Russia’s Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) stressed what’s clear on the ground in Ukraine, what US-dominated NATO regimes and their MSM press agents know — but won’t admit.

Russia’s SMO “is going according to plan” successfully.

“(N)ew territories are being freed from the Nazis every day,” MZ explained.

Nearly 2,500 Nazified Azov thugs and likeminded militants surrendered unconditionally to Russia forces from the bowels of Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.

For weeks — as ordered by his US master — puppet Zelensky told Ukrainian thugs he called “our boys” to hold out inside Azovstal behind civilians held hostage as human shields.

Finally after reality slapped him on the face and bit him on the rump repeatedly, was surrender of defeated elite Nazified Kiev thugs permitted.

Ones guilty of war crimes and/or related atrocities will be held fully accountable for what no one should tolerate.

They’ll no longer be free to mass-murder, torture and commit other horrendous crimes again.

Before surrendering en masse, MZ explained that they were ordered by Kiev to “to destroy as much civilian infrastructure as possible…leav(ing) behind uninhabitable ruins…mak(ing) it hard to restore peaceful life,” adding:

“This is not our messaging, but the testimony received from the Ukrainian side.”

Azov, likeminded Ukrainian thugs, and mercenaries with the same mindset use “use kindergartens, schools and hospitals as ammunition depots and strongholds,” MZ stressed, adding: 

“They (don’t) hid(e) this.” 

“They take pictures inside preschools or with preschool buildings in the background to show how they fight there.” 

“Civilians are not allowed to evacuate.” 

“They forc(e) people to leave their apartments so that they can set up firing positions there.” 

“They driv(e) (them into) basements that are used by militants as weapons depots.”

They seek out for arrest and elimination anyone suspected of being sympathetic toward Russia, anyone opposed to Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Days earlier, Kiev forces attacked residential areas in Kherson — in retaliation for supporting Russia’s liberating SMO.

Instead of exposing and denouncing cold-blooded murder and other Ukrainian atrocities, US-dominated Western regimes and their MSM press agents support them.

Weapons et al supplied by the West to Ukraine are all about wanting perpetual proxy war waged on Russia.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, the US alone supplied Ukrainian Nazis with about $65 billion worth of weapons, munitions and related military equipment for aggression on Donbass and proxy war on Russia.

Throwing billions at Ukraine comes at the expense of homeland needs gone begging.

Pursuing US hegemonic aims and enriching its merchants of death and destruction matter more.

Much the same has gone on by US/Western regimes throughout most of the post-WW II period — the worst of it coming since the neoliberal 90s, worst of all post-made-in-the-USA 9/11.

According to hegemon USA and NATO vassals:

“Victory must be achieved on the battlefield.”

“Russia must sustain a strategic defeat.”

It “cannot be allowed to win.” 

At the same time, US/Western infowar rages.

Russia is falsely accused of war crimes, falsely accused “of creating a (made-in-the-US/West) food shortage.”

According to MZ, “Western-spread lies are not supposed to be refuted.” 

“They are too absurd to comment on.”

Ignored is that “crisis phenomena in the world food market are linked” to hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s sanctions war on Russia. 

In stark contrast to US/Western war crimes and indifference toward their people — in pursuit of their diabolical aims — Russia continues to provide liberated areas of Ukraine with large-scale humanitarian aid for their people in need.

MZ also explained the following about US/Western supported Ukrainian Nazis:

They’re using children and middle-aged men as cannon fodder against overpowering Russian forces.

They’re also using “minor orphans” from abroad, MZ explained.

According to pre-2014 Maidan coup Ukrainian official, Alexey Selivanov:

“The neo-Nazi Ukrainian group Azov-operated Piligrim orphanage in Mariupol (operated as) a prototype of Ukraine that the Nazis wanted to build and what it would inevitably become if it were not for the special operation by the Russian Armed Forces.”

Defying what’s mandated by the UN Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Nazified Ukraine has been using children in their armed forces for war-making.

Separately in response to fascist-ruled Lithuania’s call for regime change in Russia, MZ said the following:

The US/Western supported Lithuanian regime “tramples (on) basic human rights and freedoms” internally.

It fuels its militant Russophobia.

Much the same applies to other US-controlled NATO vassals to its imperial interests.

MZ also explained why Russia withdrew from the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS), saying:

Hegemon USA uses their ruling regimes to aid its “anti-Russia policy.”

“The CBSS (is) riddled with contradictions.”

“We don’t see any prospects for putting the Council back on track.” 

It’s “sinking deeper and deeper into Russophobia and lies.” 

