Israel to Whitewash Cold-Blooded Murder of Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

There’s no ambiguity about “Israel’s regime of apartheid and occupation (viciousness being) inextricably bound up in (flagrant) human rights abuses,” as B’Tselem explained.

A daily thing throughout Occupied Palestine, they include virtually every form of ruthlessness imaginable — while the world community maintains the myth of Israeli democratic rule.

On Thursday according to Haaretz,  the Bennett regime intends to whitewash the cold-blooded murder of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by refusing to probe indisputable facts on the ground about what happened — and make no mistake.

It will not cooperate with — and will likely go all-out — to obstruct an independent investigation to lay blame squarely where it belongs.

The Bennett regime assassinated Abu Akleh to silence her truth-telling reports about life in Occupied Palestine — what Israel wants suppressed by whatever it takes to conceal indisputable hard truths.

According to Haaretz, Israel’s so-called military police criminal investigation (whitewash) division believes that a probe to reveal hard truths about what happened will create opposition in Jewish state society.

Truth and full disclosure of the incident will be further proof of how Israeli apartheid operates.

Abu Akleh’s family isn’t surprised, telling Al Jazeera:

“We were expecting this from the Israeli side.” 

“That’s why we didn’t want them to participate in the investigation.”

“We want to hold whoever is responsible for these acts accountable.”

“We urge the (Biden regime) in particular – since she is a US citizen – and the international community to open a just and transparent investigation and to put an end to the killings.”

Longstanding US/Western policy supports the worst of Israeli high crimes.

They’ll be no cooperation from their ruling regimes to hold Israel accountable for any of its crimes of war, against humanity and atrocities of virtually every shape and kind.

The Biden regime rejects the notion of an independent probe — in an open and transparent manner — into Abu Akleh’s assassination, 

According to Al Jazeera’s correspondent Imran Khan:

An “open criminal investigation into a serving Israeli army officer or soldier on an active military operation, that’s something that Israeli politics…finds absolutely untenable.”

“The (Bennett regime) would be attacked if that investigation took place.” 

“The opposition would use it to make political ground.”

Most Israelis “see the army untouchable, as defenders of Israel (against invented enemies) and therefore anything (it does militarily)  is untouchable.”

Yet Israeli forces commit daily human rights abuses against long-suffering Palestinians.

Separately on Wednesday, B’Tselem reported the following:

Escorted by border police, Israeli civil administration personnel arrived in a-Tuwani village “in the Safa Yatta area…with bulldozers.”

They “demolished homes of 8 Palestinian families, (displacing) 47 people, including 19 minors, (as well as) 4 agricultural structures.”

The action followed Israel’s High Court approval to dispossess over 1,000 Palestinian residents — to make way for exclusive Jewish development and use after the area was declared an IDF “firing zone.”

The above outrages occurred in what’s known as the South Hebron Hills.

For decades, apartheid Israel declared about 3,000 hectares of stolen Palestinian land as a restricted military zone, then a firing zone — a pretext to dispossess their rightful owners of what’s theirs.

That’s the threat that thousands of Palestinians face — fearing that they’ll be ordered off their land and forcefully removed if don’t leave on their own.

At the same time, the guns of Israel eliminate unwanted Palestinians by cold-blooded murder time and again.

Thousands of others are wrongfully imprisoned for pursuing their legitimate rights according to international law.

At this time, about 4,500 Palestinians languish in Israeli prison confinement.

Over 500 are administrative detained — uncharged and untried for as long as Israel wants their liberty denied.

Over 600 Palestinian prisoners are ill with chronic diseases, some in critical condition.

Yet they’re all subjected to malicious medical neglect.

According to UN Resolution titled “Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment (1988):”

“(M)edical care and treatment shall be provided whenever necessary (to prisoners) free of charge.”

Not in Occupied Palestine or Israeli prisons in its own territory. 

Collective punishment of Palestinians is longstanding Israeli policy — in flagrant breach of Fourth Geneva’s Article 33.

The same goes for premeditated crimes of war and against humanity against Palestinians for not being Jewish.

Unwanted by apartheid Israel, their lives and well-being don’t matter — nor their fundamental rights under international law.

2 thoughts on “Israel to Whitewash Cold-Blooded Murder of Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

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  1. There’s no “ambiguity”: There’s also no “limit” to the extent of militant/political settler-colonial Zionism’s mendaciousness, psychotic vindictivenwss et al WRT to its “ultimate victim” beleagured Palestinians.

    My contribution today: The Zionist regime of Israel never misses an opportunity to exploit an opportunity. And, on 5-11-2022, it found the opportunity to exploit what surely had been a loooong ongoing campaign aimed (sniper-aimed) toward the assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh. Just as it has assassinated or maimed (or humiliated in diabolical ways…spitting on priests…) innumerable Palestinan journalists, health-sector workers, sports figures, political/public personages, educators, farmers tending their olive trees, just regular kids, women, men…. It’s all just, well, to repeat a word, downright diabolical.

    Thank you, as always, Mr. Lendman. You have no peer as to integrity, ethics, morality, courage, articulateness, honesty, real news in reporting….

    Ms. [Sayyida] Abu Akleh: R.I.P. — if that is possible to you, insha’Allah.


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