MSM Scam Artists at Their Worst

MSM proliferate state-approved managed news misinformation and disinformation exclusively on major domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

Truth and full disclosure are banned from their fake news reports — especially on what relates to hegemon USA’s invented enemies like Russia.

Since its SMO began on Feb. 24, virtually everything they reported was worlds apart from reality on the ground.

In its latest fake news edition, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT once again ignored how Russian forces are rolling over Ukraine’s greatly degraded military.

Instead, it featured its customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies like the following rubbish:

Russia’s vastly superior military — it falsely called “depleted” — is “failing to make major advances (sic).”

It’s “ma(king) only gradual progress (sic)” — instead of explaining that things are proceeding as planned. 

That Ukraine’s military is greatly degraded.

That it’s being smashed by overpowering Russian superiority.

That hundreds of Ukrainian forces are surrendering daily, many others deserting their units.

That Russia is targeting and destroying US/Western weapons et al daily.

That there’s no ambiguity about how its SMO will turn out.

No Ukrainian “signs of strength” exist, no “counterattacks” by their battered forces, no “retaken ground.”

No Russian supply lines are “threaten(ed).”

And this Times fake news:

“Again and again, Russia’s military has had to accept the difficult reality that it doesn’t have the force necessary to fight in too many places at once (sic).”

Russian forces are where they want to be, liberating Donbass and other areas from the scourge of Nazified control.

When Ukrainian helicopters, drones and few remaining warplanes go airborne, Russia systematically destroys them.

Ukrainian forces “have taken heavy casualties,” not Russian ones.

“Ukrainian fighters (have not) held their positions for weeks.”

They’re retreating as Russian forces advance.

Claims by the Times of “stalled” Russian advances are fake news rubbish.

The same goes for falsely claiming that their “units bec(ame) smaller and less effective (sic).”

And this Times rubbish:

“Russia’s playbook (involves) destroy(ing) urban areas with heavy artillery and rocket fire (sic).”

No evidence suggests that hundreds of “Russian soldiers may have been killed or wounded by Ukrainian artillery (sic).”

The Times made up the claim.

And this Times perversion of reality:

What it called “the last significant pocket of Ukrainian fighters in the Azovstal steel plant” — now Russian POWs — it failed to identify as hardcore cutthroat Nazi thugs.

Ignoring steady progress by Russian forces to liberate Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation, the Times pretended that what’s happening on the ground is “worsen(ing)” things for Russia (sic).

And this Times trash:

“Ukraine also has a more reliable supply of fighters than Russia does (sic).”

Kiev’s military is so degraded that it’s using young untrained teen-aged boys and middle-aged men as cannon fodder for advancing Russian forces.

In stark contrast, Moscow is using a small fraction of its highly trained regulars in Ukraine.

Indeed, “the battle for Donbass (may be) the last major offensive of” Russia’s SMO.

There’s no ambiguity about how it’s going and will turn out, what the Times suppressed in its fake news reports.

An this WaPo perversion of reality:

Falsely calling model democratic leader Vladimir Putin a “Russian dictator (sic),” WaPo fake news pretends that battered and beaten Ukrainian troops are “push(ing)” Russian forces back — as they keep advancing.

Citing Pentagon fake news, WaPo falsely called Russian progress “uneven (and) incremental (sic).”

Citing bozo BoJo regime fake news, WaPo falsely claimed that Ukraine eliminated over 60,000 Russian forces (sic), that “things have not been going according to plan (sic).”

That “the Kremlin is so strapped for manpower (sic) that it’s lifting age restrictions for new recruits (sic).”

And this WaPo trash:

“The Russian offensive appears to be petering out (sic), and a (nonexistent) major Ukrainian counteroffensive (nowhere in sight) is still to come (sic).”

Retired US general Ben Hodges is one among many examples of Pentagon military incompetence, falsely predicting:

“Russian forces will collapse by end of summer (sic) and (Ukraine) will go over to the offense (sic), exploiting that collapse (sic) and drive back RF forces to 23 Feb line or more by September (sic).”

Wrongheaded rubbish like the above shows why hegemon USA hasn’t won a war since WW II ended — all of them waged on invented enemies threatening no one.

