NYT Fake News Over the Real Thing on Nazi-Infested Ukraine

On virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT never met indisputable truths — crucial for everyone to know — that it didn’t go all-out to suppress.

Notably the above reality is true on all things related to US invented enemies.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times pretended that Russia is dismayed about not “captur(ing) more of Ukraine (sic).”

Ignored by the Times is that Russian forces control Ukrainian territory the size of Great Britain.

That its forces accomplished this objective much faster — and with much smaller numbers — than what Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht was able to achieve over a comparable period of time after invading the Soviet Union in June 1941 — with around four million troops.

No Russian “struggles” are ongoing anywhere in Ukraine, no “suspen(ion) (of its generals) for not capturing…Kharkov” and Kiev.

The above rubbish came from a fake News BoJo regime report on Thursday.

And this Times rubbish:

“The Kremlin (is) us(ing) the surrender (of over 1,700 largely Nazified Ukrainian fighters from Mariupo’s Azovstal plant) for propaganda purposes (sic).”

Invented claims by the Times about strikes by Russian forces on civilians in residential areas are fake news, not the real thing.

The same goes for pushing the debunked myth about “abandon(ment) (of) ambitious (Russian) goals (to) toppl(e) the” Kiev regime (sic).

And this Times fake news:

“Peace talks reached an impasse last month, largely over Russia’s insistence on controlling large swaths of Ukrainian territory (sic), with Ukraine emboldened by its successes on the battlefield (sic).”

No Kiev successes were achieved, just Russian ones, no Kremlin regime change aim in Ukraine.

Kiev halted conflict resolutions talks with Russia on orders from dominant Biden regime hardliners — wanting perpetual proxy war on Russia continued, not resolution of what’s going on.

Quoting puppet Zelensky’s latest hyperventilating, he once again turned reality on its head by falsely accusing Russia of a “criminal attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible (sic).”

And this Times rubbish:

Ignoring the Biden regime’s orchestrated/Kiev’s implemented Bucha false flag last month, the Times invented nonexistent evidence to blame Russian forces for what they had nothing to do with, saying:

“Russian paratroopers rounded up and executed a group of Ukrainian men, directly implicating these forces in a likely war crime (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

“These (nonexistent) killings (by Russian forces) were among a series of executions that took place in Bucha (sic).” 

No Russian “executions” took place in Bucha or anywhere else in Ukraine.

No credible evidence exists to support the above claims.

So the Times invented its own — one of many examples of its yellow journalism trash.

And this trash by its so-called editors, saying:

“No matter how long it takes, (Nazi-controlled) Ukraine will be free (sic).” 

“Ukraine deserves support against (nonexistent) Russia’s unprovoked aggression (sic).”

Hegemon USA “must lead its NATO (vassals) in demonstrating to Vladimir Putin that the Atlantic alliance is willing and able to resist his (nonexistent) revanchist ambitions (sic).”

“Americans have been galvanized by Ukraine’s suffering (sic).”

The vast majority of Americans are “galvanized” by soaring inflation, economic weakness, and Biden regime contempt for their needs and rights.

They’re concerned about growing poverty, food insecurity, shortages of essentials and Dem mismanagement.

They’re likely asking:

Why are dominant Dems throwing another $40 billion more at (Nazi-infested) Ukraine for war-making at the expense of vital homeland needs gone begging?

Why are their needs being sacrificed in pursuit of perpetual proxy war on Russia?

Largely ducking their concerns, the Times perpetuates the myth about Biden regime support for “democratic values” in Ukraine that don’t exist.

Nor do what the Times falsely called “Ukraine’s (nonexistent) successes against (nonexistent) Russian aggression (sic).”

And this bald-faced Big Lie by the Times:

It falsely called model democrat Putin a “despot.”

It defied reality by falsely claiming that he “show(ed) little inclination toward a negotiated settlement” when polar opposite is true.

It was over the top and then some by falsely claiming that Vladimir “Putin will go down in history as a butcher (sic).”

Butchery is how the vast majority of US regimes operated throughout the country’s history from inception.

Butchery is how it’s operating now at home by kill shots and abroad by perpetual hot and sanctions wars on invented enemies.

Butchery is what the scourge of US imperial rampaging is all about.

Perpetual butchery is longstanding US policy against invented enemies.

Russia operates by higher standards.

Instead of explaining reality, the Times and other MSM consistently feature fake news over the real thing.

Following them assures being brainwashed and treated like mushrooms — kept well-watered and in the dark.  

3 thoughts on “NYT Fake News Over the Real Thing on Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman.

    In a word,

    “Everything the USA touches
    Turns to Shit…!”

    Clearly, economically the
    Nazi Collaborators are destroying themselves.

