Nazi “Defenders of Ukraine:” Sadistic Murderers, Torturers and Rapists

Armed, funded, trained and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, Azov and likeminded Nazified Ukrainian thugs are US proxies for war on Russia.

According to NYT fake news, they’re “fight(ing) Russia as a fight against communism, clinging to World War II historical narratives, and associating modern-day Russia and Vladimir Putin with the former Soviet Union (sic),” adding:

“Putin (calls) Ukraine a fascist country…false(ly) claim(ing) to be waging war against Nazis (sic).”

“Ukraine has a democratically elected government (sic).”

And this Times fake news:

Russia “falsely label(led) (Azov thugs) as terrorists (sic).”

Putin “fictitiously portray(ed) (Russia’s SMO) as a battle to rid Ukraine of Nazis (sic).” 

What puppet Zelensky called “our boys,” the Times and other MSM consider Nazified Azov thugs as “defenders of Ukraine.”

According to WaPo fake news, Azov elements are “part of Ukraine’s national guard.”

They “defended (Mariupol’s) steel plant for weeks (sic).” 

Falsely calling them “heroes (sic),”WaPo further turned reality on its head by claiming that “they gave up their lives for this city, for the country, for the people of Ukraine (sic).”

According to WSJ rubbish, “Azov dealt (a) heavy blow to Putin’s ego and…show(ing) Ukraine that (its military) can overcome the overwhelming forces of the enemy (sic),” adding:

Labelling Azov neo-Nazis “is like calling all Americans racist because the KKK exists in the US (sic).”

According to neocon West Point professor of reinvented history Fred Kagan, Azov thugs are “determined defenders (sic).”

They “pinned down Russian forces and prevented from advancing elsewhere in Ukraine and Donbass (sic).”

And this Journal rubbish:

“Against overwhelming firepower, fighters from the nationalist Azov battalion held out in the Azovstal steel plant for weeks, even as the Russian military destroyed much of the city around them (sic).”

They’re “portrayed…in Russian propaganda (sic)…as a neo-Nazi group.”

Now in Russian custody as POWs after unconditionally surrendering, they earlier “vow(ed) to fight until the end,” the Journal hyperventilated.

Here’s how victims of their viciousness explained how they operate:

Medical records of Mariupol resident Tatiana Ganja explained the following:

“They hung me by my legs, hit me on the head, torso, limbs, made me regain consciousness with water, and shot me near my left ear.”

Before hosting her painfully this way, they beat her with guns, then urinated on her. 

They kicked her, fired a volley of shots over her head, then took her to what victims called Mariupol’s airport “library” where victims were brutally tortured.

Until liberated by Russian forces, it was a secret Azov torture prison.

Ganja called the prison a “real hell and place of death,” adding:

“I cannot describe all the horrors.”

“The bridge of my nose is broken and (she’s deaf in her) left ear.” 

“I won’t recount everything…(A Ukrainian soldier) took (her) to the toilet and told me that ‘two days before, a girl (was) beaten to death’ ” there.

Azov thugs took everything from her family’s home.

Journalist Elena Blokha was tortured in Azov’s “library.”

She was “in a room 3 x 1.5 meters (with) one chair.”

She and her son were detained and “badly beaten.”

She witnessed other Azov victims with “broken ribs sticking out.”

Another victim’s “legs were broken.”

After the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, Azov became infamous for committing atrocities against civilians and Donbass freedom fighters.

Falsely called “patriots of Ukraine  (sic),” they’re sadistic murderers, torturers, and rapists

They’re Western darlings for use as proxy fighters against Donbass civilians and Russian forces.

Azov’s first commander, Andrey Biletsky, once said that Kiev’s mission is to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade… against Semite-led untermenschen”— subhumans to be exterminated or enslaved.

Before heading the group, he was imprisoned on charges of assault.

His victim suffered brain damage and multiple stab wounds for publicly opposing fascism.

He also said the following:

“Our credo is to destroy everything that destroys our people.” 

“As you know, you can restore everything – economy, order in the streets, demography, strong army and navy, nuclear weapons – but the only thing that you cannot restore is blood purity.”

“The backbone of Azov is made up of people who have been involved in ‘vyshkols’ (training camps) all their lives.”

We’re “preparing for war.”

Openly displaying Waffen-SS, Wehrmacht and other Nazi symbols, they recruited likeminded extremists to join their ranks.

