The Latest MSM Fake News on All Things Russia and Ukraine

US/Western populations are assaulted daily by a blitzkrieg of Russophobic fake news in support of tyrannical rule in Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Supporting its cutthroat troops — their crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities ignored — NYT fake news defied reality by calling them “die-hard Ukrainian soldiers (sic).”

Saying they “made a last stand against Russian forces (in now liberated) Mariupol” ignored their crushing defeat and reality of how ruthlessly they operated.

No Russian “struggle” to advance (sic) is ongoing anywhere in Ukraine.

Nor is liberated Mariupol “one of Russia’s few significant territorial achievements (sic).”

Nor are Russian forces massacring civilians anywhere in Ukraine — a longstanding US/NATO/Israeli specialty.

The same goes for Kiev’s Nazified thugs, masquerading as soldiers.

In response to puppet Zelensky and Kiev’s so-called deputy war minister Hanna Maliar’s call for exchanging captured Nazis for Russian POWs, parliamentarians in Moscow reject the notion.

On Wednesday, they’ll reportedly vote on a resolution to prohibit exchanging Azov thugs for Russian POWs — ones guilty of horrendous war crimes, including torture, murder and bodily dismemberment of their captives.

According to Russia’s lower house State Duma Speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin:

Ukrainian “Nazi criminals” should be excluded from prisoner exchanges, adding:

“They are war criminals, and we must do everything to bring them to justice.”

State Duma Committee on International Affairs Chairman Leonid Slutsky said the following:

Nazified “animals in human form” who surrendered to Russian forces in Mariupol “do not deserve to live after the monstrous crimes against humanity that they committed…against our prisoners.”

Vladimir Putin guaranteed them one thing alone — humane treatment according to Fourth Geneva principles, what he called “international standards.”

Individuals guilty of war crimes and related atrocities should be held fully accountable.

No compromises are acceptable, no exchanging them, no freeing them to kill, torture and commit other atrocities again.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Investigative Committee said that captured Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol will be interrogated and otherwise checked to determine if they were “involve(d)” in committing war crimes.

Russia’s prosecutor general asked the nation’s Supreme Court to declare the Nazified Azov battalion a terrorist organization — what puppet Zelensky called “our boys” to his disgrace.

Justice alone will be served against captured Ukrainian forces, ones guilty of crimes too horrendous to ignore.

Citing Kiev’s perversion of reality, the NYT called them “heroes who stared down deprivation (sic)…defenders of Mariupol (sic).”

The Times quoted puppet Zelensky “advisor” Mykhailo Podolyak’s perversion of reality, falsely claiming:

Their “Mariupol defense will go down in history as the Thermopylae of the XXI century (sic),” adding:

They “completely changed the course of the war (sic).”

Buried into its latest fake news report on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, the Times admitted a kernel of truth, saying:

“(D)evelopments in (Ukraine’s) south underscore how much territory Moscow captured and suggest that Ukrainian forces will face steep challenges in trying to regain” — what’s lost and beyond regaining.

In his latest anti-journalistic pornography, NYT prostitute of the press Thomas Friedman continued to turn reality on its head with remarks like the following:

World community use of “fossil fuels is bolstering Vladimir Putin’s petrodictatorship (sic).”

And this Friedman rubbish:

“America’s allies fund Putin’s military with purchases of his oil and gas exports (sic).”

EU regimes are “drawing up a plan to break its addiction to Russian oil and gas by 2027, but, in the meantime, Putin is laughing all the way to the bank (sic).”

What Friedman should have explained, he ignored.

Harebrained Biden regime, UK, EU sanctions on Russia backfired.

They bear responsibility for soaring energy, food and overall inflation.

Instead of harming Russia, they greatly harmed Western consumers and EU economies — while US merchants of death and Big Oil are laughing all the way to the bank.

And this WSJ rubbish:

Support for Nazi-infested Ukraine “is in the US national interest (sic).”

No such thing as aggressor “Ukraine’s brave defense” exists.

Nor did hegemon USA “weaken Vladimir Putin.”

Nor did Biden regime actions “enhance US security.”

Nor did Russia “ruin Ukraine’s economy.”

It was wrecked long before Russia’s SMO began, including by deep-seated corruption.

In 2021, Transparency International called Ukraine a “kleptocracy” for good reason.

Its super-rich and complicit pols  amassed wealth the old-fashioned way — by stealing it, while most Ukrainians are impoverished, ill-served and exploited.

Separately on Tuesday, Russia’s Security Council Secretary, Nikolay Patrushev, accused the US-dominated West of using Ukraine as a pretext to wage “undeclared war” on Moscow.

Calling the made-in-the USA geopolitical crisis “unprecedented” because of the threat of full-scale East/West war, Patrushev accused the US of using Kiev to wage years of war on Donbass, adding:

Moscow was forced to take “preventive measures because its “statehood (and) existence” have been greatly endangered.

“The situation around Russia’s (SMO) in Ukraine shows that (Western) neoliberalism (was) transform(ed) into…neoliberal fascism.”

Along with targeting other nations free from US control, it aims to “eradicat(e) the Russian world.”

The risk of global war is greater today than any previous time since the second world war to prevent future ones ended over 75 years ago.

Those who don’t know or forget the lessons of history repeat them.

It’s happening again at a time when super-weapons can destroy planet earth and all its life forms in a matter of days while most people aren’t paying attention.

9 thoughts on “The Latest MSM Fake News on All Things Russia and Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    The Nazi Collaborators in the Western Media are giving exorbitant air time to Russian

    Col Mikhail Khodarenek..

    First off… Interesting the Russians have Dissenting Opinion…

    You rarely or never see that in the, ” Great Democracy..! ”

    So let’s examine this Cowboy and the Horse he rode in on.

