The Latest MSM Reinvented Reality on the Ground in Ukraine

Throughout Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine, MSM reports resembled the worst of bad fiction.

Ignoring reality on the ground, they reinvented overpowering Russian battlefield successes over greatly degraded Ukrainian troops as falsely losing to their remnants.

According to NYT fake news:

“Russia struggles to notch victories (sic).”

Its forces are “sustain(ing) heavy losses (sic).”

“Capturing all of Ukraine at once has proved out of reach for Moscow” — what was never sought, Times fake news failed to explain.

No “retreat” of Russian forces occurred, none “repelled by (badly battered) Ukrainian” troops.

No Russian artillery or mortar shells are directed “at residential areas” — one of many Big Lies by the Times and other MSM.

Falsely claiming that advances of Russian forces “largely stalled in Donbass” was another perversion of reality by the Times lying machine.

And this Times rubbish:

Vladimir Putin “uses any means at his disposal to retain control and stamp out dissent (sic).”

“Russia’s army has been killing civilians in (Ukraine) every day for almost three months (sic).”

“Putin wields power not through consent but by coercion (sic).”

He “closed down…independent media outlet (sic), blocked social networks (sic), introduced new draconian laws (sic), and persecuted people for the most trivial of antiwar gestures (sic).”

And this Times trash:

Revisiting the made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented Bucha false flag, the Times repeated the fabricated official narrative, falsely claiming:

Russian forces “brought a new level of death and terror to the city (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie, a longstanding Times specialty.

On Monday, puppet Zelensky will address the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Ignoring that its diabolical agenda aims to establish ruler-serf societies worldwide, he defied reality by falsely calling the WEF “the world’s most influential economic platform (sic)” — for pure evil, he left unexplained.

Nazified Ukrainian ministers and MPs will also address the gathering — truth-telling supporters of peace, equity and justice banned from attending proceedings.

No Russian officials were invited to attend.

And this Times rubbish:

“Russia (is hegemon USA’s) biggest geopolitical adversary (sic).”

“Putin…proved that he is capable of illogical and self-defeating decisions (sic).”

US-dominated NATO “must support (Nazi-infested) Ukraine…to defend itself and win (sic).”

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

Russia is using “scorched earth tactics in” Ukraine (sic).

“Putin is starving millions of people around the world (sic).”

Ignoring hegemon USA’s control of Ukrainian grain, WaPo falsely accused Putin of blocking its export to world markets (sic).”

With global food prices at an all-time high because of US money-printing madness and sanctions war on Russia, WaPo falsely blamed Putin for what’s going on instead of pointing fingers at where they belong.

According to CNN fake news:

“Russian ships (are) carrying stolen Ukrainian grain (sic)” — citing Big Lies by Nazified Kiev officials.

Separately on Sunday, Poland’s fascist president Duda showed up in Kiev.

Addressing its Nazi-infested parliament, he called for more illegal sanctions on Russia and admittance of Ukraine to NATO threw its EU back door, adding:

“I will not rest until (Nazified) Ukraine is a member of the” EU/NATO war-making alliance.

While Duda was colluding with Ukrainian Nazis in Kiev, his regime terminated its Russian natural gas contract. 

In late April, Russia’s Gazprom halted gas deliveries to fascist-run Poland for its refusal to pay for supplies in rubles.

In cahoots with hegemon USA and Nazified Ukraine, Poland destroyed relations with Russia.

2 thoughts on “The Latest MSM Reinvented Reality on the Ground in Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    I received an Excellent Meme:

    ” Ukraine is winning everywhere
    Except in the Ukraine..!”


    So true..!

    The Uki Nazis are winning on CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, etc


    Hey Remember,

    The MSM told us for years
    How we were winning in Nam..

    NBC, ” Today in Vietnam the
    The US Army killed 2,987
    Viet Cong ..!”

    Yep..we were winning right up till

    the day we left from Helicopters on the Roof of the Embassy..!

    Oh..and the First Tet on Jan 30
    1968…popped the bubble..and

    Pissed on the Gangsters parade!

    ALL LIES ..

    When the Shit Slingers started their “Offensive” against Russia

    ( Openly, that is,
    This has been planned for many many years)


    Remember when this Shibang
    Started I commented:

    1)….You can win a “Campaign”
    With Lies ..

    The Campaign being the
    Concert of Lies used to get the

    Vassals and Hayseeds in Europe to join in the Rape of Russia)

    “You can win a Campaign with lies..

    But you can’t win a War ..!”

    2).. Everything the USA touches TURNS TO SHIT…!

    Looks like Mr Peabody went
    2 for 2 on that..!

    And the Nazis Collaborators destroyed their own Economies

    And Super Sized the Russian Economy..!

    ” I’ll pay for a Medium..
    Make it a Large .”

    Thanks Jens
    Ms Van der Liar..!.

    Great work..
    I’ll say it now .

    Because you NaziFuxs won’t be around long .!”


    Russia wins
    You lose..

    Russia stands
    You go down the Toilet.

    Oh..and look younder..
    Across the fields of Clover..

    Over there ..

    Russia stands like a Fuxin

    From Sea to Shining Sea..

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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