Russia’s SMO in Ukraine “Sputtering…Prospects for Victory Fad(ing)?”

Russia’s SMO was virtually won in days after launch on Feb. 24.

Its military superiority and tactical competence were evident straightaway.

US/Western regimes, know-nothing puppet Zelensky, and MSM delusional claims otherwise reflect whistling past the graveyard.

Ignoring indisputable reality on the ground, they continue anyway.

WaPo editors keep finding new ways to embarrass themselves.

Pretending that already won Russian “victory” in Ukraine is “fad(ing),” it was all downhill from there with rubbish like the following:

“The Russian military, mired in a war with no end in sight (sic), is attempting to resuscitate its sputtering offensive in Ukraine (sic), firing commanders (sic), splitting combat units into smaller formations (sic), and redoubling its reliance on artillery and other long-range weapons (sic).”

And this rubbish:

“After the deaths of thousands of Russian soldiers (sic) and an avalanche of failures (sic), Russian President Vladimir Putin narrowed his objectives in a campaign viewed as unsustainable, unrealistic — and likely unwinnable (sic).”

And this perversion of reality:

“Ukrainian units have not faced the morale setbacks that plague the Russians (sic).”

And this:

Russian forces “made little headway in Donbass (sic).”

And this wishful thinking refuted by reality:

“(T)here are massive morale problems within the Russian military, undermining Moscow’s goals (sic).”

There’s “refusal of some units to carry out orders (sic), as well as Russia’s failure to adequately equip and feed its forces (sic).”

Russian officials “don’t give a crap about their” soldiers (sic).

“Russian leaders may realize their military campaign is floundering but (are) still reluctant to acknowledge they are losing the war (sic)” — virtually won.

“Russian troops have been bedeviled both by their own tactical blunders (sic) and Ukraine’s potent capabilities (sic).”

No responsible editors would permit publication of the above trash, what’s polar opposite reality on the ground in Ukraine.

WaPo ignored that Biden regime war secretary Austin and joint chiefs chairman Milley called on their Russian counterparts to agree on an “immediate ceasefire in Ukraine” — on bended knee.

As explained earlier, there’s no ambiguity why.

Winners don’t want their operations halted until objectives are fully accomplished.

Losers call for ceasefire to cut their losses.

If Russia faced quagmire conditions in Ukraine, its Defense Minister Shoigu would call on his US counterpart to agree on an immediate ceasefire.

Russian forces continue to advance at the expense of badly battered and beaten Ukrainian ones.

Thousands of its elite Azov Nazi thugs were killed, wounded, or are in Russian custody as POWs.

Throughout Russia’s SMO since Feb. 24, Ukraine’s military achieved no battlefield triumphs over vastly superior Russian Federation forces.

Hundreds of their fighters are laying down their arms and surrendering — daily.

Hundreds more continue to desert.

They refuse to fight and die for a Nazi-infested regime they abhor.

Whenever claims like WaPo’s above are made, not a shred of credible evidence accompanies them — because none exists.

Russian forces continue to roll over their outgunned, outmatched, tactically inferior, poorly trained and directed largely Ukrainian conscript military.

Dire conditions forced Kiev to call up virtually untrained middle-aged reservists — because so many of its regulars are out of action.

Delusional MSM perversion of reality reports can only continue for so long.

It’s just a matter of time before Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Defense Ministry declare mission accomplished in Ukraine.

Given reality on the ground, perhaps Kiev will formally surrender before Russia’s announced triumph — to halt destruction of its military and economy more than already.

As explained before, when Moscow’s SMO ends successfully, when its demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine is achieved, when Donbass is fully liberated from Nazified occupation, when Russia is secure from scourge of US-controlled Ukrainian fascism, MSM will likely ignore reality by changing the subject.

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    First month of the Campaign
    was a total disaster for Russia.

    Scott Ritter explained it:

    It was a Classic Intelligence
    Failure..a complete misread

    Putin sent troops to persuade the General Population they were only there for DeNazification..

    Told the local Government
    And expected they would be able to carry that out unencumbered.


    The CIA has had 8 yrs to turn the Ukrainians into rabid haters.

    They weren’t even so great even in we know.

    Troops and Armor

    Especially Drones ..

    And Manpads
    Stingers and Javelins

    We’re all Brilliantly hidden by the CIA and CNN.

    When the Russians saw and felt the results..

    They quickly adapted
    And Changed the Game Plan

    Like a Football Coach
    Making adjustments at
    Half Time

    Russia has been winning since then.

    Moreover, Russia is winning like Crazy in the last month

    And especially in the last two weeks…

    Killing the Ukis..!
    Absolutely killing em..!

    Obviously that’s why Austin and Milley are begging the Russians for a Cease Fire.

    And the very Reason Zelensky
    now says they need a Negotiated Settlement..!

    Of course.


    Scott Ritter also explained the Dead in the street at Buscha.

    See the Blue Grocery bags next to the dead people.

    Those were Ukrainian citizens that took emergency rations from the Russians..

    The Uki Secret Police
    Murdered them for being Traitors.

    Left them there.

    The Lying Bourgeois Press
    ( Who know the Truth )

    Blame Russia.

    Such despicable lies
    Put no Crime Beneath them

    Go Russia..!
    To Total Victory..!


  2. The Dollar Empire has already put an apocalyptic hurt on Ukraine their Monopoly Media cannot hide. Humanity is already cursing Zelenski and his half-billion$ fortune will not do him much good. My link on the day concerns Zelensky letting Poland into western Ukraine.

    Poles on the territory of Ukraine receive special rights:
    1) they will be able to hold elective office,
    2) will be appointed to public authorities, to senior positions in defense enterprises;
    3) will get access to secret data,
    4) will be able to become judges,
    5) the Polish police will have the right to monitor law and order in Ukraine.


  3. Mr Lendman,

    I read a post

    By Pepe Escobar
    Via Gabriel the Angel

    He contends the furious calling to Shougi from Austin and Milley

    is to get Russia to hid the US Bio Weapons Labs..!

    Makes sense
    Very interesting.
    Very logical.
    Very realistic.

    Could be exactly that..!

    But I offer another scenerio
    for your consideration:

    First..if it were about the
    Bio Weapons..

    Why didn’t they start calling two Months ago…

    Miss Piggy dropped the USA in the Grease

    when she told Sen Rubio

    “Gee …I hope the Russians don’t get ahold of this…!”

    Didn’t she understand the implications of her comments

    Is she stupid..

    I guess her beauty compensates or mitigates her idiocy…huh?

    The Kaganites..
    Rulers of the Western World..!


    But they didn’t call then.
    If it was about Bio Labs.


    This Frantic Calling started about a week ago.

    Precisely when the NaziFuxs were coming out of Azovstol

    Calling Starts .

    This Frantic calling is about
    Big Brass

    American Big Brass

    The fact they pitched it around
    a Truce ..

    They need an immediate
    Cease Fire is part of the Cover.

    Those requests
    Indications of losing

    Are usually,
    Predominantly done in diplomatic hush hush

    Not by announcements to MSM
    ” We need a Cease Fire..

    Because it immediately conjures up the question,

    “Why because your’re losing?”

    No…this is about Big War Criminals

    And possible Nuremberg Trials from Moscow..

    AMERICA X ..!


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