Reality Check on the Ground in Nazi-Infested Ukraine

In stark contrast to proliferated fake news by the empire of lies, its NATO vassals, know-nothing puppet Zelensky and their MSM press agents, truth-telling analysts set the record straight on reality on the ground in Ukraine.

Noted military analyst Andrei Martyanov explained the following:

“(T)he quality of (Ukraine’s military) personnel…declined dramatically.”

It’s “because (their) best ha(s) been physically annihilated.” 

Millions of Ukrainian “young men” and others left the country.

Crossing into Russia and other European countries, they’re not returning to be cannon fodder proxies for US-dominated NATO and Nazi-infested Kiev.

Reality on the ground in Ukraine is that the US-controlled regime “doesn’t have mobilization base enough to assemble, let alone arm, any serious military force,” Martyanov explained.

Vastly superior Russian forces are “annihilating the Ukrainian military.”

Since Russia’s SMO began three months ago, over “6.4 million” Ukrainians fled abroad.

Kiev’s significantly degraded military has dwindling numbers to recruit and throw at overpowering Russian forces — “unless (the regime intends) to draft 12 – 13 year-old boys,” Martyanov explained.

Maintaining a combat-capable military is increasingly unattainable for Kiev.

Its ranks are too degraded to be replenished, restored and reinvigorated with too few remaining numbers of military-aged youths in the country.

And this from analyst Larry Johnson:

There’s been no attempt by Kiev to launch “an operation akin to Field Marshal Erich von Manstein’s failed attempt to rescue Field Marshal von Paulus at Stalingrad.” 

“The (reason) is simple.” 

Kiev “either (didn’t) have such a force with the capability to save Azov thugs (in Mariupol, now Russian POWs) or it feared that Russia’s air power and artillery would wipe out or inflict unacceptable casualties on a rescue force.” 

The only options for Azov Nazis were unconditional surrender or death.

At least most of them chose the former over the latter option.

Either way, they’ll no longer terrorize Donbass residents or Ukrainians opposed to Nazified rule.

Separately, Johnson debunked Scott Ritter’s wrongheaded claim about another $40 billion worth of US weapons et al to Ukraine being a “game-changer (sic).”

Ukraine’s military is too degraded to change the dynamic on the ground — no matter how hard the empire of lies tries to turn things around.

Russian forces destroyed most Ukrainian “combat aircraft, helicopters, tanks, artillery and drones,” Johnson explained, adding:

A “significant” number of trained Ukrainian soldiers and pilots were killed.

Training replacements (from dwindling numbers of military-aged men takes) “weeks (or) months.”

Most weapons and munitions crossing into Ukraine are targeted and destroyed by Russian forces.

Since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24, there hasn’t been “a single instance of the Ukrainian military mounting a counterattack with air and land assets against Russian forces and winning the day,” Johnson explained.

Russia continues to advance while Ukrainian troops retreat, hundreds in the ranks surrendering daily.

Russian forces continue to degrade and eliminate “Ukrainian forces in Donbass.”

What remains of Ukrainian warplanes and drones are destroyed if they “dare to take off.”

“Russia is destroying (Ukrainian) artillery and tank emplacements.” 

In Johnson’s judgment, US/NATO’s intelligence sharing with Kiev is futile, an “empty gesture,” changing nothing on the ground.

Because Russia sees US control over Nazi-infested Ukraine as “an existential threat,” it continues to “energetically” pursue objectives it seeks with no letup until they’re achieved.

The scourge of Ukraine’s festering sore in Europe’s heartland is too greatly degraded to restore.

It’s just a matter of time before the battle of Ukraine ends — except for postmortems already taking shape.

A Final Comment

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry updated the crushing toll on Ukraine’s battered military, saying:

In the past 24 hours, high-precision Russian missiles destroyed “three (Ukrainian) command posts, 13 clusters of Ukrainian troops and equipment and four ammunition depots” in Donbass.

“Operational-tactical and army aviation hit three command posts, 26 clusters of troops and military equipment of the Ukrainian armed forces and destroyed an ammunition depot in the area of the Krasny Liman settlement.”

Hundreds more Nazified fighters were killed — dozens more units of Ukrainian military equipment eliminated.

Another 11 Ukrainian drones were intercepted and destroyed.

Over the past weekend, about 700 Ukrainian military targets were struck with precision accuracy, including:

“583 clusters of enemy troops and military equipment, 41 command posts, 76 artillery and mortar units in firing positions, including three batteries of Grad multiple launch rocket systems, as well as the Ukrainian electronic warfare station Bukovel near the village of Annovka of the Nikolayev region.”

As hegemon USA-dominated NATO attempts to resupply Ukraine’s greatly degraded military with more weapons, munitions and equipment, Russian forces continue destroying what enters the country.

2 thoughts on “Reality Check on the Ground in Nazi-Infested Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Yes..I also thought that
    Scott Ritter was off on that ..

    Reason being the Overwhelming fire power from the Big Eye in the Sky..

    Will blow everything up..!



    People forget this is the
    First War w Total Transparency!

    Satellites change everything.

    Normally, up until now..
    Could be a Game Changer..

    Not now..

    With Satellite Imagery
    The US Taxpayers will be sending Billions of weapons to Russia ..!


    The AIPAC Congress..
    They’ll get their blood money
    That’s their biggest concern

    And of Course,
    That they can steal Taxpayers money to give to Israel.

    The Russians not only doing everything correctly..

    Small bites..
    One after the other..

    Like Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest!

    And coupled with a well disguised triple option movements..

    It appears to the opponents

    Next, the Russians can go this way or that way..

    or maybe even this way .!
    The NaziFuxs have no idea.

    Classic Zhukov.

    We’re reaching an End Game..

    I have a Physics formula that represents the state of play…

    I’ll present that later.

    Lastly.. what’s to negotiate?
    Forget about the Circle Jerks


    Just Win Baby.

    Talk later.


    ( kinda sorta exactly what you’re doing Red Rider. .!)


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