Convicted neo-Nazi extremist involved in numerous ethnic murders, Alexei Levkin, once said the following:

“Adolf Hitler is the Great Leader who engaged in an unequal fight for our White World.” 

“He is the Great Symbol of Our Struggle.”

Azov is comprised of other extremists like themselves.

Western darlings, puppet Zelensky earlier expressed gratitude to what he called Azov “volunteers from different parts of the state united to defend Ukraine (sic),” adding:

“There is also the Azov battalion, which does not consist of volunteers, but is part of the national guard of our state.” 

“Today it is part of the armed forces, and all of them are the official army of our state.”

“Some of those who were volunteers at the beginning of the war moved into politics and stayed there.”

“Those who decided to continue serving in the armed forces of Ukraine became military and are part of the armed forces of Ukraine.” 

Calling them “heroes” of Ukraine, he praised their “professionalism” while defying reality by falsely claiming that there’s “almost (no) radicalism” in the country.

There’s no ambiguity about crimes of war, against humanity and horrendous atrocities committed by Azov and likeminded extremists.

Calling them heroic “defenders of Ukraine” whitewashes the worst of their high crimes.

For those in Russian custody, payback time lies ahead.

A Final Comment

Weeks earlier, Russia’s Defense Ministry minced no words, saying the following:

“Azov battalion Nazis (bear full responsibility for) exterminating civilian(s) in Donetsk and Lugansk, deliberately and with exceptional cruelty, for eight years.”

Falsely labelled “defenders of Ukraine” are sadistic thugs of the worst kind.

No punishment is severe enough as payback for their reign of terror against opponents of fascist tyranny.

5 thoughts on “Nazi “Defenders of Ukraine:” Sadistic Murderers, Torturers and Rapists

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    I’ve got tears in my eyes again.
    Second Reading.

    I’m not even ashamed..
    A grown man crying.

    My mother told me when I was about 12 or 13..

    I never cried as a Child.

    Don’t know what that means ..
    I guess I’m making up for lost time as a child..

    But I’ve cried twice this week hearing these torture stories.

    The Azov Nazis should pay the Ultimate price.

    End of Story.

    I might add,

    I’m more concerned that these NaziFux’s trials are thorough and broadcasting all day 24/7.

    Should be an Eye Opener.

    Next Up ..what about all the Nazi Collaborators..

    The Blind Mice..
    Who see ” Selectively”…

    Scott Ritter said in Iraq
    The USA bombed for 44 Days

    ( I remember that )

    Blew up everything..
    Millions of Dead and maimed

    Country destroyed..

    No WMDs found.
    Of course not..

    All lies..
    All the Time..!

    The Point:

    The Hayseeds are crying for the Ukrainian Nazis..

    Where were they when the USA Murdered and maimed Millions

    and destroyed Iraq …
    Where were the Crier’s then?

    Oh I remember
    sucking Sam’s Dick.

    My Question..what should we do with all the Nazi Collaborators after the War?

    I can tell you what happened after WWII…


    The current Nazi Collaborators should get the exact same the USA & Allies handed out in 1945!

    End of Story.


  2. Mr Lendman..

    The newest Polemic being unfurled against Russia..

    Is the non stop..24/7
    accusing Russia of the Cause

    of World Food Shortages..!

    Yet me ..
    Nowhere Man..

    I’ve only been reading and hearing about it’s inevitable coming …

    For about four or five years..!

    Suggestion Box :

    RT and Sputnik should do a
    ” Clip ” Show and Article

    All the Scores of Front Pages and Articles on Food Shortages

    There’s literally 100s of them..!
    Visually Amplify the Dates !

    So it’s explicit.

    I might add,
    As Medvedev stated..


    “While the West puts Sanctions on us …

    ( Try’s to destroy Russia)

    and then expects us to solve their problems..!”

    Go Figure.

    Needless to say,
    To this day in the USA

    The Interior Dept pays farmers not to Farm..

    Dumps billions of bushels of grains, corn , soy and wheat

    To keep the Price Up

    Government and Monsanto are buying up all the seeds..

    To disappear them..!

    Didn’t the Financial Terrorists Ban Russian Fertilizer?

    Go Figure..

    And here’s the Chili Dog..

    The whole food tragedy was planned…for years.

    It’s the cornerstone of their DePopulation Scheme.

    We’re supposed to Starve.

    Almost 1/3 of America
    Or about 120,000,0000

    Are hungry as we speak.