    If you tried to Fux up your Economy..

    you couldn’t do a better job..



    ( actually it appears the
    Criminal Elite are trying to destroy their Economies..

    De Population..
    The Final Solution
    The Last Extinction

    In a word,
    Genocide on the
    World’s Working Class!

    Militarily as well,
    This Designer War
    Turning to shit

    Already in the Melt Down Stage!

    Can the RatFux Nazi
    Senate and House

    Get the Scam Money in their
    Off Shore Accounts

    And most importantly for the AIPAC 5TH COLUMNISTS

    And get the money to ISRAEL..

    Before the Uki Nazi Army folds up their rent.

    And the Public sees it was not needed.

    While Russia of course, hopefully

    Burns the Candle at both ends

    By exposing the Bio Labs..
    The Real Nazi Stuff..

    the Insane Mass Murderers
    are up to their necks in.

    One thing noteworthy about the “FILTH”..

    Their HEROIN GENERALS on TV are quite annoyed Russia

    Simply evaded and avoided
    Attacking the Pincers..

    ( the elaborately planned out Nazi Killing Field they have been working on for 8 yrs..


    General “Fat” Jack is saying


    In his sleep now.

    That was their big
    Touchdown Play..!


    The Secret Sauce..
    Don’t step in a Gopher Holes

    Just go nice and slow

    And don’t make any big Mistakes …

    Just exactly like you’re doing.


    Part (1)

    Go Russia..
    Straight to the Bank.. baby!


  2. Mr Lendman..


    I just hit the Link on

    Mike Preston’s Comment
    above mine.

    Everyone should hit that..

    Fast Forward your game play
    X 10..!

    A Brief Battlefield Report
    By Zrada XXII…

    Like Catch -22..

    Yosarian is giving you
    a blow by blow account
    from Boots on the Ground.

    Short Sweet Succinct..
    The Real McCoy..!

    And it’s Exactly what I saw in nascent form

    Three days ago when I went up with Comrade Generals Vatutin and Rokossovski

    In that Ily 2..over the Luhansk


    I followed all the dots on Zrada’s map..

    I checked my notes..

    That’s it …
    Excellent “Flow Chart..

    Festival of Light
    Sight and Sound..

    The Red Orchestra
    Playing William Tell
    The Lone Ranger

    And the Red Rider..
    Friend to every Honest Man

    To Kramatorsk..

    I see it Baby..

    A Squadron of Yaks were flying in a diamond..accompanied us

    Two three Star Generals..
    And me…Mr Peabody.

    I mentioned to Gen Vatutin
    That Kramatorsk could wind up being like the “Prokhorovka” of the theater..

    Gen Vatutin and Rokossovski both looked at me with both eyes..

    Vatutin was smiling broadly

    I kept talking ..

    I was higher than a tree frog from the smell of Kerosene
    and Propeller Grease..

    Yep..gotta second Salient
    Been there all along..

    I looked at these two Famous Men..

    Some of the World’s Greatest
    To ever walk Planet Earth .

    Maybe nab about 10-20,000 NaziFuxs in there..

    Just beautiful work you’re doing sir..

    Just enormously World Class.

    Gen Vatutin sitting next to me..
    Put his outstretched hand on the Top of My Shoulder..

    Firmly and warmly
    Gave me his affirmation

    He started to speak to me…

    “Wait, Comrade General..
    Let me put on my Translation App …”..

    The General said,.
    “say that again .!”

    “What ‘Prokhorovka?..”

    Both Generals said they were delighted the Future sent a guy who knew Something…

    Anything .

    “Rokossovski smiled and said,
    ” And Amerikanish. .!”

    I laughed and said,
    ” Bolshevikii…”

    They both laughed,.
    Called me the “Commissar!”

    I said it never seen anything like the Xmas lights like this

    Vatutin said,

    “He once flew over Poland …Posnan..

    He could see the Artillery land on both sides for ten miles..

    Like a parade down the Nevsky

    Gen Chuikov was running that theater..he said,

    Chuikov was the Fightinest Motherfuxer that ever lived

    Nobody ever would want to fight Chuikov

    He’d blow out all candles
    Just run over you .!”

    Gen Rokossovski said,
    That’s what it took.
    The Nazi Army was an excellent army..

    Highly trained
    Highly skilled

    Been training in those
    Nazi Youth Camps for ten yrs

    Had excellent Weapons
    Talented Hauptmans

    We had to work hard
    And think hard to beat them..”

    I asked, ” How did you beat them?”

    The General said,
    ” Hit em on the weak Flanks .
    Try to find even one Opening
    And pound it

    and let them make mistakes…and Capitalize in it”

    We were landing.
    I think I’ll call this,
    ” Don’t Cry For Me Mariupol”


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