Remaining “in the CBSS would be unreasonable and counterproductive for our country.”

“Russia will not participate in (using) this organization (as) another platform for subversion and Western self-admiration.”

“Ending Russia’s CBSS membership will not affect its regional presence.” 

“Attempts to expel our country from the Baltic are doomed to failure.” 

“We will continue working with responsible partners and hold events on the key issues on the development agenda of the Baltic region that we all share, as well as to defend and promote the interests of our compatriots.”

Hegemon USA and its key NATO vassals bear full responsibility for “undermin(ing) the foundations of” the CBSS.

As an imperial tool, its regimes support aggression instead of forthrightly prioritizing peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law.

5 thoughts on “Russia’s Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    The Three Blind Mice of the Baltic

    Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

    Don’t have any real problems a Zircon missile right up their Ass

    Wouldn’t cure, instantaneously.

    All these little Nazi Collaborators
    Need a History #101 Class.

    With Extreme Prejudice..!

    No Lab
    No Homework

    Just bring a wheelbarrow and a shovel to help pick up the Bricks!

    I’d have invoked Bush Doctrine
    Rule #1…

    We ask nobody
    We answer no questions
    We just do it ..!

    Who’s permission would they ask anyway?

    The Heroin Pushers?
    The Abu Ghraib Buttfuckers?

    The Fuxs Starving 30 Million People in Afghanistan..?

    In other words
    Should they ask the biggest Terrorists in the World…?

    We’re Sleepwalking into WWIII.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


  2. Misinformation and disinformation from unashamed MSM, all controlled by the 2 Beasts referred to in the Book of Revelation.


  3. Mr Lendman..

    Wait a minute, Mr. Postman..
    Not so fast my friend..

    Zelensky, just like Yeltsin.. is giving away socialized wealth and institutions of state to the Gangsters ..

    Except the puppet Zelensky is giving away the actual land of the State..

    The very State itself…!

    How can that be kosher..?
    What makes it Legitimate?

    It’s not.

    Zelenskys not legitimate..
    Nor is the Transfer of the Western part of the Ukraine to Poland..

    Why not give it to the USA, or UK or Japan..for that matter.

    No Country in the World would do that..!

    What ..Poland once “owned” the Ukraine…that makes it legit?

    By that Logic we should give part of USA to back to England.

    It’s like an Executor of an Estate of a dead person…

    Who has no authority to do anything but what’s inscribed in the deceased will.

    Simple Legality rebuffs this.
    In the Ukrainian Constitution

    Where does it say the “President” can give away land to other countries?

    Moreover… that’s Russian land for 1000 years…

    Some Drug Addict like Elvis Zelensky..

    a Monkey dressed up in an Armani Suit sitting in the Chair

    is gonna give away historic Russian land to Neo Fascist Poland ?

    I am remiss to find any parallels in all of History that support this.

    Can you name a precedent?

    I’ll be back with a tighter brief.

    But this..
    Clearly something is Rotten in Denmark..!


  4. Mr Lendman..

    I just read in Sputnik that the USA is ” considering ” sending Special Forces to the new Embassy in the Ukraine..!


    Be clear..

    That would make the Embassy a legitimate Military Target..


    President Putin has warned against foreign players coming into the Ukraine.

    What gives the USA the prerogative to do that?

    Why doesn’t Russia send Special Forces to Mexico..?

    Moreover, this is a feint..

    As recent polling shows the American People are simply overwhelmingly opposed to it!

    It’s probably being used as a ploy having something to do with the Brass the Russians captured at Azovstol.

    This whole End Game of the Zelensky regime is twisted and deformed to such sick dimensions…

    that Russia really needs to put their foot down.

    I mean..BANG BANG BOOM.


  5. Mr Lendman..

    Not that it matters terribly

    But 2000 yrs ago
    In 133AD

    The Rich Kingdom of Pergamon

    ( Modern Day Turkey )

    King Attalus III..left his kingdom to Rome in his will when he died

    That was a First for Rome.

    I can’t think of another example of Lands being transferred to other states

    Other than lands wrested by military force in wars

    And conveyed in treaties there of

    The Colonial Period where the Imperialists drew lines in the sand..

    Such as the Sykes Picot Treatment of the Middle East

    Those were predator States attacking the neophytes.

    Against their will, for the most part as they were powerless to stop it

    Legitimate States don’t do that

    Further Evidence,
    The Zelensky Ukraine is not really a legitimate state

    It just doesn’t happen.

    Watch.. it’s gonna wind up as part of Israel..!


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