US-Dominated NATO’s Threat to Russian Security Risks WW III

In response to growing US/NATO threats to its security — what’s far too serious to ignore — Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said the following on Friday:

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO “heightened military threats near the Russian border.”

“Over the past eight years, the intensity of US strategic bomber flights in Europe increased some 15 times.”

“Visits of American ships armed with guided missiles to the Baltic Sea have become a systematic occurrence.” 

“This year alone, they visited suspected cruise missile launch zones off the coast of Kaliningrad Region six times already.” 

“Since 2016, 24 such events have been detected.”

US/NATO regimes “have been (menacingly) ramping up operational and combat training along our borders.”

“Up to 40,000 troops from 30 NATO member-countries are currently involved in the (so-called) Defender Europe exercise.”

It’s all about offense, preemptive aggression, what’s unrelated to defense at a time when US/Western enemies are invented.

No real ones existed since WW II ended.

In response to hostile US/NATO actions, Shoigu said that Russia will form 12 new military units in the country’s Western Military District to defend the nation as needed.

Separately on Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, explained the following:

“(A)nti-Russia accusations are part of a well-orchestrated campaign of the collective West.” 

“Its goal is to blame Russia for all global problems.” 

“We are well aware that (hegemon USA) and its (vassals) in Europe are manipulatively trying to disorient the international community and persuade other countries to support the Western anti-Russia line.”

Along with the heightened risk of direct East/West confrontation, US/Western sanctions war — the most intense in world history against any nation — bears full responsibility for “macroeconomic instability.”

“The whole world was affected by a record number of restrictions placed on Russia’s foreign trade.” 

“Naturally, economically vulnerable nations were the hardest hit.”

Instead of prioritizing measures to alleviate crisis conditions, hegemon USA and its Western vassal regimes keep making a bad situation worse.

Phony Western claims about Russia using “hunger as a weapon of war” turned truth and full disclosure on its head.

Zakharova slammed the Big Lie.

Russia is not blocking grain exports from Ukraine or any other countries.

Its ruling authorities opened humanitarian corridors to ports with facilitating grain exports in mind.

“Russia continues supplying food products in line with its commercial commitments and as humanitarian aid to the population of needy countries via bilateral and multilateral channels,” Zakharova stressed.

Virtually all US/Western claims about Russia are bald-faced Big Lies.

Separately, Zakharova addressed US/Western fake news claims about Russian use of — or preparation to use — chemical weapons in Ukraine, saying:

“Once again, we must remind everyone that the Russian Federation fulfilled its obligations to destroy chemical weapons in full, ahead of schedule and under strict international control in September 2017.”

At the time, total elimination of its CW stockpile “was officially confirmed by the OPCW Technical Secretariat’s director-general.” 

“The Russian Federation’s commitment to CWC goals and principles remained unchanged over the 25 years of the existence of this most important international treaty.”

It’s in stark contrast to US/Western/Israeli stockpiles of chemical, biological, radiological and other banned weapons — using them against invented enemies.

And this straight talk by Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia on Thursday, saying:

“Present-day political culture of (US-dominated Western regimes) is best characterized by (unjustifiably) blam(ing) Russia for everything.”

“After we started a special military operation in Ukraine, allegations against Moscow made a (misinformation and disinformation) “quantum leap.”

US/Western sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia bear full responsibility for the dismal state of things — including European instability, growing economic weakness and soaring inflation.

What began long before Russia’s SMO in Ukraine continues to worsen because of wrongheaded US/Western policies.

Nebenzia stressed that Moscow “can do nothing (about how US/Western regimes) shoot yourselves in the leg, or rather both legs.” 

“This (harebrained) policy (adversely affects their) domestic markets.” 

Their “proxy war (on) Russia… hold(s) the whole world hostage” to their diabolical aims.

Commenting on Big Lies by interventionist Blinken, Nebenzia debunked his phony claim about Russian forces “starving (Mariupol) residents,” stressing:

Indisputable evidence showed that US/Western supported Azov Nazis deprived its residents of food, calling their diabolical action “an old fascist tradition,” adding:

Russian forces “risked their lives delivering humanitarian aid.” 

“But our opponents remain deaf (and blind) to” this reality.

Moscow is on the right side of history — in stark contrast to hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s forever war on humanity at home and worldwide.

