NYT Bald-Faced Big Lies and Mass Deception

The self-styled newspaper of record long ago banned truth and full disclosure on major world and national issues.

Serving wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively over journalism as it should be, Times correspondents, columnists and contributors represent a virtual Noah’s Ark of scam artists.

In her book, titled “The Gray Lady Winked,” author Ashley Rindsberg explained how NYT “Misreporting, Distortions & Fabrications Radically Altered History” — in cahoots with US dark forces it serves.

It’s been this way since the Times was founded in the mid-19th century.

From then to now, it’s operated as a lying machine producer of fake news over the real thing.

According to Rindsberg, his “research churned up not mere errors or inaccuracies but whole-cloth (Times) falsehoods,” adding:

“(F)abrications and distortions” on major issues “were never…simple error(s).”

Times correspondents, columnists and contributors stick strictly to the fabricated official narrative.

What conflicts with it is banned from daily fake news editions.

Its “false media narrative…takes coordination, deliberation, and a lot of resources,” Rindsberg explained.

“And with the Times, it’s never just one false claim.”

“They make a concerted effort over time that they dig into and won’t let go.” 

Pre-WW II, its support for the scourge of Nazi Germany was so glowing that Reichsminister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, used Times reports in on-air radio broadcasts.

“Times bureau chief in Berlin, Guido Enderis, was a Nazi collaborator, Rindsberg explained.

His bureau reporters won Pulitzer Prizes for their coverage of the regime in the 1930s.

After Hitler invaded Poland in September 1939, Enderis falsely claimed that it was the other way around.

On December 11, 1941, Hitler declared war on the US in support of the September 1940 Tripartite Axis Pact with Japan and Mussolini’s Italy.

On the same day, Congress declared war on Germany and Italy, three days after a declaration of war against Japan.

According to Rindsberg, US journalists in Berlin were then interned for five months near Frankfurt — except for Enderis because he was an outspoken Nazi ally.

In similar fashion to how he fronted for Nazi Germany, Times correspondent Walter Duranty operated much the same way in Stalinist Russia during the 1930s, Rindsberg explaining:

At the time, Soviet rhetoric served the political interests of the Times’ Ochs-Sulzberger family.

According to US 1931 National Archives documents, Duranty told a State Department official the following: 

“ ‘In agreement with The New York Times and the Soviet authorities,’ his official dispatches always reflect(ed) the official opinion of the Soviet regime and not his own.” 

Notably whenever hegemon USA goes to war or plans one by hot and/or other means, Times reports read like official White House, State Department and Pentagon press releases.

The same goes for pushing kill shots and all else flu/covid in support of eliminating millions and billions of unwanted people at home and worldwide.

And the same reality is reflected in its editorial war on invented US enemies, especially Russia and Vladimir Putin personally since last year.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times continued a daily drumbeat of reinvented reality on the ground in Ukraine, saying:

“Despite (nonexistent) setbacks and a (nonexistent) shortage of manpower and equipment,” the Times cited the refusal of unnamed Ukrainian officials to admit that  Russian forces liberated Mariupol from years of Nazified occupation.

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Ukraine’s military…repulsed 11 attacks in…Donetsk and Lugansk (sic), destroying eight (Russian) tanks and other combat vehicles (sic).”

Nothing of the sort occurred. The Times invented the above claims in support of Nazi-infested Ukraine.

It quoted puppet Zelensky from his latest nightly propaganda address, falsely claiming:

Regime troops “broke the backbone of the largest…one of the strongest, armies in the world (sic).”

From his Polish hideout, he’s detached from reality on the ground.

Aware only about what his US master scripts for him to recite, he sounds increasingly buffoon-like.

Deaf, dumb and blind to how Russian forces keep rolling over Ukrainian troops steadily, he hyperventilates daily while Ukraine burns.

The same reality applies to Times fake news.

No Russian retreats occurred since its SMO began, no Ukrainian advances, no looming stalemate.

Times propaganda increasingly falls flat.

And this from notorious Times prostitute of the press Thomas Friedman:

The mumbling, bumbling know-nothing White House imposter “put NATO together (sic), Europe together (sic), and the whole Western alliance together (sic)…to help (Nazi-infested) Ukraine protect its (tyrannical rule) from” Russia’s liberating SMO.

No “significant losses” were inflicted on Russian forces by Ukraine’s pummeled military.

Not a dime’s worth of difference was achieved on the ground by billions of dollars worth of US/Western weapons.

A drumbeat of bashing Trump backed GOP candidates in support of undemocratic war-mongering, kill shot supporting Dems followed.

Fake news rubbish infests all Friedman reports —truth and full disclosure nowhere in sight.

It’s a longstanding Times tradition.

Manipulating the public mind with  mind-numbing rubbish while calling it news that’s fit to print is standard fare.

Only for readers eager to be lied to and mass deceived.

Not for anyone wanting truth, full disclosure and journalism as it should be.

Never in daily Times editions on issues mattering most. 

One thought on “NYT Bald-Faced Big Lies and Mass Deception

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Watched the Nazi News Saturday and Sunday .

    As you’re most certainly aware

    These are the Nazi Collaborators
    Shows and Biggest Lies made to dupe the American People..

    Needless to say,

    most despicable journalism since the Nazi Journalist
    Julius Streicher..

    Was hung at Nuremberg
    For doing the same thing as
    Jim Acosta currently on CNN.

    General David Betrayus

    Two Timing Husband

    And fired twice ..once for Infidelity and the other time for Lying..

    Totally wrong on everything in Afghanistan..

    Couldn’t fux it up worse..!

    But Opium Production was way up ..!

    You can be sure that this
    Heroin General has a phat
    Bank Account in Switzerland.

    Anyway, Gen Betrayus..

    Couldn’t say the word

    Concerning the Azovstol Nazis.

    In Denial.

    That’s America’s top General!

    Lt Col Mark Hertling..

    This is a Beaut..

    The Notorious Mouthpiece for the CIA,

    Jim Acosta asked Col Hertling

    Can the Ukrainians push the Russians all the way back to Sebastopol..

    Kick the Russians out of the 2014 Aquistions..

    Col Hertling said it was Possible!

    And agreed with the Peasant Carnival Barker Acosta

    ” That the Ukraine could very well win the War .!”


    Whatever he’s smoking..
    I need some of that .

    Alice and Wonderland stuff.

    And imagine,
    Those are the Big Guns.

    The American People will find out soon enough it was just
    Another Swindle.

    And when they do..
    And Look out Gangsters

    American People in no mood for more Scams.

    American People Have
    Had Enough..!

    Or you tell me why Polls say,
    only 19% of Americans feel comfortable that Dirty Joe is handling the War correctly.


    On a separate note..

    Where’s the Big Brass at Azovstol..?

    I think they’re there
    Or Russia made a deal..

    Sky News said they’re more People down there .

    Another Arabic site said so.

    I firmly believe the Big Fish are down there.

    For the first time ever.
    I mean Ever..

    I think Russian Media is lying.

    The Brass..
    They’ve been surreptitiously taken out already or are still there.

    Prove me Wrong.


    Yet ..

    The MSM makes him


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