Hegemon USA OKs $40 Billion More for Ukrainian Nazis

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev — empowering Nazis to run things despotically — the US supplied them with at least $60 billion for aggression on Donbass and proxy war on Russia.

After majority House and Senate members overwhelmingly approved another $40 billion for perpetual war-making, the fake Biden is expected to sign the measure from hell into law on Friday.

On Thursday, reading lines scripted by his US master for him to recite, puppet Zelensky turned reality on its head again, saying:

Billions more US dollars for the regime he nominally heads — from his Polish hideout — “demonstrat(es) strong leadership and a necessary contribution to our common defense of (Nazified rule over) freedom.”

According to Nazi-supporting undemocratic Dem Senator Leahy, another $40 billion for Ukrainian Nazis “is extremely critical (sic).”

“Every day it’s delayed impacts the war effort (sic).”

And this from Nazi-supporting undemocratic Dem majority leader Schumer:

Ukrainian Nazis “are valiant (sic).”

“They’re making progress (sic).”

“They’re…struggling (sic).”

“The least we can do is give them the weaponry they need” for perpetual war-making on invented enemy Russia and Donbass civilians.

Tens of billions more down the drain of waste, fraud and abuse for Nazified Ukraine comes at a time of:

Soaring US inflation to a 75-year high — at 16.5%, not the phony lower number reported.

US/Western and other economies heading toward likely stiff and protracted recession.

Growing US poverty and food insecurity.

Broken supply chains.

Shortages of essentials and crashing markets.

Analyst Doug Casey minced no words, stressing:

The “everything bubble…found its pin.”

Delating it began months ago.

At a time of growing economic weakness — exacerbated by political and Wall Street controlled Fed mismanagement — they’ll be “lots of corporate bankruptcies with massive layoffs of workers.”

“We’re now in a massive bear market” with the worst of it to come. 

“Soon the public will realize that the Greater Depression is here as well” — affecting most US households with devastating impact to their lives and well-being.

Artificially created good times are over.

“(G)enuine bad times” replaced them.

Hegemon USA — and Western vassal states — have been hugely “over-leveraged, economically unproductive, politically unstable, and socially explosive.” 

It’s at a time of perpetual proxy war on invented enemy Russia — at risk of shifting to direct East/West confrontation with nukes — as well as war by other means on numerous other nations free from US control.

Hards times getting harder are accompanied by a worsening global food crisis.

In the US and other Western societies alone, food insecurity haunts millions of households.

When layoffs follow growing economic weakness, households that are one missed paycheck from homelessness, hunger and despair will be too widespread to ignore.

According to Quinnipiac poll results published on Wednesday, 85% of Americans expect economic recession “in the next year.”

US/Western economies are most likely in recession now — heading for what hindsight may call the greatest Depression in modern memory.

Pocketbook issues matter most to most US households. 

As food, energy and other prices keep rising with no peak inflation in sight — at a time when wage increases aren’t keeping pace —  growing millions of US households are experiencing pain as reflected by the University of Michigan’s Preliminary May 2022 Consumer Sentiment Index.

It plunged to a new decade low — with a downturn to lower lows likely as economic weakness and higher inflation take their toll.

It’s at a time of record-high double-digit, year-over-year, producer prices, real consumer price inflation at 16.5% — the highest US level since 1947 — and real unemployment at 24.5%.

According to former Reagan era Office of Management and Budget director David Stockman:

“On the eve of the great financial crisis in 2007, (the) combined balance sheets (of the world’s 4 leading central banks) stood at just $5 trillion.” 

Today the figure is “$31.5 trillion,” Stockman adding:

The above reality excludes “the full effect of (US-controlled) NATO’s madcap Sanctions War against the world’s largest commodity producer, Russia.”

The Wall Street owned and controlled Fed, European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of Japan (BOJ) and People’s Bank of China (PBOC) “printed themselves into a hellacious corner,” Stockman explained.

Since 2006, they and other central banks created over “$30 trillion in fiat credits.”

“(Y)et (these) knuckheads” feign surprise by soaring inflation that keeps heading higher.

When hard times hit home like a hammer, ordinary people suffer most from the excesses of ruling elites and privileged interests they serve exclusively.

Before year 2022 ends, hard times getting harder will likely hit most US/Western and other households with greater impact than already.

Will public rage accompany the growing inability of most households to make ends meet?

Will Republicans gain control of both congressional houses?

With his approval rating at a dismal 33% — according to a Quinnipiac University poll — and likely heading lower, will calls grow to impeach the fake Biden and replace him in office?

At the same time, reckless US policies risk direct confrontation with Russia.

When other diversionary tactics fail, will majority Dems risk global war with nukes to remain in power by pushing things beyond a point of no return with Russia?

Never before since the atom was split long ago was the risk of war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers as great as now.

If that’s where things are heading, heaven help us all.

A Final Comment

On Thursday, the Biden regime’s war department announced the following:

It’s “authoriz(ing) an additional $100 million” — with likely billions more for perpetual US/NATO war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian proxy troops.

What appears to be unlimited US funding for Ukrainian Nazis is for more weapons et al for Russia to target and destroy.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners are OKing new funding on their own or when needed getting rubber-stamp congressional approval.

It’s further proof of US contempt for peace, stability and the rule of law in favor of perpetual war on invented enemies.

8 thoughts on “Hegemon USA OKs $40 Billion More for Ukrainian Nazis

Add yours

  1. Mercola had a good article on food supply yesterday. It will go down when midnight meets Chicago: “New Food System Will Stop at Nothing to Control You
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola” — https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2022/05/19/food-system-will-control-you.aspx

    The commenter who understands the body’s electricity is forbiddenhealing He says glutathione will be consumed in attacking graphene oxide and when you run out of glutathione you die. He strong intellectual drive.and worth tracking. This was his comment:

    “These thoughts do not make me happy. If any god or government is going to save you, where have they been??? You will stand or fall of your own actions or inactions. Your world sits on your shoulders; master it or lose it.”


  2. Mr Lendman,

    Sen. Rand said,

    “What …$40 Billion..?

    And you haven’t even spent the original $6 Billion yet ..!”


    Not a dime for America
    All goes to Nazis in the Ukraine!

    Our AIPAC Congress..!
    All Criminals..!

    And the enemy of the
    American People.

    Sen Schumer and Sen Menedez
    Should be wearing Body Cams

    We could watch them send about $20 Trillion to Israel.

    Business As usual.

    Everything is Broken and Dysfunctional in the USA..!

    Designed that way..
    A DePopulation Scheme.

    Part of the ReDux
    The Fascist Reset.

    This the Darkest Period in Mankind’s long history.

    The only ones to benefit are of course, the .0001%

    About a 1000 people in the Entire World…who own 99%..!

    That simple.

    Future Generations will look back and wonder how we could allow such disparity in Wealth.

    Much the same as when we look at ancient Kings who told their

    The Had Divine Right..

    As they were descendants of God..!

    And Laughable now
    But people actually believed that.

    Bad Now..Gonna Get Worse..!


  3. Mr Lendman,

    The Jan 6 Committee
    Interviewed a 1000 Trump Adm!

    Spent tens of thousands of hours “investigating!”

    Nancy’s False Flag to frame up Trump.. nothing more..

    And meanwhile donate
    $56 BILLION to the Uki Nazis

    No questions asked..!
    No discussion…!
    Rubber Stamped..!

    Need to put every Congressman and Senator in Prison

    Who voted for this monstrosity.


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