DeNazification of Ukraine in Action

US funded, armed and directed Nazified thugs holed up in Mariupol’s Azovstal plant have been surrendering in large numbers this week.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday, 959 of their numbers capitulated so far — 694 in the past 24 hours, mostly men, a few women.

While it’s unclear precisely how many more continue to hold out, Russia earlier estimated that up 2,500 Nazified Azov battalion thugs, likeminded foreign mercenaries and perhaps some Ukrainian conscripts were inside the plant.

If the figure is accurate, over 1,000 more Ukrainian troops remain inside Azovstal.

Their choice is clear — surrender or perish.

Ukrainian fighters who surrendered are Russian POWs.

They’re being thoroughly interrogated and examined to determine if evidence shows they’re Nazified.

Ones found guilty of war crimes and related atrocities will be held fully accountable, according to the rule of law — what the US-dominated West and Ukraine long ago abandoned.

As a previous article explained, exchanging what puppet Zelensky called “our boys (sic)…defenders of Mariupol (sic)…Ukrainian heroes” for Russian POWs is out of the question for ones found to be war criminals.

DeNazification demands accountability.

Russian Defense Ministry video showed surrendering Ukrainian troops looking drained, exhausted and defeated.

Scores of wounded fighters could barely stand or walk.

As promised by Russia, they’re being humanely treated, including given medical care and proper sustenance — far better than what Kiev provides to its troops.

With nearly 1,000 Ukrainian fighters from Azovstal in Russian custody, others will likely surrender as well.

Whether any refuseniks continue to hold out inside the plant remains to be seen.

Commenting on mass surrender of Ukrainian forces from Azovstal so far, notorious imperial tool Amnesty International (AI) reinvented reality — like many times before, saying:

“Ukraine’s soldiers deployed in Mariupol area have been dehumanized by Russian media (sic) and portrayed in Putin’s propaganda (sic) as ‘neo-Nazis’ throughout Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine (sic).” 

“This characterization raises serious concerns over their fate as prisoners of war (sic).”

Claiming that AI documented summary killings of (Ukrainian) captives by Donbass freedom fighters is one of many Big Lies in support of US-dominated NATO’s imperial rampaging.

Instead of explaining that Russia is treating Ukrainian POWs in compliance with its Fourth Geneva obligations, AI falsely suggested otherwise.

At the same time, it failed to set the record straight on Nazified Ukraine, US/NATO use of its territory for perpetual proxy on war on Russia, Kiev aggression on Donbass since 2014, and horrendous war crimes committed in the process.

Separately on Wednesday, Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Rashid Nurgaliyev said the following:

“Despite all hardships, the special military operation will be completed, and its goals, including demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine, protection of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics will be accomplished in full,” adding:

The US-installed Kiev regime “continues to repress everyone who disagrees with” its ruthlessness.

Its “Western curators…pretend like nothing happens, and continue to support it unconditionally and pump it with weapons and exert pressure on the international community to make it minimize cooperation with Russia.”

“Aggressive remarks and threats against our country, its leadership and its people” continue being made Western regimes.

This “never happened even during the Cold War.” 

“(U)nprecedented anti-Russian hysteria has been initiated in Ukrainian and Western media space.” 

“Russian media are being discriminated against and blocked en masse.”

“Social media are being ‘cleaned up’ to strip Russia of ability to convey its point of view, convey the truth.”

And this straight talk by Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev, saying:

US-dominated Western regimes greatly jeopardized security and stability in Europe, the Asia/Pacific and Middle East in pursuit of geopolitical dominance by sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia.

With no end of it in prospect, the risk of global war is greater than any previous time since the scourge of Nazi Germany and imperial Japan were defeated over 75 years ago. 

5 thoughts on “DeNazification of Ukraine in Action

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Be clear ..

    Russia has had to fight the Nazis again..

    For the Second time in 100 yrs

    And this time the entire Western Axis Powers as well..!

    And Russia is beating Western Capitalists in their own game .!

    Killing em, baby..!

    They’re gonna collapse and

    Russia who took a licking
    And keeps on ticking..
    is gonna go straight to the Bank!

    And here’s the Big Chili Dog..

    No Eastern Potentate has defeated the West similarly

    Since the Persian King Xerxes defeated the Greeks in 490 BC!

    Putin and Russia did something that hasn’t been done in 2500 yr!



    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman

    The Nazi Collaborators in the West are petioning Russia for an Immediate Cease Fire.

    I think it’s three fold:

    1)..the Nazis are getting smashed on the Battlefield

    2)..any wiggle room will allow the Gangsters to resupply the Nazis.

    3)..and the Nazi Collaborators have alot of Big Brass down in that hole in Azovstol..

    Rumors are they’re from a host of NATO Countries ..

    And they shouldn’t be there!


    But trapped like fuxin Rats!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve now completed my morning dose of “truth by Lendman.” Great work; thanks!

    “US-dominated Western regimes greatly jeopardized security and stability in Europe, the Asia/Pacific and Middle East in pursuit of geopolitical dominance by sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia.” I like that. Word perfect.

    Back to slumber for two hours….


  4. Mr Lendman..

    If things proceed as the current situation is portending..

    Russia is clearly going to achieve a Total Victory.

    As Total as possible,
    That is .

    When the UkiFuxs are only Proxies..

    Whence the real Enemy is in
    Whitehall and Langley Virginia!

    If…or when, better put
    Russia takes Odessa

    The Regular Season is over as far as I’m concerned.

    The Rest is just the Playoffs.

    But this Important note…
    Once again …

    I urge everyone to please Google
    “Scott Ritter Ukraine Part II..”

    He explains what really happened in the initial
    ” invasion” in February..!

    I was dead Wrong.

    Or rather completely impervious to the Bigger Picture.

    Now I understand fully.
    Scott Ritter tape is MUST SEE.


    Now the Point:

    No big secret that Russia needs soldiers..

    There’s no Draft.
    Why..who knows

    Not me..

    And I’m learning it’s not my purview..

    Way over my head
    My pay grade
    Out here in Left Field

    And I’m wrong on so many things

    Only getting to see the Shadows on Plato’s Wall

    From 8000 miles away.

    Oh..and I’ve read some
    Military History…like a schmuck,

    But Russia needs soldiers.

    Looking for the Suggestion Box:

    Must be a 1000 gyms in Russia
    I’d go there and recruit athletes.

    Form Special Units of Athletes
    To serve Under Special Forces.

    They’ll be the most easily trained and most alert of all recruits.

    If they’re unvaxed add 20 pts.

    Moreover, need to sweeten the Kitty with some perks right now.

    Propaganda like the Bolsheviks!

    Remember that iconic Soldier
    Pointing at you..Poster All in Red

    Redux might be softer but,


    Because the Reality is it’s
    Total War with the West..

    “This ain’t no party..
    This ain’t no disco..
    This ain’t no messing around..!”

    I might add in Closing,

    Russia is blessed to have Chechnyan Fighters…!

    Russia has Good Karma .

    Thank you, Ram..!
    And all my Cousins..

    I salute you ..!


    Liked by 1 person

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