And this WaPo trash:

Russian forces “inflicted…horrors…on areas it (controls)…includ(ing) rape, murder and deportation (sic).”

Ignoring Russia’s virtual triumph over greatly degraded and demoralized Ukrainian troops, WaPo called for the impossible.

A Russian “defeat” so it won’t attack another Nazified menace like Ukraine again.

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

Ignoring Russian control of Ukrainian airspace, the broadsheet farcically claimed that (destroyed) “Ukrainian air defenses (are) h(olding) back (Russia’s) air force (sic).”

WaPo also supports more billions of dollars worth of US/Western weapons to Ukraine — for Russia to target and destroy.

4 thoughts on “MSM Scam Artists at Their Worst

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    A whole morbid society made deaf dumb and blind by the Criminal News Networks

    Every story rancid like spoiled fruit.

    Wait…Does the Emperor even have any pants..!

    And more egregious than the constant barrage of lies..

    The Criminal Elite blocks any truthful reporting.

    Nothing from Russia allowed.
    God Forbid.

    They can’t compete.

    The Capitalist Ruling Class can’t even compete with Alex Jones..!

    And they have a complete Monopoly.

    “This one..
    Is in the Metamorphosis of Colony I think”

    Said Yoda.

    But we know all that…
    Where do we go from here..?

    “One Lie makes you smaller..
    And one Lie makes you Stoopid..

    And the One that Wolf Blitzer tells you…

    It does nothing at all..

    Go ask Assange when you take the Ten Foot Fall…!”


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Life is for the Living..

    The USA is literally dead.. spiritually.

    The cause of death will be
    Dead End Of Late Capitalism..

    The 1963 Praetorian
    To the Body Politick..

    malignant Cancerous Growth
    of the lying Capitalist Media.

    Bout broke
    Bout morally bankrupt
    Bout done.

    Let’s move on to the Living, sir.

    To the Heart of the Free World,
    Moscow, Russia..

    This is my thesis…
    My Port Huron statement

    As the guantlet is passed to the Winners.

    It all begins and ends with one word, ” Purpose !”

    Russians have it..
    USA doesn’t.

    We lost our Mojo

    in Fallujah..

    The Last Drug Deal
    The Next Drug Deal.

    The USA is a Crime..

    As I mentioned,
    Let’s bury the Cancer ridden Corpse..

    And move our Cameras
    To the Center of Enlightenment

    Veracity, Brotherhood
    and Good Will Towards All

    The Big Redwood Tree

    Standing tallest of all
    Stretching to the Heavens..

    They are now the Light of European Culture.

    The Cutting edge of a
    Better Tomorrow..

    Or we will all perish.
    Poisoned by the FILTH

    That extort us, lie to us,
    Poison us, starve us..

    As the Slave Owners

    Perpetrate Terror
    on the billions of innocents
    everywhere on the Globe..!

    The Fundamental Darkness,
    Neo Nazi TV/ Newspaper Rags, Swastikas and Heroin..

    Oh and get a script for 1000: oxycodone..!.

    Sick Planet..USA..
    The Criminals are the Cops.

    The Rules Keepers.
    And Dope Pushers.

    EIN so..

    Let’s move toward the Light

    Imagine, if you will,
    Mr. Lendman..

    President Putin on the TV

    ” So much has happened so quickly..

    It’s a time of Remarkable Events
    And Great Challenges..

    We have had both good and bad fortunes thrust upon us ..

    We have overcome all those challenges..

    In the Past .
    In the time of your Grandparents..
    In your Parent’s time ..

    And Now .
    We overcome every challenge

    Then …Now and the Future..!

    We are a Big Country..
    Biggest in the World..

    And our Horizins are even bigger..

    We are extremely Fortunate..
    Mother Nature has endowed our Land

    With everything we need..

    Oil, gas, energy, Rare Earth Minerals, Strategic Minerals,
    Precious Metals..

    Water, Timber, Clean Air..
    Diamonds, Precious Gem Stones..

    And Room enough for all
    And then some ..

    Virgin Forests that stretch from Sea to Shining Sea ..

    And We’re the World’s Breadbasket of Organic good .

    Non GMO..
    Grains and Wheats.

