Italy’s Dubious Ukraine Peace Plan


In cahoots with hegemon USA-dominated NATO, the Draghi regime supports Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Last month, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi expelled dozens of Russian diplomats on the phony pretext of security concerns.

Falsely accusing Vladimir Putin of “massacr(ing) civilians” in Ukraine — a longstanding NATO high crime against one nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nation after another — Draghi called for “Russian authorities and its army to be held to account for their actions (sic).”

He falsely accused Russian forces of the made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented Bucha false flag last month.

He backed multiple rounds of illegal sanctions on Russia.

He’s no backer of peace or Russian friend.

His so-called peace plan is all about wanting Moscow prevented from demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine.

It’s about wanting Nazified occupation of Donbass continued and Russian security compromised.

His so-called plan is dead before arrival, calling for the following:

Ceasefire observed by both sides — accompanied by surveillance and demilitarization of the front line.

A US/NATO dominated multinational negotiation on the future status of Ukraine — to include its accession to the EU.

Given the bloc’s transformation to NATO by another name — operating in similar fashion — the proposal is a nonstarter for Moscow.

So is ceasefire to halt its demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine, along with halting the liberation of Donbass.

The Draghi scheme also calls for an agreement on what he falsely considers “disputed territories” — referring to the Russian Republic of Crimea, as well as the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

There’s nothing “disputed” about their status. Hence, nothing to negotiate.

Not according to the Draghi scheme .

It virtually considers Russian Crimea and independent Donbass as sovereign Ukrainian territory.

A final part of his scheme is East/West agreement with Kiev on peace and security in central Europe — in support of US-controlled Nazified Ukraine at the expense of Russia’s security.

His so-called plan aims to restore the status quo in central Europe that existed before Russia’s SMO began.

It wants its territorial gains returned to Kiev’s control — in return for partial lifting of illegally imposed sanctions on Russia.

It wants Vladimir Putin to abandon his SMO goals.

It wants what benefits the US/dominated West and Nazi-infested Ukraine at the expense of a durable peace and Russian security.

It’s a nonstarter.

2 thoughts on “Italy’s Dubious Ukraine Peace Plan

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  1. Mr. Lendman I am confused with what is happening in the “civilized West” since the Denazification began in Ukraine, I never expected that the whole world in the West would support a Nazi Ukranian regime including Israel and many Rabbis support it with fervor and passion, How is it possible that they have forgotten what the Nazis did with them and with everyone else. I think you are the ideal mind to develop an explanation for this abnormal phenomenon. With my admiration for you, I thank you. A greeting.


  2. Macapi148..

    Hey Pal..
    You sure got that right..

    How to explain the Jews who support these Nazis…?

    I am of the same mind .
    Excellent question..!

    I not only find it despicable and tragic…but inexplicable !

    it Boggles the Mind it’s so weird and ass backwards.

    Warmest Regards


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