    Hey Swinger..
    Senator Swinger.

    Number # 82
    On the Docket..

    Why don’t you give another
    $50 Billion to the Nazis..?

    Oh wait are..
    is what they need …


    BTW..Right now,

    US Taxpayers pay all the Government Salaries..

    Of the CIA cardboard Cut out
    Hoax State ..!


  3. Mr Lendman


    Perhaps you already know..

    But looks like Severodonesk is turning out to be an enormous Victory for Russia..!

    Russia blew all the Bridges
    But wait..

    Blew them like a Chess Game

    Left the one the UkiFuxs needed standing until the last moment..

    To lure them in..
    Then Blew it…!


    Trapped them.

    ( It was on my “To Do List ”
    For three weeks…

    I wondered why..
    Now I know..!)

    So now the Ukis will have to leave all their “Equipment”

    If they want to save their own skin…

    get out while they can
    With the shirt on their back.

    Retreat and leave everything.

    Russia has a big Raytheon
    Flea Market…!

    A Big Thank you goes out to
    Chuckie & Mitch McConnell.

    Also Russia could bag maybe
    5,000 Ukis in the Process

    BTW…Donesk might be a bigger win for Russia..

    Than even Mariupol
    It the Cross Roads..

    Leads everywhere..
    three different options..


    See Dirty Joe..
    Doing Droopy..

    ” Ah, which way did they go
    Ah ..which way did they go..?”

    Hey Droopy..

    Russia’s over there..
    In the Winners Circle..!



  4. Mr Lendman

    A Curious Thing Happened on the Way to the World Famous..
    All Night Noodle House..

    I noticed the Lying Media
    Is switching over from the Ukrainian lies..

    To the Taiwan Lies ..
    Dramatically more air play

    No doubt, as the Uki Nazis gets wiped off the Board..

    The News Pimps
    Don’t want to tell the
    “Good Germans”
    In February..

    That no, sorry..
    The News we gave you at Xmas

    Was Wrong..
    We didn’t win at Stalingrad

    We lost.
    And von Paulus has 250,000 men trapped.


    Oh wait..
    When our new Tiger Tanks get there..

    All 13 of em..

    We’ll start winning …….AGAIN.


    As if the Mad Man
    In his Wolfs Liar..

    The Compound in Texas
    The Other Mad Man..

    Now wants to squeeze China’s nuts…!

    Hey Old Man .
    Crazy Man..

    China don’t play that game,

    It’s so clear from one simple take on CNN with Gen Jack

    Mind you, the General has only concentrated on selling the
    Uki Fantasy..up until now..

    But given the Three Waves of the Condor..for a month..


    And people and things disappearing…

    Right before their eyes .

    Just Holy Hell..

    On the UkiFuxs head for what must seem like Forever..

    So CNN has Jack amping up Taiwan now.

    The Pivot.


    The Imperialist Gangsters who
    have attacked almost every

    Sovereign Country on the map.

    35 in 75 yrs .
    Another Country every two yrs

    Murdered 25-30 Million Innocent People..

    These Gangsters

    Who simply ignore their own heinous atrocities

    Keep saying China,

    “Will invade Taiwan..!”
    “Will Probably invade Taiwan!”
    “Might invade Taiwan…!”

    The three possibilities are meaningless

    But catch the nuance..?

    It’s the word, ” INVADE”

    Here’s the Point:

    Taiwan is China..

    Just like Long Island
    And Catalina are the USA ..

    Taiwan has been China for 5,000 years.

    Saying China invading

    Is like Saying the USA invaded Vermont..!


    Get some excellent
    Maple Syrup

    And heckle Bernie when he shows the dinner to
    Rope A Dope the voters..!


  5. The Caucasus, Ukraine and south-west Russia were where the descendants of Ashkenaz, a great grandson of Noah, settled.

    The Ashkenazis converted to Judaism which is wholly based on occultic Babylonian beliefs and practices.

    Followers of Judaism are called Jews and they completely reject the Bible. Jews are not an ethnic group.

    Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD because it was controlled by the Jews.

    Jerusalem will be destroyed again as prophesized in the Bible and the New Jerusalem will descend from heaven (Revelation 21:2).

    The majority of Jews in present-day Israel are Ashkenazi Jews, or simply Nazis. Witness the killings of Russians in Donbass and Shireen Abu Akleh in Palestine.


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