    Born in Estonia.. family is still there..

    Is a journalist working for Gazeta.Ru..

    A 100% Atlanticist publication.

    You may have seen one of their articles in the Guardian.

    That tells you everything, right there. is one of several Publications of Rambler Media Inc.

    Rambler Media is owned by the Russian Oligarch Alex Mamut..

    A Billionaire son of two wealthy
    Distinguished Jewish lawyers.

    Mamut is a prodigy of Yeltsin and “earned ” most of his wealth under his tutelage.

    Mamet currently resides in London.

    BTW.. Colonel..
    No Russia is not isolated

    The Overwhelming majority of the World support Russia..

    The 99% of the World..
    The Working Class

    Only the Criminal Elite
    Like you and your boss
    Support the Ukrainian Nazis.

    Secondly, Russia’s doing great

    Best Performing Currency in the World..!

    Reserves are Skyrocketing..
    $92 Billion in two Months..!

    Nothing but Blue Sky..!

    No wonder your Boss is upset

    The Colonela Classic Atlanticist

    Ready to sell out Russia in a
    New York minute.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Mr. Lendman…a refreshing measure of reality and truth among fictionalized West-NATO-MIC-MSM faux narratives…all as they rush all the way to their uber-capitalist banks..


  3. Mr Lendman,.

    I might add, in all fairness
    Truth always best .

    The Colonel is right in one respect.

    I was shocked to find out Russia only sent 190,000.

    I assumed Russia was sending

    Ukraine is 800 x600 miles..!
    That’s the Size of Texas ..!

    If you attacked Texas from the East..say Texarkana

    You’d have the first line of Bible Thumpin.Automatic Gun Toting

    Bout 250,000..sumbitchs

    ( 30 Million in Texas.
    40 Million in Ukraine )

    Texans 50 Miles in …say in Clarksville

    Would be the Seigfried Line
    And still 100 Miles to Dallas!

    Or from the West ..El Paso.

    You’d never make it out of the Valley…

    Without going thru 200,000
    Half drunked up cussin Texans

    Ready to fight..

    Their whole life spent waiting and dreaming bout this GI Joe

    And loaded for Bear..
    Telling you .!


    I also Googled up the site..
    “World Firepower”

    And saw the Ukis had 500,000

    And on Defense…!

    Something is amiss.

    Way too thin..

    On top of a 4 Axis Point Entry
    And 4 sustainable Campaigns

    Not to mention..
    The Bible Program.

    A New Twist on Modern Warfare..OMG.


    Mind you..



    Than the Last Battle at the Wilderness.

    Like Night and Day

    Big Learning Curve.
    Same with the Russian Army

    Doing everything Correct Now.

    Short Sweet Movement and Uncle Joe’s Orchestra playing

    Matriculating the ball right down the Field.



    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mr Lendman

    Letter to Every Citizen in Europe
    USA UK NATO Are planning to drop a Tactical Nuke on Russia

    Remember the fallout from Chernobyl..

    That will be like 100th of the Nukes the USA and NATO plan on using..

    These 50 and 100 Megaton Bombs

    Will be about 200 times Hiroshima and Nagasaki..

    Thus you will have deadly toxic cloud that will easily enshroud


    Nuclear Clouds would be there in about 3 or 4 days …to a week.

    Gee ..what did you think was gonna happen?

    Any of you Country Bumpkins
    Ever take a Science class..?

    You’re Countries will be unlivable.


    The Gangsters in Washington
    haven’t given the repercussions any thought at all.

    Not for a moment.

    Couldn’t care less about Europe.

    Nor apparently has your
    Criminal Elite.

    Took the CIA money
    And their countries be damned.



    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mr Lendman,

    (Duplicate) Important Notice

    Please Google Up
    Scott Ritter Ukraine Part II

    Especially the Military Campaign.

    The initial ” invasion “..

    I was completely mistaken about all my assumptions were wrong.

    I had no understanding.
    Now I do.

    The Military Campaign is at about 20 minutes into the tape.

    Also he explains Buscha.

    A Must See Tape.

    Absolutely critical for seeing the Big Picture.



  6. Mr Lendman,

    “The Sea of Tranquility..”

    Or “Alice, someday you’re going to the Moon..!”
    ========================= could you not..

    All the airplay the Bourgeois Media is giving to UFO’s..!


    Almost right at the Dead End
    the MSM has taken society with their neverending lies..


    And now …
    They’ve got a New Bag

    UFO’s and ALIENS..

    ” comin to get you, boy..”


    How did we know the
    Mystery Guests would be showing up when

    76 % of the USA think we’re
    On the Wrong Track..

    And 55% say we need a drastic change in Government..?

    OF COURSE..!

    Wait..was it you who told me that would happen..

    Or was it me telling you..

    Or was it Crazy Aunt Gertrude?

    Or every one you knew..!

    “Oh Those Gangsters
    Aren’t they something..?”


  7. Mr Lendman

    In the wake of the shootings in Buftalo, NY…

    An FBI False Flag!

    The Dept of Homeland Security
    Is creating a whole new Dept to “monitor” Right Wing Terrorists.

    Clearly, without a doubt..

    will be used to further strip away our Democratic Rights.

    Who’s to say they won’t go after any political group they don’t like

    That’s been they’re M.O.
    Since the beginning of time.

    And who’s to say what criticism of the Government is terrorist?

    Our Founding Fathers

    We’re adamantly opposed to any restrictions on Free Speech..

    Besides yelling “Fire” in a crowded Theater.

    That’s why they wrote the Bill of Rights.

    A very dangerous slippery slope.


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