Overwhelming Russian Triumph Over the Scourge of US/Western Support for Ukrainian Nazis

Mass-surrender of US/Western armed, funded and directed Nazified Azov thugs in Mariupol symbolizes how Moscow is defeating the empire of lies, its NATO vassals and Ukrainian cannon fodder proxies by the success of its steady SMO advances.

Hundreds of Ukrainian troops are laying down their arms and surrendering to superior Russian military strength daily.

Many others are deserting, going home or cross-border into Russia for safety

Morale among rank and file Kiev fighters is largely shattered.

Resistance is more illusion than reality.

According to Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu: 

“Russian Armed Forces, together with People’s Militias of Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic continue expanding their control over Donbass territories.” 

“Liberation of the Lugansk People’s Republic is nearing its end.”

The US-installed Kiev regime is “suffering defeat on the ground.”

Pretending otherwise is defied by how steadily Russian forces are degrading Ukraine’s battered and beaten military.

Given reality on the ground, nightly addresses by puppet Zelensky from his Polish hideout claiming otherwise are increasingly uconvincing.

Countless front line reports debunk his claims about Ukrainian resistance.

It’s shattered by overwhelming numbers of killed and wounded troops.

Wanting to avoid their fate, increasing numbers of survivors raised white flags and surrendered to stay alive.

Liberation of Donbass entirely is just a matter of time.

According to State Department fake news:

“Russian military forces have bombed fields, damaged grain silos, attacked merchant ships in the Black Sea, and destroyed the roads and railways that allow Ukraine to export its agricultural goods worldwide (sic).”

“Putin’s war is threatening global food security (sic).”

And this Big Lie by interventionist Blinken:

“If (Nazi-infested) Ukraine stopped fighting, there would be no more Ukraine (sic).”

“We will continue to act with our (vassals) in (waging proxy war) on Russia” by use of expendable Ukrainian proxy troops.

And this from Blinken’s mouthpiece Price:

The Biden regime will continue “support(ing)” Nazi-infested Ukraine  “defend” the scourge of its tyrannical rule while pretending that it’s “democrat(ic) (sic).”

Like congenital liar Blinken, a further litany of bald-based Big Lies followed by Price — defending what’s indefensible, pretending that the menace posed by Kiev doesn’t exist.

After nearly three months of battering by Russia’s military, it’s forced to rely on reservists comprised in large part of poorly trained middle-aged men with no combat experience and no will to fight and die for a regime they don’t support.

So they’re surrendering in large numbers over perishing by going up against overpowering Russian military strength.

It no doubt caused pain and anguish for the NYT and other MSM to report what they called Russia’s “claim” about the “surrender” of 2,439 Nazified Azov thugs who holed up inside Mariupol’s Azovstal plant before laying down their arms, raising white flags and becoming POWs.

WaPo cited fake news by the so-called Institute for the Study of War.

Defying reality, it falsely called the 2,439 figure “drastically (above) other (so-called) estimates (sic),” adding:

“Moscow could be inflating the numbers in advance of a prisoner exchange with Kiev (sic), or in an attempt to save face after conducting a lengthy siege of the plant (sic).”

“Ukraine has not confirmed Moscow’s claims that the entire complex is now in Russian hands.”

Even when evidence is overwhelming and indisputable, MSM, the regimes they represent, and propaganda organizations like the Study of War can’t bear to diverge from the fabricated official narrative.

They can’t bring themselves to admit that Kiev’s military is shattered, that it can only hold out so much longer, that the Kiev regime should have surrendered weeks ago to halt large numbers of daily casualties.

And this trash from Times prostitute of the press Paul Krugman.

Once again turning reality in Ukraine on its head, he continues pretending the following, saying:

“Russia’s military failure in Ukraine (sic) defied almost everyone’s predictions (sic).”

“First came abject defeat at the gates of Kiev (sic).”

“Then came the incredible shrinking blitzkrieg (sic).”

No “slow-motion battle of attrition” is taking a toll on Russia — the decimation of Ukrainian forces alone.

As for “Western economic sanctions,” they largely shot blanks at Russia while harming their own economies.

Putin “losing the economic as well as the military war (sic)?”

Like other prostitutes of the press, Krugman increasingly fools himself by ignoring reality — even when it bites him in the rump or is too obvious to dispute.

One thought on “Overwhelming Russian Triumph Over the Scourge of US/Western Support for Ukrainian Nazis

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Washington is hoping to at least drag it out until Summer.

    They want to donate maybe,
    $5 or $10 Billion Dollars worth of Weapons

    To the Victorius Allies..!


    The inevitable is inevitable

    But as Scott Ritter says,

    You can perhaps expect a few
    counter thrusts from the
    limpdick and decimated Uki

    they are Aware they’re in a
    Desperate Situation..

    Only people who don’t know is the American Public.

    MSM trying to maintain that illusion as long as possible to make sure the Cash that’s embezzled out of the Taxpayers

    Makes it to Israel..
    The Mother Ship

    Beloved land of

    Representing TEL AVIV.

    Sen Rand Paul should
    Take the Floor on Monday

    And ask the AIPAC CONGRESS
    If the money for weapons is now a moot point..

    As the Ukis are folding up their tents.

    Couldn’t we spend that Money better right here in the USA?

    Time to start holding the Nazi Collaborators feet to the Fire..!

    Call for Impeachment and a Trials for Embezzlement.


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