    The Russian People will never go hungry…!

    So my friends..
    We have Blue Skies and Sunny Weather…

    over our beloved Country..!

    We have a Big Land..
    With Big Dreams…

    Everyone of you has an enormous opportunity to be a part of it ..

    You will be our Leaders and steer the Ship forward..!

    With Greatness
    Comes great Responsibilities.

    I trust you will rise to occasion.

    Now my friends I must digress for a moment to say ..

    Comrade Tovarish )

    I remember when I was young.
    Your age..back in 1969

    All Work and No Play made for a very dull boy..

    ( LAUGH)

    I want you too have that same experience we had ..

    A Childhood..

    Therefore I propose we have a Free Rock Concert..

    Three Day Woodstock.
    Summer of Love .

    Everyone Invited ..
    Party your ass off.

    Have a good time .
    Russia has the MoJo..!

    Fast Forward
    The Rock Concert

    On the Big Screen is Pres Putin


    MOSCOW JULY 4 2022..!”




    A field like Max Yasger’s farm

    3)..500,000 PEOPLE
    Who knows maybe a Million

    Not required..
    Everything Optional for Participants but

    4)…Set up Army Recruiting Tables
    5)…Fire Dept Recruiting.
    6)… Medical Recruiting

    Essentially things you can do to build the State..

    7)..can you cook, sew, design from architecture to fashion,

    play a musical instrument,not or film or edit or write script

    Or are you a Gamer ?

    Gamers are the Best Drone Pilots..tee hee

    The Big Hug Line

    Have lines 100 meters long
    where people stand in line..

    And another line of People
    Come up and say,

    ” GO RUSSIA..!”
    and they get a big hug…!


    Summer of Love, baby


  3. Mr Lendman..

    Some Important but
    quick notes on the



    MOSCOW … Summer 2022
    Rocking in the Free World!

    Here’s why it so important,
    Its a Big Statement..

    Comrade Tovarish ..Remember
    Nazi baby Van der Liar
    the Quisling Stoltenberg
    Spanish Franco Fascist Borrell

    And thought you’d be dead and buried
    Crying in your soup..

    Ruble would be 180 to Euro


    And what happened..?
    What ls going on over in Nazi Occupied Europe..

    Inflation is Skyrocketing

    Gas Prices and availability soaring and uncertain

    Distribution Chains broken
    Petro unbelievable

    Food too expensive and to unaffordable for working class

    The Spectre of Hunger sweeps Europe..

    Factories will ring at 50%

    Class Tensions
    boiling by this Summer..


    The Criminal Elite
    The Nazi Collaborators

    Who destroyed the World
    Destroyed Europe

    Wouldn’t even be there in a year.
    Half will be in hiding.

    The Criminally Insane

    The Hayseeds and Vassals
    Cut off their Nose
    Stepped on their dicks

    “To hurt Russia..!”


    In a few years..
    Maybe three..

    The Nazi Collaborators be only a Bad Memory

    Early Tip off..look for Borrell in South America..

    maybe Paraguay..!

    EIN So…
    The West is Crashing
    And Russia is Rocking..

    The Kids have MoJo Baby..!!

    And a Bright Future..!

    the Center of the Free World..!

    Say that to the World
    Comrade Tovarish…!



  4. Mr Lendman..

    A Stupendous Addendus..

    The Concert is Free..

    Take up Donations for your Brothers and Sisters from the Donbass..

    The DPR and LPR..

    Russians who had to endure almost a Decade of Nazi Terror..

    Have Staff walk thru crowds with Buckets just like in the 60s

    Have tables in the Back
    Give out Literature & Ribbons!

    Have people sit at tables and write letters and thank you notes to soldiers..

    I should add..

    The War could be over by then.
    Really…the way it’s going.

    50-50 Chance.

    Surrender or Capitulate
    Everything falls apart.

    100,000s of Uki Army
    Surrender in the Field..
    Zelensky is gone..

    Just like the Afghani Pres.
    Elvis Zelensky split with the Cash..
    Some say WITH a Billion..!

    Gonna buy Bitcoin to hide it

    Oh he’s in Biscayne Bay…

    Good Luck Russia..


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