutes into the tape.

    I know now what Putin was trying to do.

    An Absolute Must See.

    Go Russia.
    To Total Victory..!


  5. Mr Lendman..

    Ever since Zelensky announced he was going to make Nukes..

    Consequently forcing Russia to react..which Russia did Feb 24.

    About 90 Days ago..

    The NAZI COLLABORATOR countries have been in Chaos

    Almost Complete Free Fall..

    World Food Shortages and Supply Chains are causing catastrophic proportions

    World Energy’s Sources are the severed

    Unemployment is probably realistically around 22% to 24%

    Manufacturing is down almost 40%

    Factories running at half of Production

    Layoffs and Strikes are rampant
    Higher than any since the 1930s

    And No Plans for Capital infusion to waylay or curtail any of the economic maladies

    The Biden Disadministration
    Like the Headless Horseman

    While the Western World Capital markets reel in Shock..

    Stock Markets are down around $7 Trillion around the World..

    World Dollar Reserves diminished faster than ever before in History…

    Amazingly..the World Dollar Reserves shrunk almost 10 times as fast..in that 90 Days

    Rate of Inflation Skyrocketing to never before seen dimensions

    And Inflation is highest in 20 yrs!
    Advanced Capitalist Countries are around 8% to 10%.


    And USA covered in debt from 60 yrs of Imperialist Wars..!

    Crash is Inevitable.

    AND YET..
    AND YET..

    Russia is doing Fantastic..!

    Every Market and indicatior
    Is Skyrocketing with munificence

    Capital Growth and Reserves growing by leaps and bounds

    And the real Pepsi Challenge,
    The Ruble is the best Performing
    Currency in the World..!


    “Hey Dandy Don..
    I kinda feel like sangin
    a little song..”

    “Well, I Bet My Money on a
    Bobtail Rig..


    Bet my Money on a Bobtail Rig..
    All the Doodah Day .!”



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