5 thoughts on “US-Dominated NATO’s Threat to Russian Security Risks WW III

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Today I read in RT or Sputnik

    A Ukrainian Official said the USA
    Was planning to sink all the Russian Black Sea Navy

    The USA denied it..
    Of Course.

    Let’s get real ..

    Been what..about a Month since the USA sunk the Moscow?

    ( I knew it immediately..
    By the missile used)

    What was there to figure out..

    Moscow threatened an appropriate “Response”

    And yet no response from Moscow..


    Not saying I know what to do..
    But no response doesn’t cut it!


    They see Russian threats are meaningless..!

    Next up..

    After Pres Putin gave his one point , 30 second Press Conf

    Warning the Gangsters not to send Weapons..

    Or expect
    ” Unexpected Repercussions..!”

    The Gangsters were scared and Confused for about 32 hours..

    Didn’t say one word about sending weapons
    Even Polish PM Morafool
    told BoJo to watch his mouth

    Then the Gangsters got a Western Union

    And went right back to

    stronger than ever,
    Bigger than ever

    they were sending Weapons.

    And no response from Russia.

    Not trying to belittle or disparage

    the Russian Leadership..

    But those are the Facts

    But their Words have no Punch.
    Gangsters understand that, now.

    We’re sleepwalking into WWIII.

    BTW ..I don’t know what to do.

    Well maybe
    I have one suggestion.

    Gotta go.

    I’ll be back with my one suggestion.


  2. Mr Lendman…

    Actually upon Reflection

    The mere fact that Russia is winning both the Military War

    And the Economic War
    Against the Nazi Axis Powers..

    Perhaps that’s the solution.

    The Nazi Collaborators won’t have anyone to send the weapons to in the near future.

    So why upset that looming Victory on the Battlefield

    And Rising Fortunes of Economically Prudent Russia.

    Russia is clearly in the
    Driver’s Seat on both Fronts.

    Why upset it with more
    ” Drastic “measures..?

    Is a Solid Argument.

    But doesn’t staunch the Flow now

    Some will get thru

    To kill Russian soldiers.

    My Second Suggestion
    Is Always

    Invoke the” Bush Doctrine”

    What’s good for the Goose.
    Seems good for the Gander!

    The Nazis don’t have the Zircon
    Russia does.

    Russia has the Ace in the Hole
    The Peacemakers…baby.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


  3. Mr Lendman,

    During the barbarians big “Operation Defend Europe”

    I’d put a bright feather in the
    Voodoo Doctor’s Headband

    Ship some (covered up) Sarmat missiles in both Kaliningrad and Transnistria.


    Just to give them something more to worry about.

    BTW ..what was Nistria like before it went Trans?


  4. Mr Lendman..

    Something worth mentioning,

    But not sure where this puppy belongs…so I’ll put it here.

    This morning

    The Gringo ( Barangi)

    Bars & Restaurants have their big Breakfast Deals .

    Like 7 items..bacon & eggs, etc
    For $2.99..!


    Like Vegas .
    But Farm Fresh.

    The Point..

    If I can get up early
    I’ll always find my two Republican gym Friends there

    One from Tennessee
    And one From Arizona

    Both Vietnam Vets,

    Here’s the Whammy:

    Tennessee says the war is total bullshit..

    He says forthrightly,
    Can never trust ” them fuxers!”

    Says, correctly it was all fabricated out of Lies !

    And Arizona is in complete support of the Gangsters..!

    Very odd..
    I’ve known these two guys about 4 yrs…

    And they’ve never disagreed on anything before.

    Best of Friends.

    And both were adamant
    I mean vociferously argued their separate points.

    I wonder what that means

    As this is …and isn’t a good sample..

    Need about 50 to 100
    To get a real Sample.

    Tennessee may be an outlier.
    Who knows.

    But 50% of Vietnam Vets opposed to this war…

    Would spell trouble for the Gangsters.

    A quick historical aside,

    They reminded me of the Severe disagreement that

    Edmund Burke and Carlyle
    Who opposed the French Revolution..

    And their good friends

    William Wordsworth, Coleridge
    Lord Byron and Shelley

    Who supported it.


    ( In all fairness, Burke started out in support

    but got squeamish during the Reign of Terror)


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